Ress Tarmin

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Ress Tarmin
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Children None
Born Y-3 D43
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.84 Meters
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Prior Affiliation Vengeance Factory Agent

Sith Imperium Private

"I think we all learned from the Ress situation..."
Execurus Edun

Ress Tarmin is a former soldier of the Sith Imperium. He was unknown to the galaxy until his rare closed-door trial held by the Sith Imperium's Dark Council in the heat of the Tolonda Conflict. Ress Tarmin's whereabouts are currently unknown, however there are rumors that he now works with Zann Consortium.

Early Life

Not much is known about Ress Tarmin's early life. Ress has an affinity to medicine and hoped to open a clinic in Tatooine one day. However, due to his poor upbringing, that dream was unachievable by traditional employment. He used to gather metal scraps in Tatooine when Sith Imperium's Prince Arthur Von Kaldreon took notice of him during a recruitment drive during the early stages of the Tolonda Conflict.

Service Under the Sith Imperium


After being transported to the Sith Imperium territory, Ress was put under rigorous training and entered service under the Ministry of War(now known as Sphere of War) and was quickly put on the front lines to fight against the Jedi Order. Ress, an inexperienced soldier at the time was overtly loyal to the Sith Imperium and House Von Kaldreon. He was known for frequently boasting his perceived Imperium's military strength and hate for all enemies who threatened the Sith Imperium.

Arrest, Trial, and Escape

Ress was escorted out of a mission by Trinicia Vasauri unexpectedly, Ress knew something was wrong and due to the state of war, he feared that she was going to kill him, and was perhaps a traitor. As the ship descended into Oshora III in the Oshora system, Ress leaped into a skyscraper and escaped. Frazzled, he contacted former Sith Imperium Councilor Xyre Vindictus for help as he hid throughout the city, only for Xyre himself to appear and arrest him with espionage charges. Private Tarmin was immediately transported to the Sith Imperium prison, an unusual act of mercy as most were executed for espionage. Due to the galaxy's antagonistic view of the Sith Imperium, they were forced to give him a trial as the current political situation would have painted the Sith Imperium negatively had they executed Ress as they have traditionally done so. While incarcerated, Ress continued his vocal support to the Sith Imperium. He received many letters of support from the Jawas and clandestine communication from the Jedi Order with offers to help during his incarceration. During his trial, Ress denied all outside requests for aid as he discovered that the datapad used to transmit sensitive operation logs was of a different model and easily debunked the prosecution. Ress was acquitted of espionage by Arthur Von Kaldreon and given a hunting vacation.

The Nejal

Soon after his release, news had broken out that there was massive espionage happening at the highest levels of the Imperium. Princess Nari Noble had betrayed House Von Kaldreon and was revealed to be a spy. The betrayed Royal Family of the Imperium usurped virtually all power from their council. In protest to this, Xyre Vindictus left. Due to Xyre's influence over the Sith Imperium's military, several members started to defect on their own after losing total trust in the Von Kaldreon family. Most believed Xyre to be loyal, but loyalty was not enough to save him from the overreaching totalitarian rule of the royal family. Ress was contacted by Ar`iandel Duune after Duune realized his loss of morale, and extracted Ress from the Imperium along with many other soldiers, crippling the Sith Imperium's military capability. After leaving Tolonda, Ress believed that he fought on the wrong side of the war and was ashamed to have supported the Sith Imperium's regime. He managed to contact Jawa Nejal K`teefah, an acquaintance who he previously sold droid scraps to years before in Tatooine who helped Ress with a ship to begin life anew. In honor of the help from the Jawas, he named the ship given to him The Nejal.


Operation Appropriation

Operation Appropriation was the codename for a covert military action conducted by the Blue Star Dominion's naval and marine forces to seize and destroy numerous ships owned by the Sith Imperium. Dominion Marshal Tomas o`Cuinn quietly outlined a plan with Sith Fleet Commander Sekou Tau, an independent operative sympathetic to the rebel cause, to launch a clandestine assault behind enemy lines. During the seizure, Ress Tarmin was asleep orbiting Tamra and was unknowingly captured by the enemy. Upon the realization that he was inside an enemy ship, Ress Tarmin was forced to exit the hangar bay of the Modular Taskforce Cruisers during hyperspace, managing to escape while saving three ships for the Sith Imperium. He was rewarded by his bravery with a rare promotion ceremony conducted by Arthur Von Kaldreon to the rank of Private.

Death From Above