Victoria Weltmon Morbus

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Victoria Weltmon Morbus
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Clan Morbus
Mother Saffron
Father Unknown Anzati
Partner None
Siblings Xyre Weltmon
Children None
Born Day ## Year -650
Languages Basic, Anzat, Binary
Quote Never ask someone to do what you would not first do yourself.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'12"
Weight 123lbs
Coloring White
Hair Color Varies
Eye Color Varies
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun Shobquix Industries
Title Engineer
Rank O-1
Positions None
Prior Affiliation Herself

Victoria was born well over six hundred years age at the current galactic year, raised on Anzat until her 89th birthday she left her home world early as an act of youthful rebellion against those that wished to guide her life. Over the next fifty years she found passage from cantina to cantina on the outer rim. A trail of drained victims left behind her until she was finally caught and arrested, spending a life sentence of 30 years on a remote penal colony. Mid way through the 24th year a riot broke out and with a group of prisoners she fled the colony aboard a military transport, the band formed a pirate group and for the next five years spent their days raiding shipping routes between the outer rim and the core worlds.

Upon her 168th birthday she realized that while the crew had became family they were all out for themselves. That paranoia lasting throughout the final months aboard the ship before she slowly began killing them one by one. Leaving the ship to drift in space as she slowly went feral, her thoughts eating her up from the inside and her hunger causing violent outbursts. After seven years alone every bit of personality that was once "Victoria" had been stripped away leaving something savage... feral, unnatural. On this seventh year the ship was found adrift by a republic patrol, the crew was viciously slaughtered and drained of all their essence as Victoria used the republic patrol ship to escape. Fleeing to the last place the ship had came from, the capital of Coruscant.

On the planet she lived in the underworld for hundreds of years, first as a murderer, a thing of savage brutality killing only to survive. Then as a creature of habit, killing because it was what she had always known. And finally as a creature of gluttony as she indulged her need to kill, taking her time with her prey making them suffer slowly before deaths sweet embrace found them. It was not until about ninety years before the formation of the galactic empire that she finally stopped being a creature and became a person, thanks to the help and careful guidance of a criminal underlord. A woman of power and many vices who desired much, including the powers of an Anzati along with the fear they brought.

Victoria realized this, probably too soon this certain crime lord would say as she massacred everyone there and fled once more to the remote regions of the outer rim, finally having a chance to begin anew she settled down, peacefully working as a factory manager until the beginning of the clone wars. A day that is forever burned in Victoria's very very messed up head, vulture droids bombing the city all around the factory as the confederate army marched through killing everyone who did not immediately surrender. Victoria being Victoria ran.. she ran as far as she could run, until a squad of battle droids opened fire on her.

Laying in the dirt bleeding out slowly Victoria closed her eyes happy that it was all finally over, only to once more open her eyes, only this time it was to the bright sky of Hapes Prime in the Hapan Cluster, rescued by a mining freighter she had been brought to Hapes for medical treatment and later settled on the planet living there happily, minus a few missing locals that was left up to slavers or beast attacks. It wasn't until near the start of year 0 that she finally found a home on Hapes as she met the Weltmons and their nine year old daughter, quickly becoming a close friend of the family with more than a few troubles to unload she practically became a second daughter to the couple and was officially adopted into the family a year later. Living happily together until she fled randomly in the middle of the night 6 years later.

Victoria Weltmon Morbus reappeared mid way through year 16, joining her younger sister within the collective of Black Sun.