Vexander Graves

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Vexander Graves
Vexander Battle ready.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Kimberly Graves nee Smith
Father Nihl Graves (Adoptive) Krucek Aruu (Biological)
Siblings Keibak Aruu
Born Year -12 Day 235
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82m
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Prior Affiliation The Jedi Order / Galactic Alliance / New Republic / Falleen Federation / Antarian Rangers / Aratech / Freedom Warriors / Potentium Order

Vexander Graves is currently an Naval Officer serving the Galactic Empire and enforcing it's ideals after watching past the deception of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance

Being previously known as a Jedi Master of the Order, Former Member of the Council and that helped in the creation and development of a few Force Groups within and outside the Galactic Alliance; the brown bearded man grew tired of the constant inactivity and lack of real action within the Alliance and their members, their minimum communication and adherence to an old religion that secluded themselves in a selfish manner in their own worlds.

Known by his almost constant smile and cheerful demeanor, the man in his mid-twenties is now a supporter of the Empire after actually falling to the Darkside of the Force. Despite his previous views and ideals, the man now clearly considers himself to be a Dark Jedi and continues with his own quest to unveil the mysteries of the Force while working to bring stability and order to the galaxy by all means necessary and under the Empire's banner.


Born in Year -12 as Vexander Aruu, the son of the Dark Lord Krucek Aruu and Kimberly Smith in Corellia; Vex was raised only by his mother and his adoptive father since Year -10 who changed his name to Vexander Graves to cover his birth name and legacy due to the absence and disapperance of his natural father.

Throughout his time in Corellia, his adoptive father: Nihl Graves, taught the young man the values that he hold dear deep in his heart and the skills as a starfighter pilot that marked his life to the point where he wanted to join the Corellian University and the prestiged School of Starship Engineering. However, his priorities changed when the unexpected happened.

In the Year 6, Nihl Graves was labeled as MIA by the Galactic Empire under suspicious reports and explanations provided to the family, resulting in great grief and curiosity for the young adult. Although it was not normal for the Empire to disclouse complete information, during a conversation between two Naval Officers near the University, Vexander managed to hear a few comments about a group of "Rebel Terriorists" smuggling goods to Corellia to support an underground resistance against the Empire resulting in the execution of the subjects capture; although nothing was said about Vex's recent lost, the conversation as a whole and certain details made the young man believe that Nihl was among the executed.

Vexander's suspicious was confirmed when he saw Imperial stormtroopers storming to his home while his mother was running away trying to escape their grasp. Knowing that they had little choice, Vexander met his mom and both boarded a shuttle off planet while he vowed to find the truth and to grow stronger to prevent such executions from happening to any other boy in Corellia.

The New Republic

It was just a few days later when Vexander managed to enroll in the New Republic's Starfighter Command, hoping to put in good use what his father taught him for the sake of others and to overthrow the Galactic Empire.

During his time in the New Republic Starfighter Command, the young man received orders from the then Republic Officer Elubei Mont`arne who assigned the pilot to take command of one of the Xwing squadrons and began his duties patrolling space and looking for uncharted planets and hidden Imperial bases.

For the next few months, Vex's skills allowed him to climb up a couple of ranks and began to serve as a Lieutenant in the Starfighter Command, however, around that time; former Jedi Master Uzziah Akim arrived to the Endeavour Battlegroup HQ to test Officers and to find out traces of Force Sensitivity among them; and as expected, the young Vexander arrived to the Flagship where he met his new destiny.

Little did he know that such test would change his life, the test showed that the Force ran strong in his veins and within every cell in his body making him a viable candidate for Jedi Training. Knowing that this would change his pilot career, Vexander decided to take a few days to think in his options and to discuss what could be done.

The counsel and words from his Commanding Officer pointed to the direction where Vex felt he had to go, punching a few commands in his ship, the young man decided to take a trip to Dagobah, where his Jedi Training was about to start, and where he would become a better sentient so that he could uphold the values and morals that the Jedi Academy and the New Republic have.

