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Article posted on the Galactic News Service by Doc Jessa on Day 154 of Year 11.


Trust is always an important asset in a relationship, it’s something that gives one person a belief in society, an instilled principle that allows individuals to conduct business without the fear of theft, fraud or lying, it’s a level of loyalty that allows people to work with one and other to better an organization, something many Bothan’s don’t sacrifice their lives for, but something sentients of the galaxy pour their blood, sweat and tears into, to better their lives, and the lives of their stockholders, customers and in some cases, citizens. Although it must be said that certain members of the Tenloss Syndicate have been seen putting even more effort into various Lucin issues, but that’s for the late night report…

Doc Jessa reporting here on behalf of Fuzz Inc. with another insight into the realms of the galaxy. Many galactic sentient's know, but in the case of the Rodian working three jobs as a moisture farmer that doesn’t have time to catch the evening holovid I’ll break it down to a simple question, has trust completely disappeared from the galaxy? With the ever so popular faction lootings occurring throughout the corporate world, people should be wondering if such a thing exists in the galaxy today. With the recent corporate theft of assets inside Intergalactic Transport and Logistics and the Old Republic, one must consider the possibility that even the most trust colleague could turn at any moment. Several years ago in the galaxy when organizations were not as common throughout the stock market, only minimal lootings occurred. Back in the days of Zorran Black, Adam A Flynn looting the Corporate Sector Authority, a small independent organization at the time, and Lucus Parahopper ripping apart The Antarian Rangers were successful attempts, but the phenomenon was not as common. As time has continued to pass and more organizations have come out of the woodwork, the occurrence has only multiplied. With The Antarian Rangers most likely holding the record at approximately four independent occurrences of lootings, followed closely by the Corporate Sector Authority, it begs the question, are levels of command far too easy to obtain? Or are commanding officers and corporate board members just too naive with their choices for a leadership position?

One however cannot just attribute the phenomenon to the growth in assets the protagonist will receive, but the public sweltering of either support or dismay for the victims and criminals and the perceptions people hold for one and other. While the growing consensus is disapproval from the corporate world followed by strikes, resignations and corporate bitching from employees, most seem curious as to how pirates and other criminals treat the action, either with a seal of approval or a blaster shot across the bow in warning. But aside from the approval, it’s the thought that perhaps the protagonist doesn’t consider the consequences before the action, figuring a positive reaction could ensue, yet to have only a negative one befoul their graces. The recent humiliating efforts of Jack Rilly, a once loyal employee of Intergalactic Transport and Logistics turned thief and petty criminal bear light on the thoughts of many who commit the atrocity. Holocommunications ran amok with reports of a massive haul garnished from credit supplies throughout the faction. It was soon after discovered through analysis of communication intercepts that the communications were coming from Jack himself, and while he considered six million credits to be a huge haul of unprecedented proportions, most citizens of the galaxy considered the amount to be petty and meager, and proceeded to hold Jack a scapegoat for the stupid among the galaxy.

However, as the galaxy endures another grotesque amount of inflation in the markets due to increased demand for products not offered publicly by known manufacturers in the galaxy, the ideas of piracy seem to have been thrown out the window, and replaced with the immature method of thievery. As already explained, faction looting has gone from a admirable feat hoarding an Empire's worth of wealth in assets, to about as interesting as speed dating for Bomarr Monk's, basic petty theft is following a similar path. In the now ancient diaries of Teniel Djo, she would detail the galaxy's insurmountable stupidity in trading negotiations, and display classic manipulation techniques to obtain large amounts of credits or assets of a number of individuals, then roll over and sleep on a pile of Corellian smugglers drunk on Ale. Nowadays, the immaturity of the galaxy has come bubbling up to the surface with people seeming to be proud and somewhat boastful of stealing meager amounts, even those in low six figures, which is soon after laughed out of history as a pathetic achievement. Most seem to consider stealing somebody's monthly salary as a task unachievable by common folk and a feat bound for the history books, but in case the comments of the entire galaxy seem to fall on deaf ears, I'll repeat the sentiment that you'll be mentioned in conversations about your stupidity, not about your brilliant plan, and such acts make Keir Santage roll over in his grave, may he rest in peace.

What’s done is done however, theft will always be around and factions will continue to grow from nothing, into something, then probably into nothing again. It’s up to corporations to consider their recruitment and promotable talent carefully, ensuring that a poor choice of judgement doesn't result in a large band of unhappy followers, and doesn't make the Hutt trying to bankroll his criminal empire put a blaster in his mouth cause the company he invested in imploded. While Eidola continues to parade around droid parts due to their recent crippling of Cybot Galactica, and Galactic Tabloid Publications continues to watch the ink fade from parchment, we can only hope there are other things in the galaxy keeping people happy, and not declaring bankruptcy due to the failings of a corporate society.

This is Doc Jessa reporting once again for Fuzz Inc., and for all those interested in what the Tenloss Syndicate gets up to inside the doors of the Lucin Syndicate, check out their hologrid, but parental guidance is advised. Fuzz out.