Vandal Archibald

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Vandal "Archie" Archibald, I
Biographical Information
Race 50% Human
50% Kuati
Homeworld Coruscant
Father Vandal Alan (deceased)
Mother Kaylynn Lygian
Siblings Vandal Nicole (deceased)
Born Year -06 (CGT) Day 001
Died Year 17 Day 166 (CGT) [1]
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic, Tapani (dialect), Herglese, Binary
Limited: Flames of the Crucible, Oldspeak Basic
Religion Atheist
Quote "True tragedy is when men are afraid of the light."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 1.75 meters
Weight 65 kilograms
Eye Color Dull Grey
Hair Color Dark Brown
Socioeconomic Status
Economic Status Upper Class
Economic Stance Capitalism
Social Status High Society
Social Stance Plutocracy
Political Status Imperial Citizen
Political Stance Political Apathy
Affiliation Gowix Computers (CEO)
"Luxury is simply the orthodox of the wealthy."
— Vandal Archibald, Year 17 Day 061

Vandal Archibald, most commonly referred by his nickname Archie, was a simple profiteer, indulging himself in the luxury the galaxy had to offer yet maintaining efficient and pragmatic business practices. He had gained minute wealth through the businesses of Gowix Computers, a front company for a far more baser, morally ambiguous organization. Within this organization, he had created and utilized cutting edge technology and software engineering to discreetly launder credits from his illicit businesses and his various clients. He also meddles with galactic fashion, diverting some of his attention on efforts in developing his luxury brand, Regalis.

Corporate History

The Vandal Family owned the majority of MerenData, a colossal data security and espionage company, being valued in the billions. Through ownership of sixty percent of the company's stocks as well as a long family tradition of occupying key company positions, the Vandal Family had eventually gained complete control of the company. Ever since Year -29 (CGT), Archie's grandfather, Vandal Darren, securely maintained his position as the Chief Executive Officer of MerenData and accumulated immense wealth.

Vandal Darren, Chief Executive Officer of MerenData and Head of the Vandal Family

Vandal Alan, Archie's father, was the youngest son of Vandal Darren, and thus, was in no position to inherit the family's main estates and business, MerenData. However, he was endowed by Darren a large trust fund of several million credits, and due to his intelligence and canny nature, was given the the lofty position of Director of the Department of Research and Development. Due to his familial position as the last potential heir of MerenData, Alan sought to expand his connections in hopes of creating his own success.

Ultimately, in Year -8 (CGT), Alan went through a marriage of convenience with Kaylynn Lygian, the heiress apparent to the business and estates of the Lygian Family. The Lygian Family had significantly less social and financial standing than the Vandal Family, yet Kaylynn's position as the heiress apparent made her of equal social standing to Alan. The Lygian Family was the sole proprietor of Regalis Engineering, a medium-sized technology company focused on small starships and personal gear for spacers. In three years, on Year -6 (CGT), Archie was born on New Years Day and the Vandal Family drastically changed due to his birth.

Familial Demise

Vandal Archibald, the First, was born into an affluent environment, reared deep within the luxury of the Coruscanti high society. From a young age, Archie was given the opportunity to be indulged with his every desire, yet, unlike most children reared in affluent families, he refused to be pandered to. Any credits or gifts he received from outside his immediate family were immediately invested into various stock portfolios Archie had created. Ever since a young age, Archie knew of the weakness of his father within the Vandal Family and his own resulting weakness. Thus, Archie instead invested himself at a young age in order to overcome his low social status within the family.

Despite the pragmatic and calculating nature Archie had, he never showed this aspect to his mother; he allowed himself to only be pandered by her and, despite despising being over emotional or immature, he forced himself to be the child his mother always wanted him to be: kind, caring, gentle, sociable, and childish. To his father, however, he showed disdain and coldness, as Archie knew that his marriage with his mother had only been out of convenience and of his lustful and faithless nature outside of it.

By the time Archie was six years old, he was the favorite grandchild of his grandfather Darren through the careful deliberation of Archie. Darren gave Archie significantly greater opportunities than he originally had from going to private school, hiring a plethora of the best private tutors and providing the best academic resources for Archie to exploit. Being homeschooled until going to the University of Coruscant for his bachelors degree, Archie gained immense knowledge and intelligence which surpassed the education of most, if not all, youth of his age.

On Year 3 (CGT), Kaylynn gave birth to his sister, Vandal Nicole. She immediately became the secondary priority within Archie's life, and Archie immediately pandered her to all her desires and needs. Throughout Archie's life, he would always be weak to his sister's favors and silently vowed the day she was born that he would do everything in his right to protect her.

