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I thank you for this immensely! If need be, I can try and dig out more information from Navik Ikron? -- Dail Lwybr Gwaed

Yes, any information from Navik Ikron or others would be helpful. The Imperial perspective of the battle is largely complete due to scenario logs and schematics provided by Jennifer Dreighton. However, the Falleen/Rebel perspective is still incomplete and fragmented. Squall and Tholin have helped considerably by providing their recollections of the events. -- Rupert Havok 21:04, 19 February 2015 (GMT)
I have directed Navik here. We'll see what happens on that venue. Would you care for my help on getting this page in order? I cannot invest loads of time, but I'd be willing to help. -Dail
Sure, any help with editing and rewriting would be appreciated. I slowly chip away at this sandbox article every week or so during my limited free time, but the process is rather slow-going. My primary motivator is to preserve these events for future SWC players in the decades to come. For me, the intricate player-driven history of the game is one of its unique charms. -- Rupert Havok 23:48, 20 February 2015 (GMT)