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Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 3
Sublight Speed 40 MGLT
Max Speed 400 km/h
Maneuverability 6.00
Sensors 1
Escape Pods Landing.gif Repulsor.gif
Docking Bay {{{dockingbay}}}
Hangar Bay {{{hangarbay}}}
Landing Capacity {{{landingcap}}}
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts {{{repulsor}}}
Graviton Generators {{{graviton}}}
Docking Port {{{dockingport}}}
Medical Room {{{medicalroom}}}
Recycling {{{recycling}}}
Weapons/Utilities 4 Heavy Lasers
Cargo Stats
Weight 30 T
Volume 500 m³
Weight Capacity 0.0700 T
Volume Capacity 0.5000 m³
Max Passengers 1
Party Slot Size 1.00
Hull Statistics
Length 15 m
Hull 75
Shield 20
Ionic Capacity 1
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price 73,202 Credits AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png
Quantum 21
Meleenium 225
Ardanium 14
Rudic 20
Rockivory 12
Tibannagas 22
Varmigio 31
Lommite 8
Durelium 10
Affiliation - Endara Reclaim Industries

- Ayervon Recycling Enterprises

- Outback Industries

- Haven Recycling Corporation

- Maelstrom Industrial Salvage

- Kerdos Company

- Ankh Recycling Enterprises

- Tresario Salvage Yards

- Leafar Group

- Veril Line Systems

- DynaCorp

- The Intergalactic Parcel Service

- Faerytail Recycling

- Vorsia Gearworks


The X-ceptor is another variant of the range of starfighters generally referred to as "uglies". Uglies are often produced by independent shipyards using salvaged wrecks of various starfighters and freighters. The X-cepter in particular is an amalgamation of an Imperial TIE Interceptor and Incom T-65 X-Wing.

While retaining the fuselage and rear-mounted wing position of the X-Wing, the S-foils which give the Incom fighter its maneuverability are replaced with solar panels salvaged from TIE Interceptors in the X-ceptor incarnation. The solar panels are on the ugly are modified to house heavy lasers, and the X-ceptor also has a limited hyperdrive.

Performance wise, the X-ceptor is not as efficient as the X-Wings or the Interceptors which donate parts to its construction. As with most uglies, build quality is not guaranteed, since they have been reassembled from recycled bodies and components harvested from wrecks. Considered barely space worthy by most legitimate businesses, they are more commonly used in service by pirate groups, smugglers or other independent defense groups who do not have large resources to fund more advanced starfighters. Though X-ceptors are equipped for combat, they are usually outclassed by modern star fighters.[1]