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Ziyal Kell
2. Ziyal.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Kaminoan / infected with Togorian Virus
Homeworld Kamino
Mother Leen Kell
Father Tau Kell
Spouse Unknown
Born -2 year 107 day
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height unknown
Coloring brown
Eye Color formerly grey, grey-brown
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Rank Assistant Architect
Positions Tion Engineering and Construction, Nikklon Mining Incorporated

Personal Information


To others he often looks principled and independet, it wouldn't be a total stretch to call him a loner.

He has his own way of doing things and he does not like when other people meddle with those ways. In terms of culture, education and life style, he likes what he likes, but about 90 percent of what's out in the galaxy makes him roll his eyes. Many see in this habit his kaminoan roots.

He tends to flourish when he has a task to tackle, espacially if he is working solo.


Ziyal Kell is a normal kaminoan male. He was tall, thin with pale skin. Also he possess headcrest and fin ridges along the rear of his small, bulbous skull.

After his infect, he degenerated to species with fur all over. Because of this degeneratio to a Togorian he wears now often different kinds of armours to hide his failure beneath it.


Early years

Ziyal's time before Voss is unproved.

Arrival in a new home

Known is just that he arrived with a personal shuttle at a planet called Voss, where he meets in a cantina members of the Tion Hegemony.

After a long talk Ziyal decides in year 13 day 308 to join them and learn what life means in the Outer Rim.