Spree Razzix

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Spree Razzix
Spree portrait1.png
Biographical Information
Race Vratix
Homeworld Thyferra
Clan Hive Razzix
Born Year -19, day 77 (41 standard years old)
Languages Proficient: Anzat, Binary, Huttese
Fluent: Vratix, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Hermaphrodyte (identifies as a Male)
Height 2.3 metres
Coloring Greenish-grey
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Xucphra, Phu Sector University, Hive Razzix
Rank Director (Xucphra)
Dean of Medicine (PSU)
Canir (Hive Razzix)
Awards Verachen (Year 6, Day 104)
Doctor of Medicine (Year 8, Day 77)
"I wish to *click* practice medicine *buzz* until the day I leave this *click* galaxy."
— Dr. Spree Razzix

Spree Razzix is a Vratix, an insectoid, hermaphroditic species native to Thyferra. Although technically both genders, Spree identifies as a male purely out of convenience for others. He hatched and grew up in the Vratix hive Razzix, on the planet Thyferra; a world famous for its production and mass exportation of Bacta, a potent healing solution. Having grown up in a community devoted to farming the raw materials for Bacta, as well as its utilization in medicine, Spree quickly took to practicing medicine on his own. After years of practice, he was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine from his Hive. Shortly thereafter, he departed Thyferra for worlds unknown, eager to heal the galaxy.

Currently he is the Director of Surgery of the medical company Xucphra.

Physical Description

His body is insectoid in appearance is composed of a greenish-grey thorax with three pairs of appendages branching out from it. The first pair are his "arms" which sport hands with three digits. The arms themselves have two joints which, when extended, permit the arm to stretch to about 1 meter long. The second pair are much larger and more muscled and reside lower on the thorax, they are his legs. When in their resting, bent position, they bring the good doctor to a towering height of approximately 2.3 meters. The strong legs assist him in jumping great distances when on the run. On the ends of each leg is a foot with three thick digits. The final two limbs are stick-like and do little more than hold his abdomen off the ground. They also have three digits.

His head sits atop a long, slender neck and sports two shining grey compound eyes. Using his vocal folds, he is able to speak in both his native tongue (A click-tongue language called Vratix) and Galactic Basic. He sports two antennae which assist in hearing. They also seem to function like eyebrows, their movement often coinciding with how interested or perplexed he is by some occurrence.

His entire body is covered in small, thin hairs which change color to express mood and contribute linguistically to his native tongue. At a resting 'neutral' state, his body is green-grey in color.


Life on Thyferra


Spree Razzix hatched in the hive Razzix on the planet Thyferra in the year -19, day 77.


Thyferra is the homeworld of Bacta, a potent wonderdrug that has the ability to heal even the most major of wounds in a matter of hours; having grown up in a hive which had dedicated itself to the growing and harvesting of the natural products to synthesize bacta, he is very knowledgeable in the healing material’s many applications. This led to his curiosity with the science of medicine. Young Spree was often found visiting the Verachen, the members of his hive who were responsible for blending the two crucial ingredients for bacta: alazhi plants and kavam. Literally meaning "master blender", a Verachen knows everything that there is to know about the alazhi plants. That being said, their expertise extends beyond the bacta making process. Verachen think of creative and useful ways to modify how the bacta is made, making them a sort of "bacta chef". These modifications can range from increasing the potency of a bacta product to serving meals with alazhi and kavam blended in. Young Spree made it a point to blend anything and everything with bacta, often times with eerie results.

As he grew more mischievous and independent, Spree began to venture outside of his hive to visit the alazhi farms where many of his fellow Vratix worked for the Bacta Cartels. He would wander the fields aimlessly, chatting with his employed friends or looking for places to explore. He often would stumble upon a Thyferran plantation overseer in his wanderings. Those situations often ended poorly for Spree--especially on the fields owned by the Xucphra Corporation. They seemed to have a general dislike for his kind and the overseers would often reprimand him violently for trespassing. Other times Spree would visit the Zaltin plantations, just to test their reaction. The company also did not treat him with a warm and welcoming attitude, although they weren't as severe as Xucphra was. All in all, Spree had an uncomfortable relationship with the two companies. Unfortunately for him, he had no other alazhi farms to roam. He came to learn very quickly that both Xucphra and Zaltin were the only Human growers and distributors of bacta. Together, they made up the Bacta Cartel. As Spree aged, the Cartel slowly began expanding into neighbouring hives. The two companies were gobbling up more land and employing more and more of his kind in order to meet offworld bacta demands. He noticed that Xucphra became more and more anti-Vratix over the years that is, until the invasion.

