Thar`athi Nakesh

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Thar`athi Nakesh
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Eyle`thli Nuruodo
Father Kar`ethi Nakesh
Spouse None
Siblings Brother - Deceased
Children None
Born Year -13 Day 102
Died Year 12 Day 157
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Arkanian Micro
Rank Deputy Director of Logistics - O-6 Captain.png
Positions Head of Logistics Department
Prior Affiliation Corellian Engineering Corporation Kaos Star Federation
Awards none
"If you're good at something, never do it for free."
— An Eidolan before execution

Thar`athi Nakesh is a direct blood relative of Atown, the current House Syndic of the House Nakesh. Know simply by his core name of Arathin in his personal circle Thar`athi Nakesh is a simple minded Chiss. At the age of 2 his father Kar`ethi Nakesh also know similarly as Arethin showed baby Arathin the chiss homeworld of Csilla. Arathin saw the majesty of his homeworld and from that day forward would also have a little piece of Csilla in his heart. Arathin's major turning point was leaving the Ascendancy and joining the Galactic Empire in the nationalized subsidiary Corellian Engineering Corporation. After completing Imperial Basic Training under Lieutenant Commander Vrogard Delahon, Arathin attained a final score of 92.5% and therefore attaining the intial rank of Junior Workman [E-2] in the Imperial Ministry of Industry. Under Deputy Director Polarisruner he began his first mission as a Class B citizen of the Galactic Empire. After months of toil and hardship Arathin sick of his life asked Nogard Drol to end his life and thus on Day 157 Thar`athi Nakesh passed into the Force.

Early Life

"We cannot choose whether to live or to die, we can only choose how we live and how we die"
— Thar`athi Nakesh, Father's funeral

Arathin was born Thar`athi Nakesh, a direct blood relative of the Nakesh House. However Thar`athi Nakesh was not born on Csilla. His parents Kar`ethi Nakesh and Eyle`thli Nuruodo were delighted and showed baby Arathin around whereve they went. Arathin grew swiftly, by 6 months he was walking and 2 months later he had already spoken his first words in Cheunh. Lethlin and Arethin were the proudest Chiss parents you could ever hope for. By the time Arathin was a year old he had already been identified by the House that he would one day lead the House Nakesh, as a direct cousin to the current bloodline of rulers.

"My son Thar`athi Nakesh has the potential to bring a new era of prominence into the House Nakesh"
— Kar`ethi Nakesh at Arathin's 2nd birthday

By age three Arathin was already a household name in his community, members of the community would come around to his home with gifts, foods or for a holo. The name Thar`athi Nakesh would never be forgotten.

However not much is know from the time Arathin was 4 to the time he was ten when he joined the CEDF.

Military Career

"Cadet Thar`athi Nakesh, you're with me. Scrawny runt that you are"
— Captain Soeth`li`Sabosen, Arathin's Military instructor

At age ten Arathin was permitted to train with Picket Force 5 of the CEDF his local security force. Chiss usually beginning at 12 Arathin was a shining light, in the middle of the devastating war with the Vaagari wars. The weight of expectation on his shoulder, his father having served as a Force Commander in the CEDF nearly 20 years ago as well as his ever building reputation as one of House Nakesh's greatest hopes. Arathin was admitted into squadron 9 of Picket Force 5 and was instructed by Captain Ethlis of the CDF (Chiss Defense Force). However Arathin was technically under command of Lieutenant Gri`tho`Nakesh the squadron leader.

Arathin took a simulated flight in a Chiss Clawcraft and sucesfully achieved the simulated mission.However Captain Ethlis was displeased with his efforts, having only succeeded due to some freak flying Ethlis ordered Arathin to do the simulator again and again until he won through tactical genius rather than 'flying'.

After a year under Ethlis Arathin had made the rank of [Rank|Pilot]]. The youngest to ever rise in rank before reaching his teenage years.


3 years on ::
"Cadet Thar'athi Nakesh today receives the Picket Force 5 Comendation medal for his efforts in the capture of known pirate Sedyit Hopyt. In dire circumstances the Cadet managed to apprehend the pirate with little more than pure tactical genius"
— Captain Ethlis speaking of Cadet Nakesh

During his 3rd year under Ethlis Arathin managed to apprehend notorious pirate Sedyit Hopyt. After a routine run in chiss space Arathin saw the sleek Luxury Cruiser known to be associated with Hopyt and managed to Engage the vessel however the ship produced weaponry beyond the specifications of the yacht and shot the Cadet down. Having lost all contact squadron 9 returned to HQ while the yacht picked up the once magnificent clawcraft. Arathin however was not dead actually he had sustained mere scrapes but all his systems were shut down.

Arathins ship was towed to the pirate base. On arrival Arathin managed to elude capture as his Chiss Clawcraft was taken to pieces with important pieces salvaged and the rest was incinerated. Arathin having been trained by Captain Elthis for a mere 2 months had little to no idea what to do, but his natural Chiss instincts took over. Creeping along the hangar bay Arathin managed to get one of the pirates into a headlock, subduing the sentient without anyone noticing he took the comlink and blaster from the sentient male.

