Valean Republic

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Work in Progress

Valean Republic
Governing Body House Valeo
Population Approx. 63,000,000,000
Capital Wazta
Public Embassy Trindello
Affiliation Avance Coalition

"[The Valean Republic] has a good community; Valeo is very much the middle class blue-collar House. All hard working guys who enjoy a laugh."
Herrick Cardass

The Valean Republic is ...

Government & Politics

House Valeo & The Senate

Law & The Judicial Process

Society & Culture


The Valean Republic has a very diverse cultural makeup due to its location on the edge of Avance Coalition space and the great variety in natural climate and artificial development within the province, but, as with the Avance Coalition as a whole, there are common virtues and core values shared by all Valean Republic citizens. The people of Wazta are known throughout the Avance Coalition for their work hard, play hard attitude and their focus on hospitality and living well above fiscal pursuits; their community spirit and fierce pride is also well respected by those living elsewhere in Avance. Wazta is home to many renowned scholars, researchers, explorers and artists, but, despite its rough-and-tumble reputation and relatively large Mandalorian population, is the least militaristic province of the Avance Coalition.

Music & Arts

Music is of primal importance to the people of Wazta. The first settlers of Ryoone and Koda both carved the glacial hills of their new homes into wind instruments in their own right, and the indigenous peoples of Oko crafted delicate woodwind and pipe instruments from the soft wood of its jungle trees. Though many different genres remain popular throughout the sector, the binding characteristic that defines Waztan music is its mystical quality; its themes are often ethereal, eternal and aesthetically complex. From a purely technical standpoint, many Valean compositions feature minor key tonality, tonal harmonies, and non-standard time signatures. Popular music and easy listening have risen somewhat in popularity in Cuthbern and some of the other more developed areas in Wazta in recent years, though the strong influence of classical Waztan and local folk music is still the predominant focus of contemporary Valean composers.

Education & The Sciences

Flora & Fauna


The Glistal, native to Trindello, is a crystalline flower well suited to the harsh, subzero climate of the planet. Valeo scientist have long studied the Gistal flower and many believe that it is not a natural plant. Although the scientific community is still strongly divided, many of Valeo's greatest minds think that it was engineered by the long dead civilization that once inhabited Fangol system. The reason behind this potential engineering is also hotly contested. The Glistal flower is known throughout Wazta for its eerie nightsong. If one listens closely on a clear night, one can hear the enchanting call of the Glistal as they communicate with one another. It is rumored that hearing the song of the rare plant is a omen of good fortune. Recent scientific research indicates the song may enhance localized thought processes; for this reason House Valeo has put strict regulations on the trade of the Glistal, keeping the location of the only known gardens hidden. The flower is sometimes given to visiting officials and dignitaries in the hope that it will bring them enlightenment and a greater understanding of the Galaxy.

Commerce & Industry

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