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LanguageVratix language
Average Height1.5 to 2 meters
Skin colorGreenish-gray
Hair colorNone
DistinctionsSix limbs, insectoid, hermaphrodites, original bacta makers
Average lifespanChild: 1-12[1]
Young Adult: 13-19[1]
Adult: 20-79[1]
Middle Age 80-139[1]
Old: 140-174[1]
Venerable: 175+[1]
Known MembersList of known Vratix

Vratix are an insectoid race of sentient beings native to the planet Thyferra[2] . There they live in hives within the planet's many rainforests, making their homes among the thick branches of the Gloan trees[3]. Sporting two long, triple-jointed arms and four legs on a mantis-shaped body, vratix anatomy is biologically conducive for their life among the treetops. Natural-born healers, the vratix are famous for combining alazhi and kavam extracts to make the potent healing solution known as bacta. They vastly outnumber the planet's human population, but are considered inferior to their corporate counterparts in the eyes of Thyferra's current rulers, the Galactic Empire.


Biology and appearance

The Vratix are humanoid insects[2]. They have large, compound eyes, a stalk-like neck, and three pairs of limbs sprouting from a cylindrical thorax and abdomen. The upper set of limbs acts as triple-jointed arms, while the lower two serve as legs. Its foremost pair of legs are well-muscled, and is used in jumping. The posterior pair serve mostly to support the creature's large abdomen. Most Vratix are grey and green in colour, with the shades darkening with age.

Small thin hairs cover their bodies and changed color to express emotion. Vratix excrete denin, a chemical that alters the color of their skin to reflect their mood, and is connected to their speech patterns of clicks also known as Vratix. Despite this, they can communicate with other beings via Basic when regarding trade. They are also slightly telepathic, capable of sending thoughts with other Vratix that they related to.

Speech & Language

The vratix language is multi-modal and is called Vratix. It consists of high pitched sounds, along with clicking and trilling (buzzing) sounds interspersed, visually punctuating and co-occurring with either vocalizations, Vratix change their body color. Almost all Vratix can speak and understand Galactic Basic. Depending on the age at which they acquired Basic, some Vratix may have an “accent” of varying severity. Interspersed with their words are clicks, buzzes, and high-pitched “chirps” off varying frequencies. When speaking Basic their voice has an echoy, reverberating quality. The complexity of the vratix vocal apparatus sheathed in a long, armored throat is more than equipped to handle Galactic Basic. Many folds, muscles, and chambers go unused during non-vratix production due to the relatively limited frequency range in normal Basic production.

The high-pitched sounds of the Vratix language, while normally indistinguishable to uninformed listeners, vary in tone, making up a majority of the variation in the language. In order to share their language with the galaxy, vratix scale down the frequencies of words and emphasize the differences in consonant sounds (what would normally be the clicks, buzzes, and trills) while reducing tonal differences. Longer phrases in Vratix natively have a visual component. Seeing as how these color changes can not be replicated by the rest of the galaxy, many phrases translated to Basic barely resemble the original phonetically. Needless to say, it often takes Vratix some time to translate some of their language. Due to its multifaceted structure, there is no true written form of Vratix.


Vratix are hermaphrodites. Their gender varies depending on their life cycle. On average, vratix live between 150 and 200 years old. As they age, their neutral resting skin color darkens to the point where a venerable vratix possesses a charcoal exoskeleton. While this gender swapping is regular, the length of each cycle varies by individual and hive. While personal identity (especially gender identity) falls to the wayside inside a hive, vratix interacting with non-vratix often designate themselves a gender for convenience.

Society and culture

Vratix have a basic form of hive mentality, but are able to function as individuals. They believe that sight and sound are not permanent things, and prefer to touch another being in order to recognize their presence. Vratix are a logical and straightforward species that had trouble grasping abstract concepts like art and music. However, they can solve a complex problem by examining every detail and angle. Culture was centered around the hive mentality. They generally refer to themselves as the plural we rather than I, and usually under their hive name. It should also be noted that the Vratix are generally a sociable species; they prefer all information to be delivered personally. They tend to greet other beings by touching the other being's face, shoulders and/or arms. This potentially awkward custom originates from the Vratix belief that touch is the most reliable sense, and that the eyes and ears can be fooled much more easily than the sense of touch.

The Vratix also keep Knytix, a smaller insectoid species, as pets and for the creation of dwellings (their saliva is used to make a mud-like paste that is then dried to make bricks). The Vratix also eat the Knytix on certain occasions, when the owner of the Knytix offers his pet to another Vratix as a sign of high respect.


A vratix hive is led by a Canir, an elder vratix who speaks for the hive during inter-hive meetings. In galactic politics, the hives appoint a High Canir to act as the chief representative of an entire planet’s worth of hives. While most hives are located on Thyferra (and are unified under a single High Canir) there are vratix hives located outside the Polith system (See #Offworld Hives).

Currently, the voice of Thyferran vratix, a High Canir put into place shortly after the Imperial takeover of Thyferra in Year 5 has very little say in Tyferran politics. While its existence is known, no one outside the circle of hive Canirs know the High Canir’s whereabouts. Introduced to the galaxy by Zaltin Corporation-—one of Thyferra’s two leading bacta companies prior to the Galactic Empire’s initial strike and eventual takeover of Thyferra—-the High Canir was driven into hiding with the disbanding of Zaltin Corp and the Empire’s continued pressure on the planet’s native inhabitants.


Vratix are a peaceful race, preferring trade and diplomacy over violence. However, the size and strength of the Vratix frame makes this race very formidable on the battlefield. While minor squabbles have existed between hives, the prime opponent in vratix diplomacy has been the human government and corporations on Thyferra.

Weaponry and Limitations

Due to their large, elongated palms and three long fingers, vratix have difficulty weidling a majority of the galaxy’s common blasters. While some weapons can be modified to accommodate vratix hands, a majority of vratix-accessible weaponry are blasters without trigger guards, heavy weapons, and personal, non-projectile weapons. In addition, the vratix have two powerful natural weapons: their forelegs and their elbow claws. While only anti-Empire terrorist groups have been known to sharpen their elbow claws, all vratix are capable of kicking with enormous force. Finally, their carapace offers a strong, natural shield to physical attacks. Due to its unique shape, vratix are essentially restricted to armor that protects the upper torso exclusively. Lower-body protection can only be achieved with the help of a skilled armorsmith. Due to their size, a vratix would be hard-pressed to attempt to fly most snub fighters and some small gunboats. Similarly, cramped vehicles like podracers, enclosed speeders, and most swoop bikes are difficult for a vratix to sit comfortably.


Vratix used bacta for thousands of years, and were not hesitant to share their secret with the galaxy at large. During the Galactic Republic a thriving business evolved around the sale and distribution of bacta. They tolerated the relationship with the off-worlders who wished to exploit bacta, and preferred to work the kavam fields from their villages.

Offworld Hives

While a majority of the Galaxy's vratix population resides on Thyferra, the following hives are free of their Polith centered brethren’s slavery and based in other areas of the galaxy.

Hive Name Planet System Sector Region Population
Squeegor Polordio II Polordio Danjar Outer Rim Territories > 2,000
Razzix Trunska Trunska Phu The Colonies > 1,000


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