Invasion of Thyferra

Year 5, Day 187 heralded the end of the Bacta Cartel and the reign of the Galactic Empire. It seemed overnight the Empire had consumed a large portion of the planet. AT-ATs were firing upon any Vratix fleeing the fields and decimating any hives near the major cities. Seeing the strong anti-Vratix sentiment held by Xucphra Corporation's leadership, the xenophobic Empire seized control of the company, appointing a Moff to rule it[1]. Friends who were then employed by Xucphra Corporation became slaves and never returned to their hives again. Empty huts and schools had become commonplace among the Hives. Zaltin Corporation was marginally better.

Hive Razzix was fortunate enough to be closer to the Zaltin Corporation headquarters than it was to Xucphra, so most of Spree's family was physically unaffected by the Empire's takeover of the Thyferran planetary government. That was until a devastating event happened: the Canir had died. The Canir is the leader of all the Vratix hives. It is an elder Vratix who resolves any disputes and is the voice of the Hives. While a new one rose to fill the vacant spot quickly, the damage had been done. Every free Hive mourned the death of their leader and desperation set in. The Vratix are not a violent race, they meet the threat of death with their words. The only thing sharp that a Vratix will bring to a knife fight is its wit and intelligence.

Just hours after the disbanding of the truce between Zaltin and Xucphra, Zaltin made an announcement across the Thyferra news system. They had made a deal with the new Canir: any displaced Vratix could live in Zaltin-sponsored refugee camps in exchange for employment under the corporation[2]. It was the mindset of the Razzix hive that both Xucphra Corporation and Zaltin Corporation had no intention of extending true good will towards the Vratix species. Life for every Vratix on Thyferra changed that day.

Post-War Fallout

Death had become commonplace among his people. Many Vratix who had escaped the Xucphra Corporation's slave camps took residence in the Razzix Hive. Conditions became poor as food became scarce. Spree found his casual bacta mixing and doctoring skills to be essential to the survival of many runaways. Gone were the days of gleeful games with the Verachen. Razzix elders found it fitting to bestow the title of Verachen on Spree and sent him to heal the Hives. It did not take Spree long to be completely overwhelmed by all the ill Vratix; more and more refugees entered his Hive every day. His daily routine was to produce as much bacta as possible, heal as many Vratix as possible, and then send them on their way. Most refugee Vratix did not stay in the Razzix Hive, for there was no work for them... and very few places to stay. Those refugees left the Razzix Hive healthy enough to go work for the more Vratix-sensitive Zaltin Corporation. This day in, day out routine continued for almost a year. During that time, Spree fell into a depression. He knew that the Vratix passing through his hive were very likely to get sick again once they went to Zaltin's refugee camps and alazhi fields. Spree had to do something to help his kin more than just patching them up on their road to destitution.

After almost a year of doctoring within his Hive, Spree petitioned the Hive Elders to allow him to visit Zaltin Corporation and offer them his services as a doctor for their Vratix workers. Both he and the rest of his Hive knew there was very little hope for such an endeavor, but Spree undertook it anyway. He traveled through the Zaltin alazhi fields and through their putrid refugee camps right up to Zaltin headquarters. Once inside he was greeted with very little respect but quickly earned the approval of the corporation once Spree successfully performed a life-saving surgery on the Vice President's secretary. Zaltin hired him on the spot, giving him his own office and full access to all of their bacta making technology. Spree happily accepted the work and returned to his Hive to retrieve what few belongings he had. Spree threw his messenger bag over his shoulder, bid his family and friends a farewell, and left for Zaltin Corporation--promising he would return some day.

Zaltin Corporation

Zaltin Corporation

Spree's time at Zaltin flew by. He was always busy with patients. In his free time he would socialise with Thyferrans and Vratix, trying to help bridge the racial gap between the two groups. His skills as a doctor improved drastically. Spree learned incredible diagnostic skills and delved into textbook after textbook on topics ranging from anaesthesiology to xenoanatomy. The Zaltin databanks showed Spree the plethora of diverse sentient species in the galaxy. He learned their biology and some basic chemistry. While he technically received no formal schooling while working for Zaltin Corporation, Spree most certainly became a talented and brilliant doctor.

