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A Chiss Nightclub that started as the officers's club for the CEDF, it now is open to the public. Located in the city of K'eb on Csilla in a Hotel owned by House Yar.


Atraena Sarethi an officer of the CEDF, founded Vocehn as a social gathering for Chiss officers during the Aristocracy ofRachel Keiko-sho. After Rachel's abdication, Sarethi resigned and disappeared.Prard`aga Rono encouraged House Yar to not only purchase the club but move it to a new hotel on Csilla.


On the Ground Floor is the Lobby, Public Turbolift, Storage Room, and Security Office.

As with most buildings on Csilla, Vocehn can access the tunnel levels in the city of K'eb. Tunnel Level 1 contains a Conference Room, an Exercise Room, and the underground entrance. Tunnel Level 2 is known as the "merchants floor" filled with kiosks from merchants unable to afford their own shops, including speeder rentals. These levels are not officially part of the hotel, but are rather hallowed out glacial tunnels adapted to connect with the hotel substructure, and can be accessed by purchasing a special card at the front desk.

A Secret Service Turbolift is in the Storage Room, but accessible only by keycard and code, is used by Hotel staff to go up to the Second Floor Kitchen, or down to Housekeeping on Tunnel Level 1.

On the First Floor are suites designed for offworld visitors, with Hotel staff ready to adapt each room for maximum comfort and privacy.

The main attraction is top floor club of the same name. It is a Sports Bar, Dance Club, Dining Room or Ballroom depending on which event is being celebrated. This level can be accessed from either the main elevator or one of two service elevators(one behind the bar in the Kitchen and the other opposite the main Turbolift which goes directly to the Security Office).

A guest exiting from the main Turbolift will see the bar on their left, and see across the room to a full window which offers the best view of the city of K'eb. The Refresher Rooms are located in an alcove to the right of the Turbolift.


The Chef is a middle-aged human male by the name of Gilrot.

The primary Bartender is a young Chiss female by the name of Hexar. Her R4 Astromech Droid, R4-87 does minor repairs in addition to serving customers.


Vocehn is considered the Sovereign Territory of the Chiss Ascendancy, and therefore all patrons must act in accordance with the Chiss Legal Code. Only authorized personnel may be armed upon entering Vocehn, all other patrons must surrender their weapons to security staff before entering(Wearing ceremonial Armor and Weapons is permitted). Unauthorized use of force abilities or violations of the Chiss Law are grounds for removal. Exiled Chiss will not be permitted entry.