Arathin successfully neutrlised the whole station on his own and no alarm was raised, Picket Force 5 arrived 3 standard hours later and apprehended the station and renamed it HNS (House Nakesh Station) Arathin in honour of the 13 year old's triumph.

Upon his return to his homeland he was promoted and awarded the Picket Force 5 Comendation medal.

Core World Calling

After succesfully achieving the rank of Force Commander in the CEDF and command of Picket Force 7 of the CEDF Thar`athi Nakesh was at the pinnacle of his career, his promotion to Admiral was imminante and he met Aristocra Carn`ilo Sabosen. He was still a boy at the age of 18. His career dotted with comendations. Several major wins over the Vaagari had pushed him towards the rank that had eluded so many of his blood relatives.

"So this is the mighty Arathin"
— Nilos speaking of Arathin

Nilos as he was commonly known nurtured the young Commander to become the next generation of politician. Guiding him through the difficulties of the political world, of democracy. However his whole world was turned upside down in one foul swoop.

"I regret to announce that EX-CEDF Admiral Kar`ethi Nakesh has been killed on a holiday with his wife in the core worlds"
— Admiral Trick to assembled audience

Rife with regret at the age of 21 Arathin left for the core worlds to take his fathers body. He set out alone in a small shuttle provided by the CEDF. On his arrival in the Corellian system where his father's death had occured he saw the vast shipyards of the Corellian Engineering Corporation and was instantly drawn to the vast majesty of the grand yards. He had arrived in time to see an Imperial Star Destroyer leave for the first time. Arathin had found his true calling in the core worlds.

Father's Funeral

Arathin said goodbye to his father in front of a 2 million strong contingent of CEDF Officers, civillians and Core Citizens who were intrigued by a Chiss Ceremony.

"We cannot choose whether to live or to die, we can only choose how we live and how we die"
— Thar`athi Nakesh, Father's funeral

Arathin couldn't bare to return to his homeland, the memories of his father were everywhere even in his own ship with the weight of his fathers eyes baring down on him. Arathin retired from the CEDF exiled himself from Csilla and moved to Corellia to begin his new life.

Corellain Engineering Corporation

Arathin joined the Corellian Engineering corporation and was greeted by Silus Nidor. Arathin then wen't through the difficulties of completing Imperial Basic Training where he received the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate Ribbon, with a final score of 92.5% on his academy exams. He was promoted to [E-2] Junior Workman of the Ministry of Industry.

Arathin is now flying a Bulk Freighter hauling RM's for the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Now an integral member of the CEC as well as a figurehead of the Chiss Ascendancy Thar`athi Nakesh continues to impress.

Colonial Shockball League

Arathin recently needed a way to relax after the labours of the RM Hauling taking place. With very little knowledge of the game Arathin trained hard to get in and managed to impress Kal`Shebbol Echelon of the Outer Rim Conference. Sagoro Cloud the team manager spoke to Arathin regarding what he wished to do.

"I want to play, Dad always watched whenever he came to the Core Worlds"
— Arathin to Sagoro

Sagoro impressed with his work ethic, and managed to get a contract in waiting, a minor one season contract to show the team what he could do. Arathin has the 4th season to impress the competition. With the following stats:






Vision: pitiful



Watch this space for results from the 4th season!

Kaos Federation Defense

After a few months in the Corellian Engineering Corporation, and severl minor incidents, Thar`athi Nakesh began to yearn for what he had been trained for, the Military his whole career he had been one of the best, the ELITE. Now his chance had been rejuvenated. Meeting with Regent Lord Nogard Drol through a holonet call an interview was set up with Admiral Kai Gurago, after extensive scrutiny, physical training and a mental assesment and finally a security clearance, Thar`athi Nakesh was permitted to join Kaos Federation Defense as a Corporal.

Service Record

  • Year 12 Day 71, 1:56 Corellian Engineering Corporation enlistment
  • Year 12 Day 71, 2:34 Enrolled Academy
  • Year 12 Day 71, 2:34 Attained E-1 Recruit
  • Year 12 Day 73, 2:34 Graduated Academy 92.5%
  • Year 12 Day 73, 2:35 Promoted to E-2 Junior Workman
  • Year 12 Day 73, 2:36 Began work
  • Year 12 Day 93, 4:25 Promoted to E-3 Workman
  • Year 12 Day 123, 21:39 You just left the organization: Corellian Engineering Corporation
  • Year 12 Day 123, 21:43 You were accepted as a member of the Kaos Federation Defense.
  • Year 12 Day 123, 21:43 Promoted to E-5 Corporal as a member of Kaos Security Forces.
  • Year 12 Day 147, 18:33 You just left the organization: Kaos Star Federation.
  • Year 12 Day 147, 18:34 You were accepted as a member of the Arkanian Micro.
  • Year 12 day 147, 18:35 Promoted to [C-1] Deputy Director of Logistics