The ambitious bug dabbled in other scientific pursuits as well, learning computer science and basic physics. After hours of flying emergency vehicles such as Sprints and other hospital vehicles, Spree became a decent pilot and a semi-decent mechanic. He learned to understand the binary language of droids and could get his way through some basic huttese conversations. Granted, his Vratix vocal cords were not as adaptable to some languages as they were to others, but Spree did everything he could to soak up as much knowledge as possible. He was in love with learning.

Several years at Zaltin passed before Spree realised he had made the Corporation a better place for his people. He bid his fond farewells and left, happily travelling back to Hive Razzix. He was 26 years old.

Leaving Home

After years of being a breedling, Spree finally commenced and passed the sacred “adulthood” ritual of his hive and began his study of medicine proper under the tutelage of Verachen elders. His fascination with bacta was only augmented by his deep interest with the biology of his race and that of the other species on his planet, the Thyferrans, drove him deeper and deeper into the medical field. During that time, he also had learned to read and speak Galactic Basic with almost native fluency.

In all his life, Spree has never attended a real institute of higher education simply because the Vratix hive didn’t have any. While the Thyferrans had plenty scattered in their part of the world, the societal stigma imposed on his race by the Thyferrans was too great to permit him to attend. He instead learned through the Verachen and whatever books he could get his hands on. An ambitious surgeon, Spree practiced on the corpses of tiny Knytix, a species of creatures kept as pets by the Vratix.

By the time he was 27 years of age, Spree was a practicing doctor and an adept Verachen. His skills were well known in his hive and to the entire Vratix government of Thyferra. The ruler of the Vratix, called a Canir, bestowed the title of Doctor (a word borrowed from Basic) on Spree, officially recognizing Spree’s talents as a medical professional. A year later, Spree expressed his ambition to share his talents with the rest of the galaxy to the Canir. After much debate, he was finally given a Blessing of the Hives and commenced his journey towards using his talents to heal everyone in need.

Doctor of the Galaxy

The Witch Doctor

Prior to leaving his hive, Spree purchased a used YT-1300, the likes of which he named the Witch Doctor. During his travels, it has housed many sorts of medical equipment and droids. The Witch Doctor is also where Spree made his home, living in a customized captain's quarters with furniture and sleeping accommodations designed for a creature of his shape and size to live comfortably. Additionally, the pilot's chair in the cockpit has also been modified for his large abdomen and extra legs.

During his travels, Spree also obtained a "first mate" of sorts--an R3 series astromech droid named R3-H8. "Arthree" served as a co-pilot and security enforcer during Spree's many adventures. Currently, the droid continues to serve its master.

Freelance work

For years Spree wandered the galaxy, taking employment from several small companies and private armies as a surgeon, a doctor, and a deliveryman. Throughout his travels he visited many planets, including Alderaan, Glee Anselm, Corellia, and finally Lorell.

During that time, he managed to accrue a small number of rare flora which he currently keeps in a controlled-environment greenhouse on a ranch he owns in the Tolonda sector. In addition to his own small supply of alazhi, kavam, and ambori--the three main ingredients of bacta, he also keeps a private supply of bactade, a chalky tasting, edible form of bacta.

The Xucphra logo

After working on his own for three years, Spree contacted the bacta-producing company Xucphra, looking for a steady job. His employment began year 14, day 87.


Spree was hired by Xucphra, the medical branch to the Mecrotica Conglomerate, on Day 87 of Year 14. He continues to work for them as the Director of Surgery. He was appointed the Second in Command on Year 15, Day 139. Shortly thereafter, he replaced Benjamin Kain as the Director of Xucphra on Year 15, Day 308. As the company's leader, Spree has been pushing for increased medical item output and raw bacta sales. Drawing from a mindset of openness and honesty, Spree does not restrict to whom Xucphra sells its wares. So far, Xucphra has enjoyed success under Director Razzix--a trend he hopes to continue.

Terrorists of Thyferra
"And now I will kill you, cockroach. Like all of your family, I will now crush you like a bu-"
— Thyferran terrorist mastermind's last words

Ten days into his tenure at Xucphra, Spree received an anonymous message detailing a razing of his home Hive (Hive Razzix) on Thyferra and a massacre of all its inhabitants. Overwhelmed with emotion, Spree took an extended leave of absence from the company to visit his home to ascertain the truth of the message. Joined by several friends from diverse backgrounds, Spree ventured to Thyferra and learned a small group of wealthy Thyferrans were abducting and murdering members of his Hive. Filled with resolve, and uncharacteristic rage, Spree furtively snuck in to the Thyferrans' secret compound. Along with his compatriots, he overwhelmed portions of the leadership and the base's security force and boarded a shuttle headed for the group's cloaked space station orbiting the planet. Once aboard, he and his friends met considerable resistance until they made their way to the station's secondary cargo hold--which had been converted into a giant torture chamber.

