Vi Kairo

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Vi Kairo
Biographical Information
Race Anzati Cyborg
Homeworld Manda
Clan Ora'jair
Father Gota Kairo
Marital Status Single
Children Gotala Kairo - Dar'manda
Born 640 BCGT
Languages Native

Galactic Basic


Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.94m
Hair Color Graying Black
Eye Color One Brown

One Red Photoreceptor

Political Information
Affiliation Mando'ade
Title Akaan'alor
Rank Ori'ramikad
Positions Formerly


Prior Affiliation Gree Trade Authority

Black Sun

Vi Kairo (Pronounced 'Vee KYE-Roh') is a Mandalorian mercenary, former Pirate, and member of Mando'ade.

Kairo is a veteran mercenary, participating in countless conflicts over his centuries of life, including the Clone Wars and the more recent Mandalorian Civil War. He pledged his rifle to close friend Kai Oryk in Year 11 CGT, shortly before Oryk claimed the mantle of Mand'alor.

He has briefly taken command of the mercenary forces of Mando'ade, serving as Al'Ori'Ramikade in Kai's absence, and later acted as steward of sorts until the return of Anto Bajur, to whom Vi relinquished leadership with gusto. Despite his aversion to responsibility, Vi has served as second-in-command to both Oryk and Bajur at times, with far more success than his forays into leadership.


Early Years