Yaneta Ora

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Yaneta Ora
Yaneta Ora Holocron Main Picture 1.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Clan Ora
Mother Vebe Ora, née Lii
Father Donn Ora
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings Rubenn Ora (younger brother)
Safina Ora (younger sister)
Children None
Born Year 0 (23 years)
Died Year 23
Languages Ryl
Galactic Basic
Religion Jedi
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.76 meters
Weight Slim, endomorph
Coloring Purple
Eye Color Emerald green
Political Information
Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Jedi Praxeum
Rank O-1 (RA)
Jedi Padawan (JP)
Awards Academic Excellence (Year 23)
Rebel of the Month (April 2022)

Yaneta Ora was a civil engineer in the Rebel Alliance, and a Jedi Padawan of the Jedi Praxeum. She was a female Twi'lek native to the planet Ryloth, where she had grown up and spent most of her life. In her early twenties, she had developed sympathies for the Rebel Alliance and its cause, and decided to leave her homeworld in order to join the fight against Imperial tyranny.

In Year 23, Yaneta graduated from the Alliance's academy with a reward for academic excellence, and joined its civilian branch as a civil engineer. Afterwards, she was found to be Force Sensitive and was taken in as a student of the newly formed Jedi Praxeum. Unfortunately, Yaneta became one with the Force that same year.


Early Life (Year 0 - Year 23)

In Year 0, Yaneta was born into Clan Ora - an old Twi'lek bloodline - which lived in Ryloth's capital city of Kala'uun. She was the first child and daughter of Donn and Vebe Ora, and had a one year younger brother named Rubenn, and a three years younger sister called Safina. The three siblings grew up on Vao's Street, where the Ora clan owned a couple of adjacent houses that had gradually fused together over the generations. The Ora family had always been a tight unit, and this was no different for Yaneta and her cousins. They grew up often playing and learning together throughout their early childhood, and into their early teens as well.

The Ora family was well known on Vao's Street for their craftsmanship in jewellery making, their artful practice of commerce and trade, as well as their talented street performers bringing Twi'lek dance and song to life. As such, Yaneta helped her parents at their vendor stalls in Kala'uun's market squares already as a young girl, yet started to be actively prepared for a role in the daily commerce and trade of Kala'uun during her early teens. Once she had reached early adolescence, Yaneta's parents started to entrust their oldest daughter with the responsibility of managing a couple of market stalls by herself, which she did with profitable success. Over the years that followed, the young Twi'lek continued to improve upon her skills in bartering and trading, while gaining a reliable source of income for herself and her family.

Throughout her adolescent years, Yaneta had befriended a number of young and idealistic Twi'lek who bore sympathies for the Rebel Alliance and its allies, and their fight against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire and its cabal of associates. Inevitably, these sentiments had also rubbed off on Yaneta, who started to become aware of the state of the galaxy, and the influences that held sway over the wider universe. At the start of Year 23, several of Yaneta's friends had chosen to actually join the fight against the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union, and one by one they started to leave behind their lives on Ryloth. Many of them tried to convince Yaneta to join them, to pledge herself to a greater ideal, yet initially she refused out of loyalty to her family. However, as time went on, and the arguments to join the fight against the Empire piled on, Yaneta realised that if tyranny was not actively fought and opposed, it would eventually come onto the doorstep of her family as well. This realisation was what made the young Twi'lek decide to join the Rebel Alliance, so that she might help to ensure that her family would never come to live under the yolk of Imperial tyranny. With great pain in her heart, but confident in her desire to protect her loved ones, Yaneta parted ways with her parents, siblings and other family members, and made way for the Rebel Alliance's Academy to begin her new life.

A Rebel and Jedi (Year 23 - Present)

After her arrival at the Academy, Yaneta enrolled within the Rebel Alliance's civilian educational track. In the months that followed, Yaneta proved to be a diligent and dutiful student, and managed to graduate with an Alliance reward for academic excellence. She became a civil engineer, and received her first assignment in the Tythe system shortly thereafter. During her work for the Rebel Alliance in the Tythe system, Yaneta came under the supervision of a member of the Knight of the Rebellion, who quickly picked up on her - until then - hidden Force Sensitivity. She was given the option to continue to keep her gift a secret, or to join the order of Force Sensitives serving the Rebel Alliance. Yaneta chose the latter, and as the Knights of the Rebellion were transitioning into the Jedi Praxeum at that time, she joined its newly reformed ranks as a Jedi Padawan, while continuing her work as a civil engineer for the Alliance.