Lining the walls of the cargo hold were vratix-sized metal cages, each dripping with blood and filled with the dead or dying bodies of Spree's kin. Driven to immense rage, Spree disarmed and crippled the evil man claiming ownership of the entire operation. While it is unknown whether this man still lives, the embracing of hate-fueled and brutal behavior has convinced Spree that the evil Thyferran is dead; an experience that has been nightmare fuel for the good doctor ever since.

The status of the terrorist group is currently unknown. It can be assumed with reasonable confidence that, due to the large number of wealthy benefactors under the banner of the organization, as well as a common xenophobic philosophy of many humans on Thyferra, that the movement is yet to be disbanded.

Back to Work

His Hive's decimation behind him, Spree began burying his sorrows in his work. He put hours and hours into bacta farming, delivery, and item production--practically having to beg Director Roan Axios to scrape the bottom of Xucphra's to-do list. When she stepped down and was replaced by Benjamin Kain, Spree was promoted to Second-in-Command of the entire company. His ambition and devotion to his work only further fueled the growth of the company. Finally, after 169 grueling days of work, Spree was appointed as Kain's successor. As the first non-human Director, Spree has made an important impact on the Xucphra legacy. Prior to its initial disbanding, Xucphra's first iteration was controlled by the Galactic Empire, a government known to rank its citizens in class hierarchies based on their genetic commonality to humans[3]. Additionally, Xucphra was not kind to its vratix "employees" during Imperial occupation of Thyferra. Xucphra's current iteration, under Axios, Kain, and Razzix, have all been quite contrary to the company's roots in terms of species tolerance and acceptance.

Since Spree began his tenure as Director, Xucphra has added several new ships to its fleet including the Veltraa-class capital ship Doctor's Orders and the Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigate Doctor Feelgood II. Additionally, he has expanded the company's role within Mecrotica to include research and development, where Xucphra scientists now investigate the mysteries of the galaxy within a Expedition-class R&D Station orbiting the Candoria's system's only sun. It was with this new interest in the non-medical sciences that inspired Dr. Razzix to open an entire University.

Phu Sector University

The Phu Sector University logo
"Thanks to the tireless efforts from some of the greatest minds in the galaxy, we have established a new institution of higher learning, Phu Sector University, in which we can guide students to become the great minds of tomorrow. I predict the future of the Phu sector, and perhaps galaxy as a whole, will become all the brighter thanks to our efforts here."
— Wes Reed

Spree's interest in science and technology only increased as he continued to work within the Mecrotica Conglomerate. He would often discuss current events and intriguing topics in current research with a verpine named Wes Reed, a ranking member in one of Xucphra's sister companies within the Conglomerate: Mecrosa. The two would be at it for hours discussing and debating many of Spree's curiosities. Finally, the two decided that their curiosities should not only be indulged, but expanded.

For months the pair slaved over plans for an institution of higher learning until they finally arrived at the perfect design. At the time, the asteroid belt in the Candoria system was all but barren. It was a perfect home for the new university. The pair dubbed the institute Phu Sector University and began construction with the blessings of the system's controller and Xucphra's owner, Dac Kain.

Hero of Thyferra

Dr. Razzix, Moff Kami, and Emperor Ndengin announcing the Vratix emancipation
"The Vratix are hereby relieved of mandatory labour on the alazhi fields. Furthermore, in recognition of their primitive social structure, each hive is permitted to choose its own Canir, who will report directly to the local governor."
Emperor Guinar Ndengin

The Hives of Thyferra, enslaved by the Galactic Empire after their invasion of Thyferra, found themselves free of Imperial bondage on Year 17 Day 93. After over a year of negotiations between Spree, Moff Destra Kami, and the Emperor himself, the Empire officially emancipated the Vratix[4]. Officially, the Thyferran vratix had "earned" the right to govern themselves. Their autonomy was still to be monitored by the Empire, but simply being monitored was merely an inconvenience compared to slavery.

