Sierra Null

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Sierra Null
Sierra 02 gray 202x202.png
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Born and raised on Farnica, Hapes Cluster
Mother Chiarra Perri
Father Kasovo Perri
Marital Status Widowed
Spouse Matohk Null (deceased)
Siblings Deron Perri
Born Year -17 Day 114
Languages Togruti, Basic, Hapan
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.78 m (5' 10")
Weight 60 kg (132 lb)
Eye Color gold
Political Information
Affiliation Faerytail Family
Title Countess of Clantaano, Mistress of the East


Sierra is tall for a female Togruta. She has a toned and athletic build. Her skin has a light blue hue, and the only visible tattoos are two white diamonds around her eyes.


Born to Kasovo and Chiarra Perri, Sierra was raised along with her younger brother Deron in a small coastal city on the southern continent of the planet of Farnica in the Hapes Cluster. Her father owned his own small business, building custom racing swoops, renting speeders to vacationing Hapans, and repairing such equipment as came his way from locals. He was also an avid outdoorsman, and often took Sierra and Deron on hunting trips. Over time both Perri children grew quite competent with a rifle.

Sierra was not a diligent student. In fact, she used every chance she could to skip out of school and spend time in the nearby forests, honing her tracking skills and generally goofing off. She also developed a passion for sports, especially grav-ball. Her father was a big fan of the city’s professional team, the Waveriders, and he would often take Sierra and Deron to games. When Sierra was old enough, she joined a local club and started practicing with the club team, eventually earning a spot on the roster by age 15. By age 17, she was their top player and led the club to its first regional championship. By her final year in secondary school, during which she was barely passing any of her classes (to the dismay of her parents), she was being scouted by teams throughout the Farnica Grav-Ball League (FGBL). To everyone who knew her, she was destined to be signed as soon as she graduated. Then tragedy struck.

In the quarterfinals of the playoffs, while she was trying to win a second straight title, she was injured in what many felt was a dirty play. She tore all of the ligaments in her left knee and missed the next game, which her team ultimately lost. Suddenly the scouts that had been present at all of her matches lost interest in her. Bacta treatments help repair much of the damage, but she still faced months of rehabilitation. Her doctor offered her the option of a cybernetic replacement but her family couldn’t afford the high cost. Besides, the FGBL didn’t allow cyber enhancements and Sierra still had her sights set on the pros. After six months of painful rehab she had regained full movement and her knee no longer pained her, but she had lost too much strength and speed. She returned to practice with her club, but could no longer perform many of the athletic feats that had made her a star. With a heavy heart she gave up her grav-ball dreams.

Reality stared her in the face and she blinked. She had barely made it through secondary school and had no means or interest in going to a university. So in 4027 (Year 1 standard time) Sierra Perri decided to enlist in the Hapan military.

Life in the Royal Marines

Sierra’s drill sergeant noted her exceptional outdoor skills and marksmanship and slotted her for recon scout training. After graduating from Advanced Recon School, she was transferred to the Royal Marines and promoted to Corporal. She began her two-year tour taking part in small operations throughout the Cluster, primarily raids on smuggling operations and drug cartels. She was typically the first in and the last out on the missions, and became used to operating alone or in pairs for weeks at a time in the wilderness. In her second year, however, tensions rose between Hapes and Black Sun. Sierra’s squad was mobilized to take part in what would eventually become known as the Black Sun Crisis. Dispatched to Lorell along with the Hapan ground forces, her recon scout squad was tasked with providing long range cover for Marine infantry as they advanced through the northern regions of the planet. For their performance in Operation Quickstrike, her entire team was awarded the Bronze Medal of Combat by Colonel Vang Tyrridon. Due to the active conflict with Black Sun, Sierra’s tour of duty was extended for an additional year.

