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Heya Vernon. I reverted your previous edits to the Infobox Faction template and I felt I should explain my reasons in more detail:

  • First, as the Holocron is an In-Character (IC) encyclopedia, the viewable/visible terms that appear in articles should be In-Character in order to comply with the Guidelines. As such, your phrase "Faction Type" is OOC while the original "Industry" is an acceptable IC term used on the Star Wars wikia.
  • Second, if you do replace an existing template field with another term in the Infobox Faction template, you must manually update the existing 500+ faction articles that use that old template term. Otherwise, the information for the old field is not displayed.
  • Third, I noticed your edits removed the 2IC, Motto, Affiliation, and Headquarters fields. As most of these entries are optional fields and are used in many existing articles, it would seem these useful fields should be kept. -- Rupert Havok 04:17, 15 April 2013 (GMT)