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Ground Vehicles

Ground vehicles can take on a variety of forms, from walkers, to tracked, to wheeled, and hovercraft. Due to their sturdier frames they are often better armored and armed than Speeders and as such are seen frequently in the armies of the Galactic Empire, New Republic, Black Sun, Trade Federation and other government entities. They can be used for combat, transport, prospecting, recon and other functions.


Speeders by far are the most common vehicles in the galaxy in the modern era. They can be seen from the deserts of Tatooine,to the glaciers of Hoth, to the clouds of Bespin, and to the skyscapes of Coruscant. There are speeders that can serve in almost any capacity from prospecting, troop transport, combat, recon, and civilian transport. Any vehicle corporation worth its salt will produce at least one type of Speeder and probably more than one.


Barges are often seen as luxury items by most of the galaxy. They are generally designed to transport people or cargo over a variety of terrains. There is a Hutt expression though that roughly translates to "A Hutt without a sail barge is like a smoke moth without wings." Hutt's due to their large frames seem to favor these vehicles over the more traditional ground vehicles or more modern speeders.

Boats and Submarines

This category of vehicles includes those designed to operate both on the surface and underwater. They are most prevalent upon water worlds and see little use outside of worlds with predominate oceans. These vehicles require naval shipyards with access to water to be constructed. Aratech and Akheton Vehicle Corporation are the primary builders of such craft though Uukaablis Trans-Systems also builds some water designs. The Galactic Empire and the New Republic also license corporations to build water craft for them.