Viperia Narmle

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Viperia Narmle
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Takara Narmle (Missing)
Father None
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -20
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5,8
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Rank Petty Officer
Awards TSKuniversity.pngTSK- Navy.png

"Those who fail to learn will repeat their mistakes"
— Tekara

In The Beginning

In the year -20 a young Twilek by the name of Tekara Narmle was venturing through the abandoned corridor of Theed. Green skinned and with a tan robe she was on a mission. For passed the salvagers on her path and those forgotten in stricken poverty. There was the great ruins the Library of Narmle. A link to her passed and present it was here her adopted Nabooian farther had taught her long ago before the emptying of the district.

But on this day her mission by fate was personal but at the same time very important. For employed as an Archivist she was to find the lost scrolls on the history of Theed. When she arrived behold before her huge arches bowed to her at the side entrance. Upon their high and connecting to their spires. They reached high into the sky. Everywhere she looked there were holes and loose rumble. For these ruins even though standing still broke and moved in a wind that howled.

Abandoned Corridor

As she entered and followed the arch ways into the center hall. She looked upon the rows of holo records she passed by. With her robe flowing with the gusts that came into the broken structure. She happened to glance through the front gates of the lobby where strangely at the destroyed steps leading up on high. There was a white figure robed much as herself but in the royal fashion. In her eyes Tekera saw the robed one slowly kneel down. Focusing even more and seeing its hands reach the ground. What seemed like a blue wrapped package was place in the rumble.

Curious and seeing it as strange Tekera decided to be brave. Yelling, "Hey You!" Her voice echoed through and out of the library the white figure startled ran down the stairs. Giving chase Tekera sprinted as fast as she could hoping to catch a better glimpse. But when she reached the stairs the image of the blue wrap caught her sight. Before her feet she looked down and she saw.

A young little one asleep and in a silent a rest. Her eyes widened realizing what had just happened, abandonment.... With the parent long gone Tekara reached down and picked up the child holding him cuddled into her arms. Human and defiantly a Naboo the child slept away in a deep dream.

Tekera taken in her breath whispered. "I saw with my own eyes what happened and I promise it will not be so. For now on you will be mine as my father had adopted me I would so adopt you."

Ruined Library of Narmle

Seeing how he didn't have a bracelet his identity defiantly was yet to be forged. Whispering once again she said "Child you are a wonder today the force certainly dropped you on the door of my childhood. I guess it falls to me to name you."

Going in deep and thinking seriously on it she remembered the rarest name of them all one never used sense the ancient times of Naboo. "From this day forward." she said "You are to be known as Viperia!"

Smiling and happy she tied the child to her robe and chest so she could walk with her hands free. Skipping out on her mission and deciding her new job was better then the days she began to make her way towards home. Unsure of what the future would bring she didn't worry. She continued on never regretting a choice not even one so suddenly and so huge as this. She knew now this little one had a journey to travel and a life to live. May the force be with him always.

The Villa in the Lake Country

Becoming the child's adopted mother Tekara took Viperia to the safety of her own home. Located in the lake country of Naboo. It was a villa on the bank of a mountain. With its steps leading to the water itself and many rooms it was spacious. So large in fact that within Tekera owned the largest private book collection known on the whole planet in a room called the Hall of Knowledge. Through his days from a baby to a small child Viperia grew in comfort. From his Nursery, To him running around the house and overall being a handful. Tekera found much love for this little boy she so saved that day. But has the years passed so did he. Eventually a time would come for no longer was he the innocent one born into the world.

Tekera's Villa

Eventually the day came when Viperia would turn five. Watching her boy play in the lake by her home. Tekera held a book within her hand she called out to her son. "Birthday boy I got a present for you!"

Going in and out of the water in circles as if he was chasing something Viperia stopped in his wake. Excited by what his mother might have for him he raced to the steps where his mother was waiting. When he got there he couldn't climb over the first one Tekera reached for him and pulled him up into a towel she had waiting for him.

Brushing him off fast and with all her might she said. "Boy how long you been in there you look liked your soaked to the bone."

Looking up at her he smiled and said "I was in there 3 hours this time I told you I would I really did and could be in there longer." Showing off his hands off he continued, "See I even got sponged hands"

The Hall of Knowledge

Done drying him off hand she put her hands on her hips and looked down at him "My aren’t you the record winner." She said patting her feet on the stone step. Taking him by his hand she led him up the stairs. Smiling she added "Time for your present now come along."

Waltzing into the house she brought him straight into the Hall of knowledge. Placing her child on the couch underneath the high domed ceiling. She handed him the book that was in her hands. Viperia looked down onto it with interest and asked "What is it?"

Tekera with her hands behind her back leaned forward still smiling and whispered. "Happy birthday lovely!" Leaning into him she picked her lovely up and hugged him really close. But as soon as she put him back down he opened the book with haste. Marveling over the many pictures he skimmed through it with pride.

Confused as to why and what it might be still he asked, "What is it though mama?"

Tekera proud of her sons enthusiasm sat down next him and threw him on her lab and said, "My son this very book is the one my parent had given to me and now that you grown it will teach you everything that you will ever need to know. It will teach you to write, and to read, To learn and to discover. My little one this is the only book of its kind take good care of it the rest of your life and never let it far from you."

With his eyes gleaming his mouth opened wide and he said " Ooooh so that’s what this heavy thing is for I thought it was a new toy..."

Laughing Tekera knew he had the idea and was glad he at least had not grown as serious as she had been at his age. "Well my son," She said,"Happy Birthday!"

And a good birthday it was after his time with her in the Hall of Knowledge and a few lessons on reading and writing. He went back outside to swim in the same place he was before. Now this was curious to Tekera for as if to her she thought he just had an imaginary friend. But one day in the far future this was all about to change.

Kingdom In The Stars

Having chosen where he wanted to begin amongst the stars. Viperia had taken the shuttle to the sector of Calaron. There he landed upon the planet homeworld of the Kubaz known as Kubinidi. As he saw with his eyes before landing the cities seemed to stretch across a vast open desert left in ruin by what appeared to be a major event. But none the less the feeling of it was not shaken when he exited the AA-9 that had brought him there.

When he taken the chance to explore the transport city a little more he came upon the garrison of the local government making a patrol. Following up on them he learned of them being the Tresario Star Kingdom. Attracted by its ideals of freedom and morals they posed he joined at the local base near by. When he signed on they made him aware he would be entering a University. The thought caught him side tracted for he never knew he would have to go through it one once more.

Eventually he was shipped off to Bal`demnic within the Auril sector. It was a ocean world with only three cities upon a major island in the northeast. It was there his schooling began within the government. At first they had no idea what to do with him sense he already was degreed in archiving and having had much of his prior careering being that. But seeing how he could benefit from one of the chosen fields of the government itself he decided to the branch of the navy.

After doing so he eventually met the Fleet Admiral of the time who was Jared Waymen. Upon getting to know each other Jared recommended him to the TSK archives hoping he could be of help. As time went on Viperia took every chance to improve what he could within the archives and to study material that was never within the halls of Narmle itself. You would think he would be happy with such within his life. After all how nice is it to still do a work you were raised into.

But things would take its toll for Viperia was reminded of the days of his mother becoming missing. During such times it was not uncommon for him to be by the sea side where he would paint and write as his mother had done with him much before. Even though there was nothing he could do he truly hoped one day he could find her wherever she may have gone.

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Space Is The Place

The time would come and it did. Viperia graduated within his class, He was at first a student then he became a cadet. Having done very well within capitol piloting and targeting he was assumed to be such, But plans changed. It was not to long for soon he got an assignment. But to his shock it was not a capitol ship but a freighter. Having been shortened to a urban project he was needed for raw materials transport.

Complying instead of wanting to argue such even though it was agaisn’t himself he went on down to the dockside where a BFF-1 stood by. Known has the Pride Of Weyetta he didn’t mind to be in command of such vessel. When he boarded he explored its inter workings becoming comfortable with its look and make. During his time on the ship he was routed to the system of Toyadria.

Operating between the mines and factories he set an even pace in keeping the daily operations of the urban project alive by the very thing that it was built by. From the moons to a gas giant he roamed the system for what seemed like forever. It was here where he first saw a ship class he would never forget. For everyday he passed an the home ones that were being built. He longed for its cockpit and its command but it never would come to pass.

Eventually Viperia raised the issue of his skills to command and where he felt he should have fitted. Upon doing so he was assigned command of a Modular Taskforce Cruiser with it came A wings and a call sign. Spec Ops 5 was his fighter and such was the unit. It was by this time he was promoted to that of a petty officer. With a position of some worth and a job of value of to him. He set off into deep space on a top secret assignments. Where he traveled to many places and done many things not much was known during this period of his life. But a certainty was known to the kingdom it had priority and that it did indeed.

Modular TaskForce Cruiser