Vhur-daer Khalazzar

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Vhur-daer Khalazzar
Vhur 190x290.png
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
House House Saracco
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Born Year -9 Day 114
Languages Galactic Basic; Nautila
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Coloring Scarlet Red
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Arkanian Engineers; Galactic Alliance
Title Ser
Rank Companion of the Royal Arkanian Order
Positions [M-3] Deputy Director, Department of Defence
Prior Affiliation None

Vhur-daer is a dark red skinned male Nautolan from Glee Anselm, 6'3" tall and a very confident posture, a common size for his kind. His large mysterious black maroon eyes gives him a serious and not friendly look that could freeze in fear even the most frightful creatures. But his most noticeable feature is his strong and athletic build, his body is well toned, honed by many years of physical training which could only have been maintained by one of strong will. Due to his regimental behavior it can be presumed he comes from a military background.

Equipped with a black customized corellian battle armor, he can perform all sorts of movements and fast attacks without losing protection. On his head, instead of wearing a corellian helmet fitting the armor, he wears a black hood and a cape attached to this armor, giving him a more sinister look.


The Beginning

Born on planet Glee Anselm on year -9, Vhur-daer spent his first years learning with his parents the ways and traditions of the Nautolan. His father was a great Captain who served the army and fought off the Anselmi to gain power and territory in the planet. His mother was a very gentle being who dedicated her life to care the family.

On year 1, when he was 10, his planet suffered an attack by the Empire in their early rise of the New Order, killing his father in combat and slaving all the survivors, including his mother whom he never returned to see. He was too young when this happened and the trauma helped him forget, leaving only blurry faces on his memories.

Glee Anselm 2.png
Imperial Forces imprisoning the survivors of planet Glee Anselm

After the attack, he was taken alongside other captives to the cold planet Kail to work in the mines. Many have died in the hard work or in the difficult adaptation of the environment, but all those conditions just endured him and a deep hate bloomed in Vhur's heart.

On year 9, at age 18, he was taken to the royal academy to train and serve under the Empire. During the later 4 years of rough practices and heavy discrimination for his natural race he became very skilled in piloting several kinds of Starfighters but overall, he became an excellent elite soldier serving the army. He fulfilled that role for almost 2 years while the Empire ruled and spread terror throughout the galaxy, increasing their influence and power.

During a regular transportation assignment, the vessel Vhur was in suddenly got attacked by the Rebel Alliance with the intention to free some of the political prisoners and reduce the imperial forces. He took this opportunity to become free from the Empire, flying off to the wide space in one of the many TIE/IN Interceptors docked.

Attack of the rebels on Imperial ship

On the day 236, year 15, Vhur-daer was forced to land on planet Arbra in Bon`nyuw-Luq sector after having problems with his damaged fighter. Surviving a rough landing into the jungle, luckily with minimal injuries, but he found the ship in a state beyond repairing.

Before the fall he manged to see in the distance traces of civilization and moved that way, reaching the limits of the city after hours of walking. His arrival in the planet wasn't accidental, before leaving Vhur intercepted a message from the Alliance pin pointing the position of Nat Dues, the leader of the Arkanian Brotherhood, a name he heard many times before. This was an opportunity to work for the Empire's enemy, since the Brotherhood was a member of the Galactic Alliance, and get his revenge against the hateful Emperor. He decided to pay a visit to the organization HQ located in the area.

Once inside, he noticed a recruitment poster on the wall to join the ministry of defense and he found that quite convenient, a soldier as himself would fit well and decided to apply. After a few days he was accepted and was put to a test of knowledge and skills to become a member.

Thanks to his great combat expertise and his previous experience he was graduated and joined as a Cadet.

The Brotherhood


Personal Fleet

After joining Arkanian, Vhur-daer invested some of his time to acquire a whole kind of different ships to increase his squadron. A few Dropships, Sprint-classes, Pods and others are part of that fleet, but some are special and he holds a dearly affection for.

'Cap'n Destiny'
- Together we stand, divided we fall...
- In Gold we trust.
- You can't catch what you can't see!
- I'm still the Captain of my own destiny.
Transparent space between lines.png
- Fire in the hole!
- Welcome to Oblivion!
- Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.
Demon Spark.png
Moon Dust.png