Ustar Alard

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Ustar Alard
Ustar Alard tf avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Selkath
Homeworld Manaan
Mother Nyra Alard
Father Val Alard
Born Year -7 Day 203
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.5 meters
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Kuat Drive Yards, Trade Federation
Rank Journeyman

Ustar Alard is a Journeyman in the Trade Federation's Department of Naval Production.

Early Years

Ustar Alard avatar.png

The Selkath male Ustar Alard was born in Ahto City on the watery world of Manaan on Year -7 Day 203 to Val and Nyra Alard, two medical doctors. Before the Mandalorians gained control over the planet, the Alards used to be highly decorated on Manaan. When they invaded, Val and Nyra were afraid of what might happen, so they took transport off planet as quickly as they could, leaving almost everything behind. Ustar was just five at this time.

The family fled to Taanab, to Trade Federation space. Val, along with Nyra, got a job in a local church, providing his medical abilities for the injured. They worked while Ustar was allowed to go and play with some of his friends. One day, a pirate raid struck at the planet, most particularly the church. Val was killed and Nyra was wounded badly. The young Selkath boy was ten at the time.

Nyra raised Ustar until the age of eighteen. He went to a local school in the city there until then. He learned a small amount of history, technology, science, mathematics, and many other subjects. He did great, and he graduated with top grades as well. He took what few credits he had earned during a couple of jobs when he was out of school on break, and rented a small planetary shuttle to explore the world he lived on. He adventured and explored the planet until he was able to join the Trade Federation as a fully-fledged member, not just one of its citizens. He quickly moved on to the Kuat Drive Yards, the Federation's Department of Naval Production, liking ships and wanting to go into that for a career.