Zack Ati

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Zack Ati
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Caileen Amijil
Father Reginald Frio Ati
Born Year -5
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire



Zack Ati's Father, Reginald Frio Ati, was a security officer on the planet Correlia. He met Zack's mother, a women from Naboo while guarding The Correlian National Bank. Zack's Mother, Princess Caileen Amijil from naboo decided to move to Corellia after her royal family was deemed unworthy of royalty. Eventually Reginald maried Caileen and after a few years later Zack was born.

Early life

Zack was born in the Mountain city of Ida, north of correlia's main star port. The city was a small city ith not much into it but their was a squad of stormtroopers that marched through the city each day. Zack from the age of three admired these stormtroopers and wished to be like them.

When it was time for Zack to go to school, Reginald hired a private tutor to teach him the ways of life including piloting and weapons usage. One of Zacks fieldtrips included a visit to an imperial outpost north west of Ida. From that day on Zack vowed to join the Empire and fight for Glory and respect.

Teen Years-- a great tragedy

When Zack was 15 years old he took a job at Ida municipal Library. During his time at the library he discovered that his mother was formally Naboo royalty. A bounty hunter also at the library overheard him murmuring to himself about it.

Five days later Zack's mother disappeared from Ida. The only clue to her whereabouts was a note that said 'Count Frida Gione'. Frida was the man who had exiled Zack's mother's family and ordered her death. After Zack and Reginald realized she was most likely dead they moved away from Ida and Correlia to another imperial planet.

Desert Gang

When Zack and his dad moved to Samaria, a desert planet, Zack's father took up a job as a bouncer at a local cantina. Zack was forced to spend his non-school days at the cantina, eventually becoming a busboy. One day at the age of sixteen Zack met up with a couple of Teenagers who formed a gang called Black Eye's.

The Black Eyes 'mission' was to cause trouble across the planet of Samaria. Zack joined the Black Eyes and as he had experience driving small vehicles he was their get away driver. For several months the Black Eyes caused trouble around Samari and gave many people black Eyes.

Robery and Consequences

Zack and the Black eyes decided to rob the Samaria National Bank. After weeks of planning they attempted to rob the bank and failed. Zack and the rest of the gang were forced to spend 6 months on various Imperial planet prison's. Zack was forced to spend his time in a mine on the planet of Thorgeld I. After 6 months of work he was legally released but he decided to continue his work until he was 18 and could join the imperial army.

The academy

When Zack was 18 he joined the imperial academy and spent four years trying to become a pilot. After years of hard work and practice he graduated the imperial academy and joined the imperial navy as a Crewman.