Yinn Dax Parsu

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Yinn Dax Parsu
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother unknown
Father Dax Zam Parsu
Marital Status married
Spouse unknown
Born -997c
Died -923c
Languages Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 Meters (Athletic)
Coloring tanned
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color brown
Political Information
Affiliation Alderaanian Royal Family

Early Years

Yinn’s birth was covered in a mystery, as his father’s name was Dax Zam Parsu yet his mother’s name was not entered, all that was written is deceased! It was not until his thirty four times great grandson and also Appan Parsu's brother, Boro Qel Parsu started to expand on the family tree that the true began to come to light. Yinn’s childhood was interwoven with the royal family’s two remaining children! This could be innocently explained away with attending the same school, been friends, Yinn’s father been a part of the royal court etc. But on closer investigation it because apparent that there was some other reason for the closeness.

Yinn’s father Dax had been a member of the Alderaanian royal court of King Feolex Nc’Taan. It is also documented that he’d taken part in the Ruusan campaign, it is unknown if he was force sensitive but it is reasonable to guess he was not as he survived to return to Alderaan becoming Captain of the Alderaanian Royal Guards!

During the Ruusan campaign he did however suffer badly, having lost both legs as his medical records reviled! In their place like most in his position he had robotic limbs. It was during his remaining time as Captain that his son Yinn was born, at the same time the Queen gave birth to the royal family’s last child. The child was named Yinn Tigrous Dax Harry Zavior Nc’Taan, born on the same day as Yinn Dax Parsu, but died in birth! Nothing out of the ordinary on the surface, but for the discrepancy with Yinn Dax Parsu birth cert and the nature of the King and Queens relationship!

Queen Yolanda Nc’Taan, was married to the flamboyant King Feolex Nc’Taan merely to produce a heir. Rumours and some evidence were that he was in fact was not interested in women but had several male lovers! But the time the Queen had Yinn it has become relevant that she had a love of her own. Dax would fit the love as he would be lavished with luxuries from the King and Queen, as too did his son Yinn as he was given education fit for a royal. It is guessed that the King also knew of their relationship as it was noted in several ‘letters’.

Yinn was to follow his fathers footsteps at the age of fifteen joining the Alderaanian Military school, and became a Major and been decorated for several theatres of war!