Spree assisted his kind in setting up a new capital city, as their old one had been clear cut and occupied by Empire-backed companies and human settlers. The new vratix capital city, named "Uxolo" ("Peace", in the vratix language) and nestled deep within the Thyferran rainforest. It serves as a hub for all vratix trading and political efforts as well as a home for the High Canir, the leader of all the Thyferran Hives. To this day, Spree finds great pleasure climbing and leaping between the gigantic trees surrounding the city. It truly is a city of peace and love for all.


"My *click* apologies, metaphors are *buzz* not my strong pants."
— Dr. Spree Razzix

Spree is well-educated and bilingual. He speaks both his native tongue: Vratix, which is essentially a click-tongue language, and Galactic Basic. Vratix (the language), is a combination of clicks and body color changes. He is able to change his color using special hairs which line his body--they change color primarily to express linguistic information, but they often convey extra-linguistic information like mood. His fluency with Basic isn't the best however, as he rarely understands metaphors. When trying to speak the language, he is famous for *click*ing, an obvious artifact of his true native language. Many individuals may find his strange, but they'll learn to get used to it... he hopes.

He is also a very curious individual. His constant lust for knowledge has led him from diligent notes on sparring matches, watching and re-watching videos of surgeries, and even exploring near the event horizons of black holes. On Year 19 Day 279, with the blessing of Mand'alor Korlan Mereel, Spree completed a Syphon-Class Research and Development Station bordering three black holes in the Maw system. Spree petitioned the leader of the Mandalorians for permission to construct in the system, seeing as how they control the Kessel sector, the home of the Maw.

Skills & Talents


Dr. Razzix has spent almost his whole lifetime studying medicine. Through laboratory work, field work, or hours-long trips to the library, he has collected a vast, almost encyclopedic, knowledge of the field. Below are his more notable fortes.


If there is anything Spree knows, it's bacta. A master Verachen, Spree can whip up a variety of elixirs in a pinch--even with minimal resources. As the Director of Xucphra, he made time to wander the alazhi fields of Trunska and Candoria, remembering his days on Thyferra. During his off hours, Spree often uses his bacta-blending abilities in the cocktail lounge. As it turns out, Verachen make very talented bartenders.


Post-op lollipop

When not busy running Xucphra, Spree is often called upon to perform cybernetic surgery. So far, he has successfully performed surgeries involving limb replacement, eye replacement, and neural augmentation. Knowing the physical and mental rigors a surgery can take on a patient, Spree worked with Xucphra R&D scientists for weeks to craft the absolutely perfect post-procedure comfort food: a lollipop. Through in-depth, multi-species research, Spree and his scientists crafted flavors chemically engineered to perfectly satisfy the taste buds of many galactic species. While there are a variety of flavors, many are specifically optimized for individual species.

During his time in the operating room, Spree realized the importance of knowing the anatomies of other life-forms in the Galaxy. Although he has never done any formal work on xenoanatomy, Spree pursues his interest recreationally through non-invasive observation of organisms while they are in non-lethal combat.


"I had *click* some left over alazhi and *buzz* lemon juice, so I mixed it *click* with some miscellaneous spices and *buzz* nerf tongue I had *click* in my refrigerator."
— Dr. Spree Razzix

Although a creature devoted primarily to practicing medicine, Spree also has a few other skills and talents which have aided him from time to time. While not a licensed chemist, Spree does dabble in mixing bacta (or its edible derivative known as bactade) with non-medical substances in controlled settings in order to test the effects. His most "famous" achievement in this field is the Bacta Martini, a beverage of his own creation. The Bacta Martini combines the potency and inebriating effects of alcohol with the healing effects of bactade. His work resulted in a beverage that heals the consumer as if they had ingested bactade, but still gets the consumer drunk.


Spree wears two hats at Phu Sector University. For one, he is the Dean of Medicine and oversees everything on the Medical Campus from admissions to treatments to medical research to Xucphra correspondence. Secondly, he is a professor at the school. Spree takes great pride in his school and absolutely loves teaching. He has been known to take his students on exo-planetary field trips to visit Xucphra's Candoria-based R&D space station. There they gain hands-on experience in the "hot labs" pursuing their own curiosities and unraveling the mysteries of the galaxy.

Vehicles, Ships, Droids, and Equipment

As Spree has continued to make a name for himself in the Galaxy, he has accumulated many entities. Here are a few with the most impact on his life.


