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Veynom (Jehan Snyers d'Attenhoven) is the current Sim Master and, prior to his becoming an administrator, was well known in the Galactic Empire faction as Imperial Admiral Gorn Veynom.

Before the creation of the Combine, Veynom was a respected member of the ill-fated Star Wars Simulation (SWSim). Historically, it was on the 3rd of December 1998 that Fizzban, PtJedi and Veynom decided to start an online game on the ashes of the defunct Star Wars Simulation. Veynom took an active role in the creation process as co-founder, and as leader of the rules team.

When it became apparent that the completion of the Combine necessitated his work as a full time administrator, Veynom dropped his character on Year 2 Day 254. On Year 2 Day 346 he officially took over the position as Sim Master from Fizzban.