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Yarbles Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi'leki
Homeworld Ryloth
Died Circa Year 3
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color No hair
Eye Color Reddish-orange
Political Information
Affiliation New Anzat Order
Title Prime Minister (Year 3 Day 70)
Minister of Defense (prior to coup)
Prior Affiliation Fernandin Scouting Exploration

Yarbles was a Twi'leki male from Ryloth and the first individual to use the formal title of Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order. Prior to his blood-spattered ascension as Prime Minister, Yarbles was the ambitious power hungry Minister of Defense for the fledgling Anzatan military and, on Year 3 Day 70, he unexpectedly seized power in the capital city of Nova Anzatia via a violent coup d'etat later known as the Panaceas Revolution. He is credited with reviving the latter government after a scandal-ridden period of corrupt barons and laying the groundwork for its eventual transformation into a galactic superpower. Due to his considerable administrative successes and his almost legendary role in Anzatan history, later historians often concealed the fact that he was a Twi'lek and erroneously described him as a supernaturally-gifted, pure-blooded Anzati. It is unknown if Yarbles was just power hungry or had the New Anzat Order best interests at heart. He had dislikes and like and historians concealed his dislikes of many races due to the New Anzat Order was meant to be a peaceful Government for all races not just a few.


A Shrouded Past

Little is known of Yarbles' early life prior to his pivotal role in Anzatan history. Fragmented Imperial records indicate that, circa Year 2, Yarbles was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fernandin Scouting Exploration,[1] a sizable transportation company that also specialized in mapping new hyperspace routes. He eventually resigned his duties with the latter organization and volunteered for the ramshackle Anzatan military. Due to his charismatic persona and quick intellect, he quickly rose through the Anzatan ranks to become the Minister of Defense for Baron Arca Fenris, a narcissistic plutocrat greatly disliked by his Anzati subjects and renowned for his barbaric cruelty.

At this time, the New Anzat Order had been plagued by an unending cavalcade of selfish barons who ruled over the Anzati people with an iron fist. These corrupt magnates — notably Barons Vyk Drago and Arca Fenris — cared little for the welfare of the Anzati populace and abused their authority by embezzling state funds, as well as liquidating ships, vehicles, and even whole cities for personal gain. Shocked by such contemptible behavior, Yarbles privately conveyed his displeasure with Baron Fenris' rule to businessman Eldrik Kuraine of Infinite Innovations Inc and Kuraine clandestinely agreed to support Yarbles if he chose to launch a coup d'etat against Fenris.

Path to Glory


On Year Day 70, angered by the incessant abuse of power by Baron Fenris, Yarbles exploited his privileges as the Minister of Defense and appointed himself as Commander-in-Chief of the Anzatan Army. One of his first abuse of power was that any or all former leaders of the once great New Anzat Order were to be force to leave the New Anzat Order. As Yarbles never like wookiees, tried to assassinate former Chieftain Baron Bear, but missed. Bear was recruited personally by Dunkler Klerus to found the Royal Anzat navy, which was reason enough for Yarbles to expel Bear. Storming the capital city of Nova Anzatia, he led what is now called "the Panaceas Revolution."[2] During this violent tumult, rioting broke out across the city as Baron Fenris' personal bodyguard engaged Minister Yarbles' shock troops in brutal street-by-street combat. The bloody revolt lasted one week and culminated with the much-celebrated expulsion of Baron Fenris from Anzatan space.[2]

Now firmly in power and viewed as a latter-day messiah by his Anzati subjects, Yarbles proclaimed himself to be the first Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order and established the collectivist ideology that would long hold sway over the Anzati government. He rebuilt the Anzatan Navy and initiated a housing project for those refugees displaced during the Panaceas Revolution. Many Citizens were killed. He also began the laborious process of diversifying the weak economy of the New Anzat Order and his economic reforms resulted in increased state revenue.

In addition to his economic initiatives, Yarbles also sought to broaden diplomatic support for the Anzati people by seeking new allies in the galaxy. On Year 3 Day 172, Yarbles led a diplomatic mission to the temperate world of Bastion and, after lengthy negotiations with Princess Gabriella Storm, he signed a controversial friendship treaty with Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire, an Imperial separatist movement headquartered in the Outer Rim Territories. The pact affirmed the sovereignty of both governments and pledged their mutual support, a symbolic gesture that greatly offended the Rebel Alliance. However, in defense of his actions, Yarbles insisted that relations between the Rebels and the Anzatis had been irreparably strained since before he assumed power. Allegedly, the Rebel Alliance had previously threatened to attack the New Anzat Order when Baron Cyrus was ruler circa Year 2.[3]


Following the initial success of his reign, Yarbles secretly informed his personal assistant and protege Malakai Brooks that he would not continue to serve as Prime Minister. Yarbles requested that Brooks be prepared to succeed him in the event of his unexpected retirement or disappearance. Shortly thereafter, Yarbles departed his beloved Anzat and reportedly steered his personal spaceship into a nearby sun. A state funeral was held in his honor and hundreds of thousands of Anzati subjects mourned their departed leader. With the demise of Yarbles, Malakai Brooks became the next Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order. Brooks would lead the Anzatan people to one of their greatest military successes at the Battle of Ingo against the piratical forces of Warlord Venom Kazvar.

Species Controversy

Contrary to popular belief and the revisionist mythology of the New Anzat Order, Yarbles was not a member of the Anzati species but a pale-skinned Twi'lek with red eyes and pointed teeth. Nevertheless, following his ascension as Prime Minister, Yarbles became a faithful devotee to the Anzati way of life and purportedly even took an Anzati female as his bride.

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Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order
Preceded By:
Arca Fenris
Year 3 Day 70 — Unknown
Succeeded By:
Malakai Brooks