Valkyrian Empire

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Valkyrian Empire
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General Information
Motto The first, the last, the eternal
Status Active
Leader Emperor Reius Rothschild
2IC [[]]
Owner Emperor Reius Rothschild
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 93
Dissolved Year 21 Day 93
Political Information
Industry production
Holosite [ Valkyrian Empire]

The empire of old rise and fall. The rise of king and conqueror has always been a constant change in the galaxy. An empire would always crumble under his people or the ego of its leader. In the light or the darkness, death was always coming to any man or woman brave enough to rise to the throne.

Today, light and darkness merge to allow an old empire to raise once again.

The Valkyrian Empire was reformed to be served by the immortal soul roaming between light and dark. An eternal Empire.