Archie continued his life as a studious and academic student under the careful guidance of Darren. When he just became sixteen, he developed into an extremely gifted and precocious young adult that had substantial wealth and had gained significant social standing within the Vandal Family. In order to hide his true wealth, Archie created the false identity of Visogast. Under Visogast's name, Archie had a total of one hundred million credits in stock portfolios, bonds, and liquid assets. One of his most valued assets was the Hightower Hotel, which was a luxurious hotel and restaurant that pandered the upper elite with the finest food, drink and entertainment in the galaxy. To this day, Archie misses the Hightower Hotel of all, and yearns for a day to recreate it. He would later on use the false identity of Visogast to hide his illicit activities as a slicer.

Hightower Hotel - Loft Restaurant

Garnering the jealousy of his father, who knew of Archie's true nature, Alan vented his anger and frustration through physically abusing his mother. His mother hid this from Archie, afraid of shattering the sheltered world she thought Archie lived in. A few months later, however, Alan drove his luxury airspeeder intoxicated with Nicole inside, crashing the luxury airspeeder and killing Nicole in the accident. His father was stabilized and brought to a high-end, luxury hospital to undergo surgery to recover his severe wounds. With this incident, Archie discovered Alan's abusive nature from his mother's mental breakdown from the incident.

He was furious.

Immediately, he spent all one hundred million credits to hire an assassin to kill his father and bribe the Coruscant Security Force from investigating deeply into the matter. Alan's father died of sudden cardiac arrest on the operating table, and his death was ruled to have been due to severe trauma from the accident. Shortly after, all of Alan's assets went to his mother and Kaylynn reverted back to her maiden name. She returned to Kuat (OOC Note: will be changed)) and became the Director of Sales for Regalis Engineering. Later on becoming Chief Executive Officer of Regalis Engineering, she chose to never remarry again and focused solely on work to forget about the excruciating memory of her daughter. Archie would only be able to completely resolve her guilt after many years of constant therapy and consoling.

Kaylynn Lygian, one of the most important persons in Archie's life

After these events, Archie immediately estranged himself from the Vandal Family and declared financial independence, moving into a small studio. This disheartened Darren; he was torn by Alan's death and now, by Archie's leave. He responded with anger, removing Archie from the family registry and forbidding any communication or assistance to him. But at this point, Archie had already lost the desire to be involved with the Vandal Family and now, he desired to support the Lygian Family and Regalis Engineering to greater heights. With this goal in mind, Archie immediately enrolled at the University of Coruscant in order to broaden his connections and his knowledge of science.

The University of Coruscant

Archie seamlessly transitioned from his private life to his time at the University of Coruscant. Before coming to the University of Coruscant, his academics were flawless, his knowledge unparalleled by most. His personal wealth and backing from the Lygian Family made him one of the most elite students there. His physique was slim, yet his muscles were tempered through years of endurance training and strength conditioning, and his looks were handsome to begin with. And most importantly, he had a genuinely kind and affable personality, as they perceived, simply made him into what society perceived as perfect: he was rich, intelligent, extremely handsome, and good. From the first day, Archie exuded a confident, upright, and highly intellectual vibe which instantly attracted the attention from his peers and professors, raising him to instant popularity.

Yet this was far from the truth. His confident, upright and genuine personality was a facade, its art being mastered from his manipulation of the Vandal Family and his meddling in business. And furthermore, Archie had already mastered the art of manipulating others for his own benefit, so he quickly expanded his network within the University. Undesirable portions of the equation of his design were immediately severed; their families were killed, their careers shattered, their lives ruined, and some were outright killed. Of course, Archie's hands were never stained, and instead, he relied on the secret hands of the Lygian Family to accomplish it.

His time at the University of Coruscant was barely noteworthy. He had a perfect grade-point average, he had numerous fervent followers, and he created one of the most sophisticated and efficient data mining protocols for his senior thesis. He spent the minimalistic amount of time at the University of Coruscant, and instead, focused on addressing the issues with the Lygian Family.

The Lygian Family, although financially weaker than the Vandal Family and possessing less social power due to a lack of political influence, was highly regarded on Kuat for being the finest crafters the galaxy has seen. If they were able to part from their Kuati pride and honor, they would most likely be one of the leading companies in the galaxy. Upholding fair business practices and honesty, the Lygian Family never once stepped into the shadows which engulf the current economy. And for this reason, the Lygian Family's power was severely lacking. Yet with Archie's arrival to the Lygian Family, this slowly changed as he created a new faction. A faction that lusted for power and wealth. Spearheaded in the shadows by Archie, his mother, Kaylynn, unknowingly served as the public advocate. Due to her status as the heiress apparent, this would eventually become a reality but Archie could simply not wait that long.