During her service to the Rebel Alliance, Yaneta became one with the Force in Year 23.


Yaneta was a kind-hearted individual by nature, and had a genuine drive to be a help to the people around her. She valued honesty, fairness, kindness and loyalty, while she shunned apathy, ruthlessness and narrow-mindedness. An optimist in heart and soul, she believed that most people in the galaxy were capable of doing good, yet that too many came under negative influences and were driven to do harm instead. As such, she was convinced that it was the duty of those who chose to do good to help clear the galaxy from those negative influence, and to bring light to the hopeless and despaired. However, she was aware that those negative influences wouldn't always flee from the light on their own, and often would have to be forced to do so, at times by extreme measures. As such, Yaneta tended to avoid violence at all costs, but she would defend what she held dear or what she believed in if no other alternative remained.

Generally, Yaneta could have been considered as pleasant company, even if she tended to be shy and introverted. She was often willing to provide a listening ear to those who needed it, or to simply be present with someone for support and comfort, even if it was in companionable silence. The more she came to trust another person or grew closer to them, the more she opened up and became more talkative and sociable. Those who knew her closest often remarked positively on her jolly sense of humour, and catchy laughter. Similarly, they would say Yaneta showed both her humour and laughter too sparingly, and that she should take things and affairs less seriously. As far too often a joke went over her lekku, while she took its meaning too literally.

Yaneta's primary motivator was hope: hope for a better future, hope for a peaceful galaxy, hope for a life free of oppression for her family. As a result, she firmly believed in the cause of the Rebel Alliance and its allies to oppose the tyranny of the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union. It should therefore come as not surprise that as a Force User, Yaneta aspired to grow ever closer to the Light Side of the Force.


Yaneta had a beautiful purple skin complexion with smooth skin and a youthful glow. She stood 1,76 meters tall and had a slim, endomorph physique. Her emerald green eyes complemented her natural carnation and she often wore makeup of a similar green hue to underline the colour of her eyes. She had proportionate and symmetrical facial features that seemed to align with her inner warmth and kindness, while a soft friendly smile appeared to never fade from her lips. Yaneta had a decorative pattern of spherical tattoos running over the length of her lekku, and a traditional Twi'lek tiara handcrafted by her family adorned her head.

Yaneta's usual attire.

Yaneta usually wore a sleeveless tunic of black and brown leathery hide with a pair of black tie-up boots that went beyond the knees. Yet, she appeared to have a stylish and diverse wardrobe with attire seemingly tailored to every occasion. Generally speaking, Yaneta carried herself with an air of openness and approachability, and often greeted both strangers and friends alike with a kind expression and empathetic gaze.

Powers & Abilities

While she was a relative novice in the ways of the Force, Yaneta had become proficient in using the basic abilities most Force Users were familiar with. As she had chosen to be an adherent of the Light Side of the Force, she focused her initial training on mastering the powers of healing and the more mystical aspects of the Force. Yaneta yearned to uncover the deeper truths of the enigmatic power that bound all of the galaxy together, and so she devoted much of her free time to studying the nature of the Force. In this way, she followed the traditions and customs of the Jedi Consulars of old, and focused more on learning the ways of the Force than the martial abilities it granted access to. Most of her knowledge came from her Master, yet she supplemented his lessons with the knowledge and teachings of the Jedi Masters of old, by studying ancient tomes and manuscripts that had been written during the age of the Old Republic.

Despite her focus on the more mystical and scholarly aspects of the Force, Yaneta didn't neglect her physical and martial training. While relying on an old-fashioned vibroblade, she had learned how to defend herself and those around her with non-projectile weapons, while she had developed a basic understanding of lightsaber combat. Nonetheless, she often relied on projectile weaponry, having been trained in its use by martially adept family members on Ryloth.

As she grew up on Ryloth, Yaneta was raised bilingually and was taught both Ryl - the language of the Twi'lek - and Huttese. Later in life, she also had taught herself Galactic Basic and quickly became proficient in its use. As a result, she spoke each language without a discernible accent and was considered a near-native speaker of each.