Sierra’s team was sent to the rear after Quickstrike for some R&R, but returned later to take part in the final stage of the conflict, Operation Endgame. Once all areas of Lorell were secure, they returned to their home base in the Hapes Cluster. Two months later, as her tour was finally nearing its end, her superiors gave her an option to reenlist as a Warrant Officer for another two-year stint. She took leave to visit her parents and discuss her options, and then decided to stay in the Marines. She was given command of her own recon scout team.

Early in her second tour of duty the Hapan military was sent to the Ingo system (also known as the Ordint system) to face off against the Horizon Conglomerate. They saw no action in the Horizon Conflict as it was confined to a naval battle, but the excursion was not a total waste of time. It was while on board their battle cruiser that now Second Lieutenant Perri met Marine Captain Matohk Null, one of the few other Togruta in the Royal Marines, and naturally the two connected.

After returning to the Cluster, Sierra and Matohk managed to find ways to spend much of their free time together, even though they were stationed in different systems. Sierra reupped for a third tour of duty in 4032 (Year 6) to stay close to Matohk and was given a promotion to First Lieutenant. Over the next two years the Togruta became quite serious but did their best to keep their relationship under wraps, as such liaisons between fellow officers, especially of different ranks, was forbidden.

Sierra’s third tour was relatively uneventful. As it neared its end, she decided that she had had enough of life in the military. At the age of 24 she retired from the Royal Marines as a Marine Captain. She then proceeded to marry Lieutenant Colonel Null on Day 284 of 4033 (Year 7). They had a lavish military wedding followed by a long honeymoon on the vacation planet of Lemmi.

Married Life

Sierra and Matohk enjoyed a blissful marriage. He remained on active duty while she returned to Farnica and rejoined her parents. She wanted to help her father with his business but knew she couldn’t with the skills she had picked up in the Marines, so she applied to the Hapan Royal Academy to study business administration. In her first year she discovered aerospace engineering and decided to double major. Unlike in secondary school, Sierra applied herself and earned standard degrees in business and engineering. She stayed on for an additional two years and earned an advanced degree in aerospace engine design and orbital mechanics.

During her time in university she and Matohk saw each other one weekend per month. Even the lengthy time apart couldn’t diminish their passion for one another. Sierra attributed this to her time in the military. She knew what to expect and therefore didn’t let it get to her. Upon her graduation they decided that Matohk would retire at the end of the year and join her on Farnica.

Sierra joined her father’s business upon her return home. She began designing custom parts for speeders and small freighters, leading to increased revenue at the shop. Matohk took odd jobs here and there but was never particularly happy. Kasovo offered Matohk a job, but the former Marine was too proud to take what he considered a handout. After a lengthy family discussion, during which Kasovo and Chiarra revealed their long-secret desire to move back to Shili, it was decided that Kasovo would sell his business on Farnica and that the three of them - Kasovo, Sierra and Matohk - would together open a new business on the Togruta homeworld.


The Nulls and Perris picked up and moved to a suburb of the city of Corvala on Shili. Sadly Sierra’s brother, Deron, didn’t join them as he had a lucrative job as a navigator for a prominent Hapan company. Kasovo took his earnings from the sale of his business on Farnica, while Sierra and Matohk pooled their savings from their Marine days, and together they opened Perri-Null Shipworks. Kasovo purchased an empty warehouse and they stocked it with used, yet solidly built, machinery. They began producing small freighters, custom fit with engines that Sierra designed herself. Matohk handled sales, while Kasovo used his years of experience to work the floor and oversee the entire operation. They had much success and business took off.

