Venti Shoals

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Venti Shoals
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Mother NA
Father NA
Born Year NA Day 289
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.72 meters
Hair Color Blondish
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty
Positions Head Freelancer Party of 1, Initiate
Prior Affiliation NA

The Force is thought to be present in all living things throughout the known and unknown universe. Various forms of sentient life have recorded and studied it, some have even learned to manipulate it and control it. None can claim to fully understand it, quantify it or even know it. The Force is everywhere, in everything, and every when. Sometimes the Force itself achieves a bit of independence, a bit of thought or even emotion. In that instant it creates of itself a living being that remembers little of the all knowing all encompassing Force or a being that agrees to at least politely ignore it for a little while. A being that just is for the sake of being, without parent or past they appear as if created from nothing, yet with full desires and goals. They seek to expand self to selflessness or sometimes selfishness. In the beginning there is the Force, in the end there is the Force and in between those two alternating times (for time is not linear) is the playful existence of life and its cycle of change.

Sentient Inquisitiveness: (hmm so many choices) Venti Shoals in one moment made a choice to observe and changed. A youthful member of the Diathim race inquisitive of the new budding members of (its? No.) his race, he stopped and observed them. Then he decided he wanted to play too. Venti (skipped through and focused on linear movement) grew up fascinated by the humans that used his world, he longed to be part of their collective and so at an age of maturity (ahh haa! Fixed point in a multidimensional space) he chose to become a Galactic Adventurer and to experience as many of the wonders as he could. Many beings welcomed him and were friendly unfortunately the beings inhabiting his chosen fixed point or Homeworld did not, so he left them to their own games and started investigating the Universe around himself.

First he decided that while life was sacred there would be those who wanted to end his game sooner then he was ready to stop playing. So he gathered an old cred stick that was lying around and went to a shop. Using his Identity and the credits attached to it he bought a few various items: a blaster, a mace, a backpack, some hide armor and a survival suit (though he was puzzled why the shop keeper kept insisting he needed the last). Then he set out into the wilderness of Millius Prime all the while marveling at the resource known as the Holocron.

While adventuring in the Wilderness of his home, he stopped from time to time to read his mail and study the great Holocron Library. He was amazed to find how many people had not contacted their own Holocron Chronicler. (This Chronicler is only reporting the amazement the individual conveyed to the author who is an anonymous neutral third party observer). Even more amazing were the parts of the Holocron which referenced areas that did not presently exist. He kept getting mails from various Factions all of which seemed like wonderful families to belong too. It was very hard to just settle on one, he had so much to experience. So he decided to take the third party neutrality to a different level. Being a Freelancer, he thought perhaps someone might need a Chronicler Consultant, someone who could look at who they were with a fresh unbiased eye. He decided that perhaps these people didn't know that there were Personal Chroniclers for each of them, and so he offered to collect the Data and pass it on to the Holocron Chroniclers. (at this time there has been no comment to his offer as we the Chroniclers must remain anonymous, third party observers and recorders only; however some Chroniclers are less discriminating than others).

After spending much time wandering around his Home world and corresponding with several Sentients. He settled on one collective or faction to begin his training with. This faction was known as the Krath. It appeared from his reading to be harmonious with the entropy of which he had chosen to participate. So he contacted them and was accepted, though with the understanding that he might from time to time still research and be an intermediary for the Chroniclers.(it should be noted at this time that he is doing this of his own free will and acting completely under his own authority without any direct permission of the Holocron Chroniclers)