Xalitus Swindler

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Xalitus Swindler
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen
Mother Xora
Father Zurros
Spouse Finar Ambrose
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5' 3"
Coloring Green
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Star Hellions
Positions Hellions Original Enforcer and personal bodyguard of Ximaro Jix Dark Star Hellions


Standing at 5'3" Xalitus is more dangerous than she seems. With purple hair and red eyes, she is usually seen in leather and her Hellion cut. She wears awesome boots and always has a blade at her side.


Xalitus was born on the planet of Falleen to parents Zurros and Xora. They cherished their little girl, but she noticed at an early age that all was not as it should be. Her father regularly beat her mother, which Xalitus found uncomfortable to watch. She decided there and then that no man would ever treat her that way. With that in mind at the young age of 8, Xalitus decided to leave home.

Xalitus set up her own home in a remote location, fending for herself and learning how to hunt her own food. Some times it paid off, other times she was left hungry.

One day she was saddened, hungry and growing close to despair when a stranger appeared. Xalitus was unsure, not having much to do with the galaxy at large, but he introduced himself as Wolf Saigon and on seeing her he offered her food. Xalitus was grateful for the gesture and accepted, although it was against her nature. She somehow felt she could trust him. Xalitus and Wolf talked for some time and they decided that they could both achieve more by working as a team. From that moment on they considered each other brother and sister. They would defend each other to the death, they pledged.

City Life

7 years later Xalitus and Wolf travelled to the city where they intended to "hunt". This wasn't a killing expedition but to steal to gain money for food and essential items. Xalitus could lure males of all races easily with her Falleen pheromones, charm and wit,and was a successful pickpocket while Wolf would also use that distraction to relieve them of their goods.

One night as they decided to call it a day, they heard a commotion, someone running towards them.the stranger asked them for assistance against some pirates. At first they weren't so sure...it could have been a trap. The they saw the pirates appear..armed and dangerous...they had no choice but to fight. In a short while they had overcome the pirates and finally got round to being introduced. The stranger was injured but light-hearted, "still got another eye that works, thanks for helping me out there, names Xank Cro'lok", he said. Wolf shook his hand, "I am Wolf Saigon and this is my sister Xalitus". Xalitus was immediately impressed and helped to clean his wounds from the onslaught.

Moving On

The three kept a close eye on each other, always on the look out for people who wanted to hurt them, always hunting for survival. They grew closer until one night an incident occurred, when they were caught in a Rebel ambush. Wolf did his best to hide Xalitus but Xank was caught and arrested by the imperials. Wolf tried to console his sister, but secretly did not know if they would see him again. They had to adapt to being a twosome again, which was not hard as they trusted each other implicitly, but they missed their friend.


Xalitus and Wolf tried to go about their business but it still troubled them about what had happened to Xank. Rebels had been attacking in force to help their comrades. It struck the pair, almost foolishly..a way to see if their friend was held captive...get stormtrooper armour and pretend to be imperials..it was risky , but worth it they thought. They kidnapped troopers and stole their armour with ease but the imperial army were prepared due to the invasion and attacks by the rebels. A fight broke out leaving Xank for dead. Xalitus and Wolf made their escape.


Xalitus the Hellion