Ximaro Jix

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Ximaro Jix
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Unknown
Father Ba`adblood Jix
Spouse None
Siblings Xakic Jix - Deceased
Chokk Ovin Jix - Deceased
Xerik Jix - Deceased
Xabull Jix - Deceased
Quote "A man who has nothing to fear, knows his own fate."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'7"
Coloring Red - Entire right side of body variously tattooed.
Eye Color Single Yellow eye
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Prior Affiliation Dread
Dark Star Hellions
Granse Confederacy


Ximaro Jix

Agent, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Criminal, Drug Lord, Gangster, Menace, Outlaw, Pirate, Scum, Smuggler and Terrorist.

These are all labels Ximaro has endured over the standard years due to the many actions Jix has perpetrated.

Ximaro is publicly acknowledged as the engineer of the rogue state government, Zann Consortium. Known as a vast crime syndicate across the galaxy, the Zann Consortium is an covert operations network that once included the Dark Star Hellions outlaw swoop gang which disbanded, Dread a pirate outfit, NexCore Mining Corporation and The Death Watch a Mandalorian splinter group, once solely operated and ran by Overlord Peter Max, now under the Zann umbrella following Peter's tragic demise.

Ximaro is also the first president and the founding father of the Hellions which served as the first known interplanetary swoop gang traversing across the entire galaxy, which specialized in bounty hunting and mercenary work which primarily became known for its assassinations, raiding and warfare.

In Year 18, Day 23 After serving as the original Krestviniic (Crime Lord) and longtime leader of Zann, Ximaro retired from Zann placing longtime protege, 3rd in command, and ground operations commanding Defiler Kyota Navic in charge of Zann. The move would spark small bits of controversy as Kyota was promoted over long time Komoniic (Crime Boss) Greyson Abrams. Ximaro later was seen publicly acknowledging he had taken over the pirate group Dread, which he immediately removed from the Zann umbrella of affairs, but leaving it affiliated to Zann. Several key members of Ximaro's high command, also, were observed publicly showing up on Dread pirate holo boards. While rumors of his retirement from Zann have circled and Jix did publicly step down, no words were issued by Ximaro announcing the change of lifestyle, or his choice to withdraw the satellite organization Dread from the Consortium's umbrella.

Approximately day 170, after 160 days away Ximaro returned as Krestviniic of Zann Consortium for reasons unknown.


Ximaro, along with his siblings and cousins, grew up in the lower class areas of Falleen Prime where they shared a mutual disdain for the ill-treatment of all Falleen who had a non-noble lineage.

The Shadows Before Intergalactic Crime

Over the standard years, many sentients have often speculated where Ximaro received his covert operations training from; however, the mystery stays unsolved. What is known however is, before he was running the gang Dark Star Hellions as inter-galactic president, Ximaro worked exclusively for the shadowy group Granse Confederacy subcontracting as an assassin and covert agent often committing acts of sabotage, piracy, and terrorism. Along with what later would be other founding Hellions members, the men would fund their activities sub-contracting their skills. Among the most known organizations Ximaro conducted covert operations were, Falleen Federation where he attained the rank of Commander in their Navy, CorSec where he served as an agent of Corellian Security Investigations, Smugglers Alliance at their request to uncover Black Sun operatives, serving as a smuggler and later enforcer, and the government of Old Republic where he served in their Navy.

Also, Ximaro went on to gain early notoriety for his success serving the Galactic Empire indirectly as a contract agent for the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations, under Imperial Intelligence. This temporary allegiance spawned rumors of possible friendship to the Empire. Later similar suspicions would develop regarding the rebellion, for work bounty hunting Ximaro and his crew would do for them. Subcontracting as an enforcer for Black Sun also created many theories of Ximaro's true allegiance. In the time it would become evident to the galaxy Ximaro supported neither side of the galactic conflict and used the feud of the two large opposing galactic governments as well as the crime syndicate to fund his criminal enterprise.

Ximaro credits Vinz Zer, a Barabel who ran Granse Confederacy, as the individual that opened the path for him and his agents to create everything on an intergalactic scale.

Identifying Features

Ximaro is known for his missing left eye, for which he wears an eyepatch over refusing to get a cybernetic implant. Ximaro has yet to speak about the cause of how his organ became missing, which has led to much speculation on the events that may have triggered it. Other distinguishing features like his 6'7 height and entire right side of his body tattooed in various designs from head to toe have long made Jix recognizable among crowds.

Cultured Differently

Ximaro has a keen understanding of the Mando'a language, where he picked it up serving in both Mandalore and Mando'ade for reasons unknown, both for short times. Despite being a part of both the government and the mercenary group, Ximaro does not identify as Mandalorian. Ximaro, also, learned many cult teachings for the time he spent in the The Sith Order around an ally and friend rogue Sith Myn Kuat. Ximaro does not acknowledge being force sensitive nor claim to be.

Exotic Creatures

Ximaro has been observed on various occasions publicly aquiring several creatures which he raises and provides only the best care and handling keeping them safe from hunters. Some of the creatures Ximaro openly acknowledges possession of include 2 Geejaw, a Wampa, a Gundark, a Katarn, a D`oemir Bear, a Tauntaun among many others.


Born of father Ba`adblood Jix, Ximaro served as the oldest of several siblings in the darkest pits of Falleen Prime. Rather than embrace a life of servitude to the noble houses of the planet, Ximaro embraced his 2nd class citizenry and began to go against the grain. Ximaro's father, a full blood Falleen, was known for using his pheromones to get the attention of many females which lead to many children being born, some of which not even fully Falleen as he would take on many partners. Brother Xakic Jix, Ximaro often thought exhibited more traits of a Clawdite then a Falleen. Chokk Ovin Jix came from a Klatoonian mother and had powerful Klatoonian features while brother Xerik whom Ximaro saw briefly as a baby and Xabull looked like traditional Falleen. The exact amount of Jix siblings remains unknown, though in recent times many speculate Ximaro is the last of the Jix siblings living.

Ximo Jobal of Dread and his brother Xer`rac Jobal, the deceased president of Nova Demons swoop gang chapter, are cousins to the Jix bloodline.

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