Valeriya Eyre

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Valeriya Eyre
Biographical Information
Race Human-like
Homeworld Anzat IV
House Eyre
Mother Ilanya Eyre
Father unknown
Marital Status Widowed
Spouse Esmerelde Du Bois
Partner none
Siblings Nikolaj Eyre, Erica Eyre
Children Afanasii Eyre, Keyon Eyre
Born Y-316 D64
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 182 cm
Weight 71 kg
Coloring pale
Hair Color Silver, Dyed pink
Eye Color Dark green/grey
Political Information
Affiliation The Cooperative
Title Duchess Supreme of Rannon
Rank none
Positions Advisor
Prior Affiliation Kornova Corp
Veilhal Nomads
Vargheim Enterprises
Apex Productions
Byblos Drive Yards
CryoMed Laboratories