"She threw her phone at me!"
"I am sure you *buzz* gave her ample reason."
— Toowonbee and Spree

Early on in his career, Spree received a 2-1B surgical droid from his company as a medical assistant and companion to chat with during long hyperspace routes. Two days after rolling off the production line, the droid was infected with a computer virus. While its important medical systems were unharmed, it developed a personality of its own. Embarassed at the malfunction, Xucphra offered to replace Spree's new droid. However, the vratix enjoyed the idea of a droid with real character, and opted to keep it. "Toowonbee" has been with him ever since.

With a dry and tactless wit, the droid is essentially Spree's foil. The droid will commonly call Spree a "nerd" or a "bug", and has no qualms about bringing up embarrassing stories about the vratix or his own practical jokes.

The medical duo

"Please do not *buzz* do your 'Angel of *click* Death' routine again."
"C'mon Spree, even you thought it was a little funny."
— Toowonbee and Spree

The two of them, while both incredibly talented and valuable with medical matters, do not always get along in everyday conversation. That being said, the pair share a reasonably strong friendship to the point where the droid voluntarily took a blaster bolt to the chest, shielding its master from harm.

The droid has since been rebuilt and made a full recovery. While others would be negatively scarred by the experience of "dying", Toowonbee has come to the realization that he is essentially invincible. He has since adopted an ever-increasing fearless personality, scoffing at the sound of danger and showing no concern for its own safety.

A Tavern companion

"How have you not removed its ability to talk yet?"
Xalitus Swindler

There have been a few times where Wonbee has wandered off Spree's ship and into public establishments. Needless to say, his interactions with the patrons draw as much hostility as they do humor. This has been especially true ever since Wonbee's "brush with death". Interestingly enough, Spree has had to help him out of several conflicts, more than the other way around, ever since.


"Just take the win man. You just scored an entire ship!"
— Dr. Tenten Rin

During a period between day 280 and 300 during Year 14, Spree was a passenger on the GR-75 transport Purity as an advising doctor for a small medical team who were on their way to a diagnostic medicine conference in Corellia. The trip, however, proved to be much more than a leisurely trip. Midway through the ship’s journey through hyperspace, a mysterious airborne pathogen caused most of the crewmembers and passengers to become mindless, mob-mentality-driven zombies. Spree and a Thyferran doctor named Tenten Rin spent hours slaving over an antidote while locked inside a medical bay surrounded by zombies.

Sometime during the process, Dr. Rin began to show symptoms of the virus while taking a nap. Spree restrained the sleeping man using far too many binders and a backboard. His companion pacified, Spree set off to throw a large canister newly synthesized antidote into the ship’s main air circulator. Bashing his way through horde after horde of zombies, Spree arrived at the air circulator and dumped the healing agent in.

The ordeal, having ended with nearly zero casualties and the embarrassment of Dr. Rin, brought Purity’s elderly captain to realize that he was not as capable of running the transport anymore. Through an act of great generosity, he gave Spree ownership of Purity as a ‘thank you’. Spree, about to protest, was restrained by his newfound Thyferran friend, telling him: “Just take the win man! You just scored an entire ship!”

Currently, Purity is an active participant in Spree’s ever-growing fleet. It is utilized mostly as a transport for medical items and to store Spree’s sandcrawler.

Surgeon's Hand

The Surgeon's Hand

Purchased Year 14, Day 171, the Surgeon's Hand is Spree's second ship. The craft itself, built in Year 11, Day 251, is the first ship Spree ever comissioned a paint job for. Trying to identify himself at the time, the vratix was searching for pairs of colors he enjoyed. Drawing inspiration from Toowonbee, Spree settled on a blue and white color scheme. Needless to say, it is his droid's favorite ship.

The Surgeon's Hand is an HWK-290 light freighter, a model that has long since seen the inside of a manufacturing plant. It sports impressive sublight engines and a powerful hyperdrive. Unlike Spree's first ship, a YT-1300 named the Witch Doctor, it is completely devoid of weapons and relies on its speed alone to evade conflict. Thankfully, the Doctor is yet to employ such a tactic.

The ship's small layout leaves little room for comforts, but Spree keeps an oversized futon and some basic entertainment devices in the main hold for relaxation during hyperspace trips.

The Nightingale

"With healing hands she flits about,
tending injured, weak, and frail.
The angel of the battlefield,
known as the Nightingale.
The Lady with the Lamp

It was Day 330 of Year 19. Dr. Razzix watched as the finishing touches were put on this Prometheus-class Star Craft. As it rolled off the line, he began pondering what he should call it.

