XIIS Pride

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XIIS Pride
Class Freighter
Type YT-510 Legacy-Arcrunner
Type Class 9 Hyperdrive
Date of Manufacture Unknown
Affiliation Sith Lord Eric Jackson

Though the infamous Sith Lord is somewhat protective of his hardware, the XIIS Pride — believed to be his primary transport vessel — has a long and storied history, pieces of which exist in the public domain. It is unclear how he acquired the vessel. Rumor has it he received it as part of a misplaced deed from an Imperial Moff, but it is clear that it was the vessel seen escaping the Kuat system amid a blaze of TIE lasers during the Uebles rebellions of Year 4. For the next ten years, wherever the Sith Lord was, the XIIS Pride was not far. Although he has since acquired more specialized vessels for different tasks, the modded engines give the XIIS Pride a preferable glance any time haste is more important than firepower.