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Have you read Holocron:Guide and Community portal? Holocron is not here to mirror Wookiepedia articles... SWC planets or races are not 100% canonical... While you could theoretically use content from wookieepedia as a source or a reference material, Holocron is about SWC planets and races and not the canon ones... --Xanyarr Chyakk 13:54, 30 April 2011 (GMT)

[quote]By all means refer to canon information where appropriate, or provide references to canon sources (e.g. Wookiepedia), but don't get canon information confused with SWC information. [/quote]

I did just the thing mentioned in Holocron:Guide. I left out canon people's names, for example, and the entire history that would not agree with the SWC history - I mentioned only the ancient history to be 100% safe in this point. I did not repeat either what is already in the SWC Database, I only added if there was something more in the Wookieepedia about the society, biology or names for the races. Making the Chiss article work without mentioning Thrawn was a pain in the ***, btw.

In some cases I just filled out the blank templates...

Besides, Star Wars Combine is Star Wars, isn't it? The flora, fauna & ancient history is the same as in Wookieepedia. Same goes for society, biology or names for the races.

- Kinsa Rha, 30.04.2011, 14:21 GMT

Once again while we all roleplay to be in same Star Wars universe we're not and probably never will be. We don't have any flora beyond Alazhi and only a small selection of fauna that may or not may be spawned in their proper canonical habitats. And ancient history (or otherwise) is also quite messed up as we have ancient tech competing or being better than modern tech, or the future tech that is not supposed to exist in the current timeframe, which would not always be the case in SW.
A few more comments/suggestions:
  • Talk:Community portal is probably a better place for the general questions like the distinction between an article and category... I've replied one of such questions on site, but the answer will be missed and forgotten after a month or two and another person may ask same question only about different article and category... thus a central place where one can check such issues and with time add them to a proper FAQ or Guide...
  • I don't think copy and pasting content from wookieepedia warrants removal of {{stub}} flag, at the most it moves a page from a "to do" list to the "to completely rewrite" list and needs a {{CopyPaste}} tag added to it.
  • any articles in the user namespace (i.e. the ones that start with User*** after ) are generally considered OOC and private, not relevant to wiki itself in our case Holocron. That is a place where people can experiment or work on personal projects, e.g. User:Orphaea_Imperium/History. Those are not part of the wiki/holocron until they are moved by the author or those whom the author has given a permission to main namespace...
  • Please be considerate when you edit pages that you did not create and do not completely remove internal links to articles that do no exist yet. You seem to have aversion to ranks. Granted one of the articles where you removed all of the links to them did overuse the feature, but it also a general rule of thumb in wiki that a first time a some technical term (and that includes military, political or diplomatic title) is mentioned in the article a link to an article about it is created. After that it's usually an issue of personal preference or style how often one links to that article.
  • Also I don't know how long you've been in Combine, but the name changes that company undergo mean sometimes that a faction changed hands and most likely completely reinvented itself. Plus the same name may have been several times over the course of 12+ years, by different people, factions, filled with different content and meaning. I think that in your eagerness to remove some red links you may have confused some of them. But I need to double check my info before correcting your edits.
  • In general it's always better to ask before doing sweeping changes, as it will take much more time to track down everything and correct/rewrite it.
--Xanyarr Chyakk 18:16, 1 May 2011 (GMT)

*Thank you for your exhaustive reply. As for Orphaea's namespace, she asked herself for replies there... and not under the Talk:Timeline...
*About ranks I suggested (mistakenly on your namespace, oops) that an exhaustive page be created, that would present all the most common ranks. That way they'd be explained, without creating a separate page for every one of them.
*Background info - maybe there's nothing in the game, but does it mean it doesn't exist at all?
*Copy/pasting - I didn't know about that tag.
-Kinsa Rha, 1.05.2011, 18:22