Victricia Gratta

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Victricia Gratta
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Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Kimberly Gratta
Father Corey Gratta
Born Year -19, Day 89 (Age: 34)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information

Victricia Lee Gratta (born Year -19, Day 89) is a female Kiffar from Kiffex.


Growing Up

Victricia Gratta was born on the Kiffar homeworld of Kiffex to Kimberly and Corey Gratta. She had a normal Kiffar childhood and was born to a happy household. Her parents were of strong morals and ethics which influenced the young developing Victricia. Growing up on Kiffex had many perks, one of which being the immense wilderness surrounding the village the Gratta family inhabited. Victricia showed no fear of getting dirty and doing more masculine tasks from an early age, due to this she really clung to her father and looked to him as a model more so than her mother. Tagging along on hunting expeditions and scouting missions inspired great awe and appreciation for all the wildlife found out in the back country, only strengthened by her parent's morals and beliefs in humility before all living things. There was, and is, an adventurous edge to Victricia to the extent that she was told that it would kill her in the long run. She does not even attempt to hold back her energy and spark for life as she's always looking for the new horizon to explore.

By her teens Victricia was well on her way to becoming one of the village's most successful hunters, showing great prowess in combat. Being the only child, she was already the pride of her parents and would likely never get shunned no matter what she decided to do. One such incident highlighted Victricia's ability, becoming her own bragging story for years to come. One autumn day when she was in the forest stalking a prey with a group of three men, the sixteen year old became lost from the hunters. Trained not to panic, she continued to search for her prey. Eventually she found it and shot it dead with one far-flung arrow that hit it in the neck. Merely five minutes later the hunters found the teenage girl standing over the corpse, dominant and victorious. This bloated her ego a bit and gave her some pride, she was not a girl to be trifled with. Around this time,the Old Republic was falling under the weight of it's own corruption. Kiffex was not a planet that was out-of-the-way and completely isolated from galactic happenings. She took a liking to galactic history and the history surrounding the thousand year old Republic. Reading the history of a galactic republic exposed the young Kiffar to starships and space stations. She quickly became fascinated with the flying metal objects.

Living Life

"I'm just livin' life!" was the motto for Victricia when she was trying to figure out who exactly she was all throughout during the awkward stages of life. It was Year 1 and Victricia was twenty years old. The galaxy was changing and she kept up with the latest news with great enthusiasm. Secretly, and most likely subconsciously at this point in time, she wished to leave Kiffex and go find her own way. Go to the exotic, outlandish planets she heard about in the news. Meet a non-human species. Something that would forever resonate with her, she wished to just live her life. However, she knew very well that her parents wished for their only daughter to stay at home in the village, find a nice guy and settle down with him to raise children. This, as well as many of her parent's plans, were completely out the window. She wanted, no lusted, to go up into the big blue sky and explore. It was the ultimate frontier that many Kiffar never had the pleasure of seeing. Victricia eventually spoke to her parents on the issue of her not wanting to be stuck on Kiffex until time immortal. Her parents were shocked, but they took the news well - an unexpected reaction. Victricia was ready for them to kick her out and disown her. Her father was expecially proud of her, they've always had a rather special connection. He spoke to his only daughter - We'll always love you, and we know that you must do this. Just remember your mother and I here, don't forget what we taught you. - The teary eyed woman nodded slowly and began to pack her things then she was off to the starport.

She wasn't aware as to what planet she was going to, only hearing that the shuttle was core-bound. Little did she know that some hours later she would be entering the space of the galactic megalopolis, and the Galactic Empire's capital of Coruscant. The planet was massive, and about as opposite of Kiffex as one could get. The entire surface of the planet was a city and being as how Victricia was from a small village, there would have to be some changes made to her own mental and social tendencies. But she did so with a smile on her face, after all she was living life. Coruscant was filled of opportunities, some seedier than others. Victricia didn't come all this way to end up a stripper or cheap prostitute. She saw things for herself, and as such held high-goals and was very ambitious as to where she was going to go. Finally, after some days of being in customs, she was finally set up in an apartment and was given a starter job. She was am assistant to a business man. Wasn't the best, wasn't the worse. A few months pasted and she grew a respectable grouping of friends, she was very popular where she worked and didn't know that even she had that great of social skills. It was quite the pleasant surprise.

Soon enough it was Year 7, Victricia had become twenty-six years of age and was just going through the motions of her new life on Coruscant. One day out of the blue she woke up and felt dissatisfied. She did not come all the way from Kiffex to just settle with a desk job on Coruscant, but she was very impressed with how long she actually lasted. The city-planet was filled with distractions and many people, this is what most likely held off this wave of emotions for so long. She lusted to become a warrior again, to wield a weapon for a cause. A good cause. She signed up with a local mercenary group in her part of Coruscant who specialised in tracking down low-profile targets with bounties on their head. It wasn't the most glamorous, but it was better than not acting on your dreams. Victricia remembers very well when she first killed a man with a bounty, it was exciting especially with all the hustle and bustle of the city around her as she stalked her prey. In many ways it wasn't any different than her hunting done back home. It gave her a new outlook on what she was doing with herself, a positive outlook.

Drastic Changes

Things were going well for the mercenary outfit on Coruscant, Victricia was one of the most successful of the bunch. However one day that all changed. It started out as a normal job, her and her crew were hired by a contractor to hunt for a man that was holed up in one of his warehouses in the undercity. The job wasn't that much out of the ordinary and Victricia took it with strides and confidence. When only five minutes into the job, as this was the last thing she could remember, Gratta was involved in a premature explosion meant to break open the doors of the area the criminal was holed up in. It caused extreme damage to the upper body, mostly her face, chest, and left shoulder and arm. Her memory fails after the exact second the bomb was detonated. When the paramedics arrived she was pronounced legally dead and was promptly hauled off. She was soon found by the very same contractor that hired her for the job who then proceeded to force revive her through very unorthodox means, involuntarily forcing the woman to under go heavily drastic amounts of surgery.

Several months went by before Victricia awoken from her coma, realizing that she was not dead and that she was not the same before this horrific accident. She was also in large debt to the contractor for saving her life and 'improving' her. She never talks about the specific amount, but common sense tells that is must have been in the hundreds of millions. Immediately putting herself back to work after a short recovery, Victricia began on working the debt down by taking on a few high-profile targets. By her logic, a few people captured and in no-time she'd have the debt all payed. She was wrong. It took her from Year 7 to Year 15 to pay it off. Eight long, grueling, hard-working years. She was no longer the same woman that would be recognized before. Her own parents likely wouldn't even recognize her. That hit a heart string deep within her.

New Life

Wanderlust settled into the now well-established thirty-four year old. Kiffar, as a collective race, were typically known to be very adventurous and it takes a lot to get them to settle down somewhere. This time however this wanderlust could not be tided by simply moving jobs again on Coruscant. No, she wished to leave the planet entirely. All of her friends. Only some of her possessions would come with her, whatever could be packed into her small shuttle. Victricia was a strong willed, independent woman who didn't take anything from anyone who also coincidentally knew how to use a firearm proficiently. She was quite sure she'd be able to do well on her own. Packing her belongings into a ship in the early days of Year 15, she was soon off into the stars. But first, she'd have to wait for Coruscant traffic control to green-light her, something that she didn't expect to take a full day. The amount of ships pouring in and out of the system hourly is mind blowing.

Private Fleet


Trade Federation

E-1.png Cadet
E-2.png Crewman