It was a wholly unique spacecraft, designed specifically as a mobile research vessel. It sported cutting-edge computing and medical technology, as well as a versatile combat, propulsion, and scanning capabilities. Until that point, the only Prometheus-class ships in existence were constructed during the Clone Wars. This one, however, was different. Through great expense of time, money, and research, Spree had found prototype blueprints to the ship. Through even more effort, the vratix had secured a large, private shipyard for its production. Spree cashed in every favor he could to hire the best and brightest shipwrights, engineers, and scientists to work on the project. As his team huddled around the blueprints, Spree watched from afar, learning everything he could about its creation. Once production was just about ready to begin, he spoke with each individual working on the project, thanking them and congratulating them on their work. Then, production started.

Finishing his flashback, Spree looked around him, the entire development and production team stood gazing silently at their achievement. After another minute of quiet reflection, Spree remarked: "Nightingale" and the team shouted in jubilation.

Spree was inspired by "The Lady with the Lamp", an ancient tale about a healer working with soldiers, training other healers, and performing groundbreaking public health research. Spree first heard this tale on Thyferra as he was just beginning his life as a physician. Her story, however real or mythological it may be, inspired him and shaped his outlook on the medical field forever. The Lady with the Lamp was known only as Nightingale. As he gazed upon the Nightingale, he knew his destiny was bound to it forever.


"Also, Spree was ecstatic for those podracers. You probably made his year."
Kyran Caelius

Every successful individual needs a hobby. There is no doubt that Spree is a workaholic who rarely gets time away from his various responsibilities to do anything remotely fun. When he isn't socialising, he spends his time in the PSU garage, working on his personal collection of podracers. Over the past few years, the vratix has been scouring the galaxy for the most rare racers he can get his chitin-clad hands on. Unfortunately, the vratix cannot actually fit inside the vehicles. Instead his Kiffar nephew Ari plays the role of pilot. To this day, Spree searches the Centrepoint Marketplace[5] and Trade Federation's Holosite[6] for any more specimens to add to his collection.


"It is louder *click* than you."
— Spree, to Toowonbee

A stark difference to Spree's peaceful nature, 'Francesca' is Spree's weapon-of-choice. After finding himself in several different situations where being armed would deter hostile individuals, the Vratix went weapon shopping. As he browsed the Holonet auction sites, databases, and vendor booths, Spree realized that his choices were severely restricted due to his hand's strange proportions. Finally, Spree came upon the Stouker Concussion Rifle. The weapon was large enough to accommodate his lanky, four-fingered hands while also being incredibly menacing. Correctly dubbed the 'hand cannon', a Stouker is incredibly powerful and dangerous. It utilizes compressed sound waves to tear away at any individual foolish enough to find themselves on the wrong end of the barrel. While impressed with these credentials, Spree was most interested in the weapon's menacing appearance. Just by holding it aloft, Spree has most certainly nipped firefights at the bud.

Falleen Federation Royal Armour

"While I am *buzz* certain your armorsmiths had no intention of them *buzz* being worn by vratix, they are *buzz* the best-fitting battle garments I have *buzz* ever worn."
— Spree Razzix to Falleen Federation King Jado Dur'rik

Early in Year 18, Spree purchased a rare set of Falleen Federation Royal Armor[7] and helmet[8] from a private vendor. Initially he was excited about the purchase, the vratix soon found himself conflicted. He had obtained rare ceremonial vestments which were crafted specifically for knighted members of the Falleen Federation. This fact tugged at his conscience until day 38 of that year, when he approached King Jado Dur'rik of the Falleen Federation to ask for permission to wear the armour. To his surprise (and relief), the king permitted the vratix to wear the armor with his blessing.

Spree's custom laser scalpel

Currently, the doctor wears the armor on every dangerous expedition he attends, be it a rescue mission or a research pursuit, one will always find Spree wearing his unique armour.

Laser Scalpel

Sometimes doctors get a little extra recognition for their work. Late in Year 15, Spree was given a handcrafted laser scalpel. Designed by Higelourmi Everivir and produced in-house at a Xucphra medical factory, Spree's laser scalpel is gold plated with diamond accents. The device itself is well-loved and has been in Spree's four-fingered hand for every operation he has ever performed.

Notable Positions and Titles

Director of Xucphra
Preceded By:
Benjamin Kain
Spree Razzix
Year 15, Day 308 — Present
Succeeded By: