Vital Enterprises

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Vital Enterprises
General Information
Leader Sienna Sutek
Owner Brendak Kolto
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 100
Dissolved renamed to Ororo Transportation
Political Information
Industry Smugglers
Holosite Vital Enterprises


Vital Enterprises courses through galaxy trade lanes, bringing vitality where ever it goes. VE prides it self on transporting anything and everything, what ever the cargo, who ever the client, where ever the location.

VE pilots uphold the highest standards whether they are providing transportation for private clients, for corporations or even running blockades providing much needed supplies to the down trodden and beleaguered masses.

Not only does Vital Enterprises transport any cargo, from construction materials to droids and even capital ships, VE also provide the production of goods, such as Bacta Ryfills. In addition to this they also provide the creation of space stations, such as the XQ1 Platform, and facilities ranging from Anti-Air Batteries to KDY v-150 Planet Defenders.

Under the joint leadership of Vansic Helranth, Sesar Sabas, and Brendak Kolto, Vital Enterprises pledges to bring fresh life to the trade lanes and facilitate economic growth across all of known space as they help vitalize the galaxy.[1]


Vital Enterprises was originally set up as a partnership between two unlikely friends, the Kaminoan Vansic Helranth and the Zabrak Eddy Johns. It started modestly with a YT1300 on loan from the HawkBat organization. With the customer base quickly growing, the pair threw in everything they had to secure the finance to purchase a small number of YT-1210 light freighters, the ship that became the mainstay of the early Vital Enterprises.

Increased business helped VE grow, and with the growth more pilots were taken on. Some of the brightest and most daring crew in the galaxy were brought into the VE family.

Over time, this independent space carrier developed a reputation for providing a fast, affordable and reliable service. The client portfolio included many leading lights from governmental groups, high profile citizens and a few of the galaxy’s nobility.

The largest contract taken, whilst under the management of Vansic Helranth, was the running of a small fleet of heavy haulers to support mining operations in the territory of the Avance Coalition.

The new Vital Enterprises follows the ethos set by old tradition. Hard work, trustworthy crew and an impressive customer focus set this company on the road to great success.[2]

Ord Thoden 1

The moon of Ord Thoden 1 in the Ord Thoden system of the Dynali sector was loaned to Vital Enterprises by Wim Jurgen of the Old Republic for use as a HQ for the organization under the Sesar Sabas administration of VE around Year 13 Day 36.[3] The headquarters was completed 26 days later.[4] Unfortunately for Sesar, Brendak Kolto had seized on an opportunity to become the 2IC of VE and had already set his plans for a hostile takeover in motion. Eventually Brendak convinced Mr. Sabas to board his privately owned freighter and on Year 13 Day 205 Sesar Sabas was killed aboard Kolto's personal Nu-Class Attack Shuttle. After the death of Sesar, Brendak claimed ownership of Vital Enterprises and subsequently offered to sell the moon back to the Old Republic. After failing this Brendak listed the moon on Centrepoint Marketplace for a billion credits. Wim Jurgen took the matter personally as a breach of the original agreement VE had signed with the OR (under Sesar Sabas) and stated that the moon would be retaken by force at the earliest opportunity. Ultimately Lilith Delcroix would pay 555 million credits and an ATR-6 Assault Transport for the moon. [5][6]

Leadership Changes

A few days after the sale of Ord Thoden 1, Brendak left the company in the hands of Jeraq Moridin to lead. Jeraq's tenure would quickly give way to Ellie Pearson, and then finally go to Sienna Sutek all in the course of a single day. With Sienna at the helm the company would be renamed Ororo Transportation.