Instead, Archie first created the secret hands of this faction; a group of twelve avant garde followers of this faction with undying loyalty to Archie. Originally, these twelve followers were bastards and exiles of the Lygian Family, who were exiled due to illegal actions taken to expand the Lygian Family's influence and wealth or were the byproduct of adulterous relationships, who were detested due to the honor which the Lygian Family held. None of them were particularly notable except for one, who served as the leader of this group and sought to expand the group's shadow on the Lygian Family as well as the group itself. This group followed the whims of Archie, who aimed to strip the wealth and power of the opponents of his mother and expand the Lygian Family to glory.

As the battle between the light and darkness occurred in the Lygian Family,

Goal to start new company -> Work as a slicer

Acquisition of Gowix Computers

Gowix Computers was headquartered on Corellia for much of its history, until it was acquired as a subsidiary of Tagge Company in the years before the Clone Wars. Upon the creation of the new Galactic Empire of today, Tagge Company was long-lost in the massive galaxy-wide conglomeration of industries and Gowix Computers became defunct. Its public stock offerings were dissolved while all its assets were merged into gigantic industrial complexes of the Galactic Empire. The name, Gowix Computers, persisted to exist on paper, falling into the ownership of one of the heirs to the company, who held onto the meager assets that were leftover. This small corporation was made known to Archie through his associates at the end of his time at the University of Coruscant, and after his graduation in Year 17, he acquired ownership of the name of Gowix Computers while purchasing the former datacards of Gowix Computers from the government.

Soon after acquiring Gowix Computers, Archie quickly relocated the core manufacturing and administrative components into a secluded deepspace location in the Outer Rim. Hiring bright, upstart geniuses of the new generation to fill the ranks of the lost company, Archie officially opened sales on the 30th day of Year 17 by first selling off the unused assets of Gowix Computers, including a large number of personnel. From there on, Gowix Computers mainly stalled in terms of sales and profit, as most of the efforts within the company were structured towards building up the necessary infrastructure needed for large scale production. As the costs and losses grew, Gowix Computers were entering troubling financial times and were forced to enter more illegitimate means of profit through slicing and corporate espionage. However, both of these activities brought upon scrutiny and heightened awareness of these unspoken, illicit activities of Gowix Computers, further complicating the legal sales of the company and causing an even larger deficit.

Archie quickly refocused the efforts of the company into creating a high-end data-mining and infiltration program. The result, after weeks of constant research and development, was The Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper was formally called the “Stropheus Protocol" and was originally developed by Archie in his time at the University of Coruscant as a side-project during his graduate studies. An efficient, yet extremely effective data-mining protocol which subtly hijacked the security protocols in place by integrating the “Stropheus Protocol" program as a core part of the infected system’s security. Any information processed by the security protocols would also be handled by the “Stropheus Protocol", which would replicate the data, encrypt it, compress it, and then, store the processed data within the “Stropheus Protocol". With a simple execution of three lines of code, the “Stropheus Protocol" would encrypt itself within the deleted files of the system and the loss of the “Stropheus Protocol" would cause the security protocols to fail, allowing unrestricted access to be exploited by other opportunistic hackers to flood the system. As soon as a system administrator attempted to reset the system, the “Stropheus Protocol" would detach itself from the server and trail any outgoing communications. As the reset would clear the logs of any outgoing communication, the “Stropheus Protocol" would ultimately be left undetected.

Archie testing The Gatekeeper on an isolated network

The purpose of the “Stropheus Protocol" was simple: collect information and relay it through. However, Archie required a more sophisticated program which would allow him to implant data and even manipulate it. This required a significantly more intelligent artificial intelligence, while maintaining the compressed aspect of the “Stropheus Protocol" to avoid detection. This culminated into The Gatekeeper, which allowed the user to not only collect information and relay it through, but also modify it and relay its own information. This allowed Archie to easily manipulate corporations to act as launderers for the "dirty" credits Gowix Computers was accumulating and significantly reduce the need for corporate espionage and slicing. Later on, Archie would extend this laundering service to his growing base of trusted clientele, allowing Gowix Computers to equilibrate in terms of finances and gain a small profit of a few million credits each month.