Padawan Learner

Vexander Graves' first Dual-Phase Lightsaber
Padawan Graves in his SFC Dress Uniform

Under the tutelage of Jedi Master Owyn Darklighter, Vexander began to train as a Padawan in the Jedi Academy, while he still kept his rank and citizenship in the New Republic. Knowing that in those days Jedi were not common, and hunted across the Galaxy, he decided that he should keep his status and training hidden.

During that time, Vexander assisted briefly in several construction efforts lead by the Jedi Master and then Leader of Juganoth Mining Corporation. He learned the basics in construction, development, people management and the ways of the Force. With such knowledge, he began to assist in the development of the Order in an active manner allowing him to receive praise from his Master and recognition among the members of the Council.

In time, the young Padawan Learner managed to get his first Lightsaber which he modified following ancient holocrons. The final result was a Dual-Phase Lightsaber capable of changing the size of the blade and it's color based on the focusing crystal. Such tool used by the Jedi as weapon and even as a "badge", a beacon of light for those who brought injustice in the Galaxy.

After several months training in the Force. The Jedi were called to investigate a cry for help sent by Vel Koon, former Jedi Master that turned to the darkside. A strike team was sent to investigate although the Council had reservations and was hesitant to act upon the call of what could be a trap.

Vexander, who was sent along with a few Knights and Padawans, found himself following a dark figure to unknown places where a dark figure attacked without mercy devastating everything. After many days following the traces left by that figure, the Jedi realized that the call was indeed a trap just as the Council feared... and they were taken away from the Jedi Academy.

Upon their return to Dagobah, the New Republic were engaged with a fleet of freighters sending landing troops at the Academy. The Jedi Task Force began to plan a way to stop the attack and decided to board the Capital Ship. A squadron of Awings was tasked to open a path to the docking bay while only three Jedi were dispatched to board and to stop the Commanding Officer attacking the Jedi.

The task force consisting in Jedi Knight Edyn Solers, Padawan Ghon Webb and Vexander, managed to succeed in the boarding and eventually reached the bridge of the ship where they met the dark figure: Darth Trommos.

A lightsaber battle began, the dark entity managed to outpower the three Jedi even damaging Vex's leg. Nevertheless, through the battle, the team determined that the dark figure was in fact the dark conciousness of Vel Koon controlling his actions, while his lighter part was sealed away in his own mind. Knowing that there was little to be done in physical battle, the team began a telephatic battle inside the mind of the former Master. Eventually, with their joint efforts and with the help of Vel's real-self, the team defetead Darth Trommos, vanishing him from Vel's body leaving great damage behind, but at least he was now free of it's corruption.

Seeing the courage he showed and the improvement in his skills, Owyn suggested that he was ready to face the Jedi Trials, which the Council agreed. After using all he knew and what he learned from Master Darklighter. Vexander managed to overcome the three trials allowing him to get the Title of Jedi Knight and joining the ranks of the Jedi as an agent of the Lightside.

New Republic Jedi

In the following months, the corellian found a constant increase in his duties as a Jedi. The Jedi Council of that time quickly assigned a new Padawan Learner under Vexander's supervision, it was at then when Vex met Biowa Gatecross, the first of the Knight's apprentices that allowed the young man to teach what he knew and gain experience in return.

Early Knight days

Althought the Jedi Knight always kept close contact with his superiors in the New Republic, he found himself breaking apart due to constant tensions between the New Republic and the Jedi Order mostly due to the previous involvement of Uzziah Akim with the Black Sun and his involvement within the New Republic Coup and former Chief Of State and Jedi Knight Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar's revelation as a Black Sun Officer.

In order to increase relationships and forge strong bonds, the Jedi Council along the Center of Republic Intelligence CRI guided by Director Husqr Dara proceeded to launch an operation in order to capture the Black Sun Shadow Vigo Michael Turner. It was then when Vexander Graves and his apprentice at the time: Keegers Shyia were sent to meet the New Republic agent Andre Archer who would lure Michael to a place where the Jedi could arrest him.

Although highly controversial, the capture of the accussed Shadow Vigo opened the doors for the New Republic and the Jedi Order further and allowed the two organizations to regain the previous relationship they had before. In the following year, several discussions and collaborations were carried out in which Vexander was always involved as an unofficial liason but strong supporter of both liason, the Order and the New Republic.