Some time later, Shili joined the New Republic and entered the growing Galactic Civil War. The resultant loss of potential customers in the Core caused sales to drop for a period of time, however Sierra and Matohk devised a new business strategy and marketing campaign that helped Perri-Null Shipworks rebound. Despite their initial concerns with the political change, their entry into New Republic life appeared to be reaping positive benefits. Then everything changed one day late in Year 15. Kasovo suffered a debilitating accident when a freighter's landing strut collapsed and his leg was crushed under the ship's bulk. He chose to retire rather than risk a cybernetic replacement at his age. Ownership of the company thus passed to Matohk and Sierra, even though they had been essentially running the business for years at that point. Soon after, Sierra began to notice some disturbing changes on Shili. The news began reporting an increasing dissatisfaction among residents with the way the New Republic was handling security in the system. With Shili being the most remote New Republic system, far removed from other Republic planets and located near to Imperial space, activists claimed that the Republic should be doing more to ensure their continued safety. Rumored sightings by freighter pilots of Imperial and Black Sun scout ships in the system, alongside claims of a limited Republic military presence in orbit, further inflamed concerns and localized protests soon began. A new group calling themselves the Shili Independence League arose and began circulating a petition for the Togruta homeworld to leave the New Republic and join the much closer Trade Federation.

The Republic Senate assured all Shili residents that the Republic Navy's rapid response fleet was within a short hyper jump from the system and could respond to any emergency. In addition, the New Republic announced the formation of local militias across all of it's systems. Citizens within a certain age range, specific to each race, were now legally bound to serve in the militia for two years. It just so happened that Sierra and Matohk, both in their early 30s, qualified for service. Within months, they both found themselves called in front of a New Republic officer and given their conscription orders. They protested on the grounds that their company could not survive the absence of both of them at the same time, and the officer relented and gave Sierra a deferral, but Matohk wasn’t so lucky. He was given two weeks to put things in order, during which time Sierra convinced Kasovo to step back in and help her in the business.

New Republic Militia

Matohk was given the rank of Major and placed in command of an infantry company based on his Hapan military experience. Even though the entire idea of a militia was to help defend its home system, Matohk’s company was dispatched to Mytaranor. Sierra had intermittent contact with him during his deployment, but didn’t have much time to worry about it. He was an extremely competent officer and the business kept her busy.

On Day 57 of Year 16, seven months into Matohk’s deployment, Sierra was visited by an Army Colonel. He informed her that Matohk had been killed in a routine training exercise on Rakhuuun. He expressed his deepest condolences but Sierra never heard him.

Sierra entered a deep depression and avoided everyone. Her parents tried everything they could to help her, but to no avail. Chiarra even convinced Deron to visit in the hopes that it would cheer her up. Instead, Sierra made an impulsive decision. She signed over her part of the company to Deron, gathered a few personal items, kissed her family goodbye, and left Shili behind in her Ghtroc freighter.

Sierra and Ghtroc720.jpg

Roaming the Galaxy

For more than a year, Sierra wandered from planet to planet. She stayed mostly in the Mid and Outer Rims, occasionally venturing in near the Core, and never staying in one place for more than a month or two. She hopped from job to job, often taking advantage of her mechanical skills but occasionally engaging in basic labor such as waiting tables, and in all cases working herself to the point of exhaustion so she could hopefully pass the night in deep sleep and avoid dreams. Usually for naught.

Early in Year 17, Sierra found herself in a dingy station out beyond the edges of the Belderone system. By happenstance she ended up meeting a middle-aged Corellian by the name of Beenim Fayto. The two quickly realized they had one thing in common: frustration with the leadership of the New Republic. Fayto was sympathetic to Sierra’s plight and offered to help her find a place to start over. To that end, he put her in touch with one of his acquaintances, none other than King Simkin Dragoneel of The Faerytail Family.

The Faerytail Family

Fayto sent a holomessage to Dragoneel, introducing the king and Sierra to one another. Dragoneel invited Sierra to an interview. Impressed by her credentials, on Day 115 of Year 17 he offered her a position within his government overseeing logistic and development within the southern territories of Krmar, Dalchon and Oshora. Some months later she was transferred to Faerytail’s eastern territories, moving her base of operations to the Saki system in Hutt Space. While continuing her efforts to develop the Saki system and improve the lives of the citizens therein, she also took part in several exploratory expeditions in the Albanin sector which resulted in the discovery of the Clantaano and Daluuj systems. For her efforts, King Dragoneel rewarded her with a moon and named her Countess of Clantaano.