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Personal Notes For Article Rewrite

1.) Regarding Bisz Aldaris: Could you provide me with further details about the "second mini-coup" after Kuraine's death? How did that exactly happen? Squall Chitose indicated that Bisz wasn't the highest ranking FF officer at the time and that a third person named "Ruuyjin" was somehow instrumental in Bisz becoming leader after Kuraine's death. Is this true?

Tholin was the first sovereign of the Federation and accustomed to surreptitious power-plays. Tholin believed that Kuraine — at that time, a wealthy individual — could increase the standing of the impoverished Falleen Federation. As a result, Tholin abdicated and named Kuraine as his heir. He allowed Kuraine to marry his daughter, Kalina Ulaeri, with the intention of manipulating the young king and thus continuing to control the Federation. In this manner, Kuraine's considerable personal wealth was incorporated into the Federation. However, Tholin proved unable to control Kuraine's actions; in particular, Kuraine began to elevate his own loyal supporters — such as Squall Chitose, Bisz Aldaris, and Mizuno Ryu — to positions of power within the Federation.

At this time, Tholin was the second most powerful individual within the kingdom, while his blood-brother Jace Meridan was the third most powerful. When word of Kuraine's assassination went through, Tholin discovered that Kuraine had quietly instituted a caretaker arrangement where — contrary to the Constitution — the Lord Ambassador Mizuno Ryu became the interim leader. Ryu was a Corellian female. She was a minor functionary and a staunch Kuraine loyalist. Given Tholin's implication in Kuraine's death, Ryu selected in the space of a few hours a third neutral party, Bisz Aldaris, to lead the Federation.

Jace Meridan and Tholin were blood-brothers and were always united in purpose. Jace had began his career in the Empire and, through him, Tholin maintained a direct communication with Imperial dignitaries. Despite the Imperial occupation of the Falleen homeworld, Tholin never considered them to be a mortal enemy. Tholin's perspective was that, if he needed to make friends with a former enemy to secure the liberation of his people, he would. He regularly manipulated both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, or worked them against the other. He saw himself and the original Tri-Star Alliance — consisting of the Hapes Consortium, the New Anzat Order and the Falleen Federation — as a third power block beholden to neither the Imperials nor the Rebels. As a result of this, the Falleen Federation had a small war with the Rebel Alliance, against a fleet led by then Rebel Alliance Supreme Commander Davyk Lysander, a member of Tholin's clan who never forgave the Empire. Jace often spoke to the Empire on behalf of Tholin and served as Tholin's liaison to Emperor Uebles. It was via Jace that Tholin requested the assistance of the Sith assassins. [Ed: This would indicate the Imperial agent working for Vodo was Jace.] Tholin neither considered the Empire his ally nor did he ever give up Federation's independence. The bargain struck by Tholin - knowing the duplicity of the GE, was always an independent but neutral third party. Kuraine, allied with Davik Lysander, polarized the Federation citizenry into pro-Alliance and anti-Empire parties. It was this polarization that motivated Tholin and Jace to conspire to murder Kuraine and attempt to return the Federation to its former neutrality. At this time, Bisz Aldaris was a former Rebel Alliance admiral, and Tholin considered him to be an honorable friend (hence the later entente between the two).

Tholin and Jace Meridan participated in the capture of ISD Shadowstone. Tholin was part of the space support fleet rather than the incursion party. Jace and Tholin had engineered Moff Vir Calder's defection, although Kuraine had orchestrated the capture of Shadowstone itself. Our actions on the Shadowstone were an attempt to minimize FF casualty whilst sabotaging the attempt at capture - knowing it would be a severe escalation in the GE/FF conflict - something they wanted to avoid. Clearly this failed.

When Tholin/Jace attempted to seize power failed and Bisz Aldaris was appointed ruler, the Empire began the genocide of Loronar [Ulrike?]. Jace died manning the defenses on Libra station against the Imperial onslaught while Tholin led a squadron of Z-95 Headhunters into combat against the Empire. Bisz allowed Tholin to withdraw, and Tholin was slated to be tried for regicide. However, the trial never occurred, as no one had the stomach to incriminate the founder of their nation. Kuraine's loyalists continued to seek retribution, but Tholin was protected by Bisz. Eventually, Tholin briefly joined Bisz's government as a Minister.

Tholin was not on Libra station when Kuraine was assassinated. Tholin was in the cockpit of his Z-95 Headhunter and in combat at the time. Tholin and Jace simultaneously issued the order to stand down to the Federation and its allies. Together, they attempted to seize control of the government, although proved to be impossible given the events back on Falleen.

Tholin never provided the locations of all Federation military assets to the Galactic Empire, the only thing he did provide were security codes and location in order to target Kuraine.

Although some detractors claim Tholin betrayed Kuraine, Tholin never considered Kuraine's assassination as a betrayal. As far as Tholin was concerned, the Federation was still his to do with as he willed. He made Kuraine, and he reserved the right to remove him. His intention was to protect the Federation's neutrality. Kuraine had turned the kingdom into a Rebel Alliance vassal that was about to suffer the biggest Imperial invasion that the galaxy had ever seen.

Tholin always said, he traded Kuraine's life and the Loronar system for the survival of the Federation - and whilst he didn't lead the Federation after his exile - The Federations subsequent growth and golden age would never have been possible. The Empire had planned to invade Falleen itself as punishment for Shadowstone - an action that did not occur after the Battle of Beta. The continued conquest of the Federation was entirely within their capability - the Federation Fleet was battered, her allies had fled - yet the empire did not press its advantage.

Until Kuraine's rule, Tholin and the Empire had an undeclared entente. Tholin sought to re-establish this balance, and simultaneously retake his throne.

Well - I hope that helps to start with! Jace, Pixelor Xess (Now Tyriss Haxim) Jado Dur'Rick, MeXecuter and all our allies always made a distinction between Kuraine and the FF. He was a temporary puppet - betraying him, was not betraying the Federation.

I've just read in detail your summary of the Battle of Beta - there are a few inconsistencies I would gladly help sort out.

A few minor things, Bisz wasn't elected, there was a second mini coup - Tholin and Jace actually fought in the subsequent battle against the GE at beta, which is when Jace died - on Libra station.

The Empire didn't seek me out, I sought them out - and there was never any talk of the Federation being a satellite or subordinate state. To say I was a Falleen noble is understating it - I was the Founder of the Falleen Federation and its first king - and had abdicated in favor of Kuraine - so seeing him destroy the federation was my motivation for his removal.

Yes my daughter was Kalina. Mizuno Ryu's characters first name started with an M I want to say Miru... and she was a human race - Corellian I believe.

The Trandoshan General MeXecuter, Jado Dur'rik, Dash Raltar are the additional ones I can remember.