X-34 Landspeeder

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X-34 Landspeeder
Navigational Stats
Max Speed 250 km/h
Maneuverability 6
Sensors 1
Terrain Restrictions Jungle, Ocean, River, Volcanic
Weapons Unarmed
Cargo Stats
Weight 9 T
Volume 22 m3
Weight Capacity 0.0700 T
Volume Capacity 0.3500 m3
Passengers 2
Hull Statistics
Length 3 m
Hull 10
Ionic Capacity 6
Shield 0
Specials None
Raw Materials
Quantum 3
Meleenium 30
Ardanium 14
Rudic 16
Tibannagas 0
Lommite 9
Rockivory 0
Bacta 0
Hibridium 0
Varium 0
Affiliation Aratech

Ubrikkian Industries

The X-34 landspeeder is an inexpensive and unarmed civilian speeder, commonly preferred as personal ground transportation due to its affordability and availability. It lacks weaponry and is not capable of great speeds, but its repulsorlift technology and three thrusters allow it adequate maneuverability over rough terrain, making it an effective personal vehicle for those unconcerned with style

Special Editions

Aratech Model A-1 Y12

The special design and coloring of this X-34 model was the brainchild of Aurku Feetoc

There was a special limited edition Year 12 X-34 produced by Aratech. Only two of these were built. One auctioned off Year 12 Day 224 to Michael MaCleod. The second auctioned off on Centrepoint Market on Y 13 D 24 to Mephiston Leonatos after a long bidding war between him and Alexander von Ismay. This second Year 12 Ltd Ed X-34 went for a record 8 million credits. The year 12 limited addition was constructed at the Gargantua I X7 Factory Station in the Xo System.

Aratech Model A-2 Y13

There are rumors a new Year 13 Limited Edition X-34 will also be put out by Aratech this year, though details at the moment remain classified. SNN Field Reporter Chelch Falkrowe recently noted at the Xo III Spaceport that an order for materials had been placed for the Year 13 limited editions on Day 205. According to the materials list, Chelch reports that 4 of these vehicles will be built.

Built at the Free Kubaz Manufacturing X7 Station in Xo System. Several production delays had delayed production but on Y 13 D 289, 05:16:20 the first of the Year 13 Limited Edition X-34s were put on the auction block of CPM. The first of these auctions concluded on Y 13 D 310 05:16:21 with Mephiston Leonatos once again outbidding Alexander von Ismay for the vehicle. Other notable bidders on this first Year 13 model included: Jenson O`Walsh and Derrik Thynite.

On Y 13 D 362, 09:33:36 the second of the Year 13 Limited Edition X-34s were put on the auction block. Alexander von Ismay would take the lead in bidding, and appears almost certain to win this one.

Aratech Model A-3 Y14

There is a custom model coming out towards the end of the year by Aratech, currently we do not have details on it. Chelch Falkrowe has reported some paperwork coming through the Xo III Spaceport noting that Aratech has submitted the proper paperwork for the Year 14 Custom on Year 14 Day 317. Hopefully the department of licensing quickly approves the Year 14 modifications.

One Year 14 Special Edition was won by Alexander von Ismay. A second was won by Jax Starblade. There is a rumored 3rd one that has been preserved for the future Aratech museum.

Aratech Model A-4 Y15

Although early in Year 15, there is an indication that Aratech plans to continue the tradition. According to word on the street Blazing Lounge Art Studio's Lilitu Ningaz has been contracted for this years customized paint job.

The Year 15 model was delayed due to Aratech's huge order it was trying to fulfill the first units were not sold until early Year 16 when Mephiston Leonatos approached Ku`Bakai Roche asking if any Year 14 and Year 15 models left. The first Year 15 model was sold to Mr. Leonatos shortly thereafter. Originally 12 were built for this purpose but given the late arrival on the market of them it is possible the production run will be cut down significantly.

Aratech Model A-5 Y16

We are starting to see some initial paperwork on this new offering but with the Year 15s just going on sale it is likely that these will not be completed until much later in the year, surely in the second half.

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