Usuy Anjiliac Fauacuaipia

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Usuy Anjiliac Fauacuaipia
Biographical Information
Race Hutt
Homeworld Nal Hutta
Died Year 13 Day 226
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Freelancer
Prior Affiliation None

Usuy Anjiliac Fauacuaipia was in the same Hutt clan as the late Nullada, and was also a friend of Percilia Kajidic, the former governor of the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta. Usuy's ego was large and he had inherited many enemies from the war between the Nikto and the Hutts.

A mutual friend of Ryn Man's, Ku`Bakai Roche visited Nal Hutta to pick up Usuy and another injured Hutt named Gygis Khan. Ku`Bakai transported the two Hutts to the Skeebo system to recover and pick up supplies, but efforts to access the market there were denied due to planetary shields over Skeebo itself. Ku`Bakai then led the group aboard the Indefatigable to the nearby TMS Tion Center Market station. There, Usuy departed from his two companions, and ultimately found his death.