Xavier De`Kal

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Xavier De`Kal
XDK avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Mackenzie Valdez - De`Kal
Father Ethan Valdez - De`Kal
Born Year -6 Day 170 (20 years old)
Died Year 15 Day 111
Quote The Angel’s will come forth
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 4 meters
Coloring Glowing white
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Krath Dynasty; Aliit Breviin


Born to a pair of Coruscanti merchants, Xavier was seeming a normal Coruscanti boy. His parents whom traveled to many different parts of the galaxy, took young Xavier with them, teaching them the trade buying/selling goods, as well as bargaining. Once Xavier reached the age of six, they returned to the family home on Coruscant. Xavier was sent to attend the academy on Coruscant. Xavier excelled in his courses of math, science, speech. He began to dream of becoming a diplomat for the Empire. Although his trading skills excelled along with his speaking. At age 9 Xavier was asked during a break in session for the academy to go with his parents to the moons of Lego. On the trip his father, Ethan, who had served in the Imperial military, was to teach young Xavier defense arts.


The Valdez - De`Kal family was on Lego for a few months doing various business with the hierarchy angels of Millius Prime. During those few months, Xavier learned how to handle a blaster and vibro blade very well. His high intelligence allowed him to gain knowledge and master the use of those weapons. Xavier learned to use a ELG-3A and Relby K-23 very quickly, and they became his weapons of choice. During the last month in Lego, Xavier ventured out to train without his breathing mask, which helped him avoid sickness due to the different atmosphere. Xavier became sick, which was assumed to be normal atmosphere sickness.

Atmosphere Sickness

While using the breathing mask, Xavier never adapted to the atmosphere change. During his last month on Lego, he fell ill. Diathim doctors took tests while the observed Xavier in a hospital. The tests revealed it was not the horrific Metamorphosis Plague.

Released Medical Notes

Day 1: A young Coruscanti boy was entered into the hospital with most likely simple atmosphere sickness. The boy and his family have been in Lego for the last three months and the boy is just now being entered into a hospital. We will take tests to determine what is happening inside his body.

Day 2: The parents reveled the boy, whom had been wearing a breathing mask the last three months on Lego, went out without the breathing mask. Tests were taken for Metamorphosis Plague and atmosphere sickness, we will gain the results in a couple days.

Day 3: The boy became unconscious 12 hours after the tests were taken.

Day 4: The boy, still unconscious, has been seizing about and is in clear pain, although his body has yet to tense up completely.

Day 5: Tests results came back, tested negative for Metamorphosis Plague. Tested positive for atmosphere sickness. Boy has regained a conscious state.

Day 6: The atmosphere sickness is none like we have seen before, the boy is in severe pain, as two long gashes have appeared on his back. We took a sample of the tissue from each gash.

Day 7: The boy, in clear pain, had a severe seizure and is now unconscious again. This is nothing like we have seen before.

Day 8: Test results came back from the gashes and what seems to be a small trace of Metamorphosis Plague has slightly infected the gashes on the boy's back.

Day 9: The boy regained consciousness, and had another seizure. Something is coming out of the gashes on his back. No symptoms of Metamorphosis Plague have appeared.

Day 10: Another seizure and a sudden fever have drawn the boy into an unconscious state. It seems wings are growing out of his back, very abnormal.

Day 11: The fever has disappeared, and the boy regained consciousness. The Coruscanti boy does have wings growing out of his back. Tissue samples are being taken.

Day 12: The boy has remained seizure free for 24hrs.

Day 13: Wings are indeed growing out of his back, tissue samples show a bit of Diathim DNA has been entered into his DNA sequence.

Day 14: Patient is released from hospital.

The DNA Change

Xavier contracted a small form of Metamorphosis Plague, which entered Diathim DNA into his DNA sequence. In turn the 9 year old Coruscanti had grown wings. The family left Lego one month after Xavier was released from the hospital. On the way back to Coruscant, Xavier turned 10. He then started a growth spurt, which took him from 1.7 meters to 2.5. Xavier also became very pale. And his hair changed from brown to a dark blonde.

Return to Coruscant

Xavier returned to Coruscant and was basically shunned by his friends and classmates. Xavier continued to attend the academy until he was 16. At 16 Xavier began to work to improve his military skills. He attended a private academy, not sanctioned by the Imperial education system or military. There Xavier learned he was still accepted even though he changed. During his training, Xavier continued to master his trading. By age of 17 Xavier had reached 4 meters tall, and his pale skin began to slightly glow. Xavier's experience at the academy allowed him to study about different military practices, which lead him to learning about and studying the Mandalorian culture and way of war.

The Mandalorians

By age 18 Xavier became obsessed with the Mandalorian way of life and war. This helped him realize how family was the most important thing he could have. At age 19 Xavier took to the galaxy with is parents and other traders as a security detail. Basically following the Mando code.

Aliit Breviin

At age 20 Xavier ventured out to the galaxy on his own, hoping to find an Aliit. Xavier then took only the second last name of his family De`Kal, leaving the Valdez off due to the ill reminder of the treatment he experienced once returning to Coruscant. Xavier came upon Peter Max, which who offered him a trial. This trial Xavier passed very easily, allowing him to enter Aliit Breviin. Gathered his combat experience Aliit'buir Peter Max gave the 20 year old the title Cabur Ramikad and gave the Diathim his own company to command in the Breviin's area of security.

Xavier during his trail for Aliit Breviin: Legion.jpg

The Rouge’s Fallout

In the following days after the Krath Dynasty peace agreement with Mandalore, Xavier found himself disagreeing with the choice of Lazarus Kell to bring peace to the two sides. Xavier who was still completing an operation on Antar decided to take drastic measures. Xavier located and captured former vod Shiko Miru. Miru’s life was just a pawn in the games that were to be played out. Negotiations between Aliit Breviin and Xavier took place shortly after the capture of Miru. The Gotal’s life was the most important thing to Breviin, in which they wanted to make sure they got him secured safely as quickly as possible. The Diathim’s demands were high, and Breviin were willing to pay them. After part of the fee for the release of Shiko was payed, the clan backstabbed the Diathiam sending security teams into the area. Xavier attempted to sneak his way through the city of Polmitis before running into Breviin security teams. After a short fire fight Xavier took advantage of a moment where the shooting had stopped. He ran and hopped onboard an awaiting transport. Security teams fired upon the transport, but failed to hit it. Xavier had escaped the clutches of Aliit Breviin and Krath Dynasty for now.

Breviin Security arriving on site earlier today: DeathWatchD.jpg

De'Kal and his body guards during the firefight on Antar: Mandalorian Firefight.jpg

The Fallen Angel

Xavier fled to TSK. Where he resumed military work. On Y 15 D111 Xavier was detained by TSK security for suspicion of espionage. After two days of captivity Xavier was found dead in his cell, cause of his death is suicide. Xavier's body is still yet to be recovered. Back on Coruscant his grave reads "Xavier Valdez - De`Kal, Coruscanti turned Angel; Now The Fallen Angel.

Xavier's grave on Coruscant Tombstone.jpg