Fortuitous Acquisition

As Gowix Computers was slowly devolving into a front company for an illegitimate financial organization, on Year 17 Day 61, Archie had the fortuitous acquisition of Solonar Rangers' assets through one of his clients, Baldwin Tyrus. Tyrus was the second-in-command of ZolCorp, a small, upcoming production company focused on station construction and deepspace exploration. Trusting his position and reputation, Archie completed a few deals with Tyrus and eventually, Tyrus took a substantial loan from Archie, giving Archie ownership of his personal BFF-1 Bulk Freighter as collateral and assignment of his assets as proof of trust.

A few days later, ZolCorp went through a takeover by one of Solonar Rangers' high command members, Exanthium Kerensky and current leader of the Solonar Rangers' Krogoth YrTang invested the assets of Solonar Rangers into the newly gained ZolCorp. In response to being left out of the loop of the corporate takeover yet maintaining his position within the company, Tyrus forcefully seized all the invested assets and attempted to escape on his BFF-1 Bulk Freighter. Supposedly, in order to repossess the lost assets, YrTang offered Tyrus an Ardent-class Fast Frigate and his position as 2nd-in-Command in return for stolen assets. Tyrus assumed 2nd-in-Command once again and received his Ardent-class Fast Frigate. After buying YrTang's Centerpoint Market listing, he was bound by contract to fulfill his obligation with YrTang and obliged to the contract by sending all the assets he had stolen back to ZolCorp. A few moments after this, Tyrus forcefully seized all the invested assets a second time, along with the million-odd credits that Kerensky had invested into the faction. Leaving behind 1 single credit, Tyrus was quickly forced out of the company once again and continued his escape. Archie eventually heard about this through YrTang's public bounty on Tyrus's head and gave YrTang the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter Tyrus was on in exchange for two Ardent-class Fast Frigates. Tyrus soon claimed his own life, leaving Archie to inherit the invested assets, estimated to be around 1,500,000,000 credits in current market value.

This fortuitous acquisition allowed Gowix Computers to return back to legitimacy, launching a large expansion of the manufacturing capacity of Gowix Computers. However, complaints, accusations and conspiracy theories from the Solonar Rangers and its investors were lodged at Gowix Computers, attempting to smear their reputation in public through the Holoforums. This ultimately lead to to the quick sale of the assets to Black Sun in exchange for an undisclosed sum, angering the Solonar Rangers to a greater degree, albeit leading to Gowix Computers and Archie to quickly fall from their supposed infamy and away from the public eye into the shadows.

Sudden Opportunity

"Man is fallible, but perhaps men are less so."
— Vandal Archibald, Year 17 Day 80

Archie at a corporate meeting with Board of Directors, discussing whether or not to go public

Gowix Computers rapidly expanded its staff, adding on countless personnel and investing in the public image of Gowix Computers through the creation of an exclusive, luxury brand, Regalis, for its employees. Discussions about going public with Gowix Computers with the executives led to the unanimous decision to start the necessary preparations for establishing the necessary finances, securing a steady and growing profit margin, and gathering investors. At this point in time, Archie had gathered countless individuals loyal to Gowix Computers but his recruitment efforts now were forced to be slowed due to the lack of proper infrastructure to support them.

Feeling stagnation within the company, he briefly reached out to Rennek Cor and his company, Cor Research And Development Concepts or CRDC, in prospects of collaboration. After weeks of deliberation, they finally decided to lead an umbrella corporation titled VandaCor, with Mr. Cor leading CRDC and Archie creating a new company called Vand`a BioChemical Engineering or VBCE. He managed to receive the promise of investment from his friend, Alexander von Ismay, who later passed down this promise to his wife, Kathlen Stewart. Ultimately, however, Archie was kicked out of VandaCor and all investments for VBCE were pulled by Kathlen Stewart under false accusations. Furthermore, he was scammed by one of VandaCor's core members, Rayus Kestyn for assets worth 450,000,000 credits, leaving Archie in a crippling economic situation. Personally hurt by the betrayal and falsehoods, Archie returned to Gowix Computers defeated and on the verge of filing bankruptcy for the company.

On the brink of suicide after losing most of Gowix Computers' net-worth that was built over months of the collective hard-work and dedication of his employees, Archie was suddenly contracted by his estranged paternal grandfather, Vandal Darren, now seventy six years old. Learning of Archie's existence due to his alleged involvement with the ZolCorp affair, Darren immediately desired to restore relations with Archie. Now seventy six years old and disapproving of the current heir, Vandal Oliver, Darren hoped to make Archie his successor as Head of the failing Vandal Family and Chief Executive Officer of MerenData.


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