Walrus Odobenus Rosmarus

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Walrus Odobenus Rosmarus
Biographical Information
Race Hutt
Homeworld Nal Hutta
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Outer Rim Excavations
Rank Pilot
Awards None

Walrus Odobenus Rosmarus is a huge chunk of fat. He is fond of luxurious accessories. One of Walrus's trademark accessories is his pair of large ivory tusk implants. Walrus sees no need for clothes because of his insulating layer of fat. His body is covered in scars inflicted upon him from disgruntled business partners. Walrus has a habit for death sticks and does so many of them that he needs to be inside a bacta tank most of the time. He also likes to drink booze straight from the barrel and goes through about a barrel each day. Walrus prefers to get around on land on a little hover cart. However, Walrus is rarely on land. He is almost always at the helm of a capital ship.

Walrus Odobenus Rosmarus goes by the name Walrus the Hutt. Walrus the Hutt left Nal Hutta when he was 100. He was given a sizable fortune and an L-500 Space Liner staffed with droids to tend to his every whim. Walrus the Hutt is an enthusiastic hedonist and proud of it. His main goals are acquiring money and spending it on pleasures of the flesh. Walrus has a lot of flesh to pleasure. He is a connoisseur of food, drink, gambling, and women of ill repute.

Walrus the Hutt is an accomplished pilot of capital ships. The ship he would most like to own is the Tabder-class Heavy Hauler so he can fill it with stuff for himself. Walrus the Hutt is a shrewd business Hutt and enjoys the thrill of making a good deal.

Walrus the Hutt is now 420 years old and has just recently lost his fortune at the casino during a drunken game of roulette.

Walrus is known by many names. Walrus is the flagship flyer, hauler of worlds, meat shield, pack mule, brick shithouse, The Don Mega. Walrus will either wreck your world or build your world. He'll fire the main gun or tell people how to build. Walrus is a fortess. Those who try to take the Walrus down discover a thick layer of protective blubber. Walrus will throw grenades at you and bacta tanks to his allies. Walrus may seem to be alone at first but rest assured there will be assassins ready to fist you in the cornhole if this guy rolls into your neighborhood. Walrus views hand to hand combat as being beneath him but will still get great pleasure smile from a little puddle of blood formed by the enemy.