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Posted by Tork Bendor on Year 5 Day 188

Onboard the YV-666 Soyokaze at galactic position (116, 37).

The holoscreen flickers and comes alive with a now-known logo: Zaltin Corporation. The same person stands there, like last time, he looks a bit confused while looking over a datapad in his hands, then looks up, smiles and speaks.

Well as we all can see the GE has been passing out spice to their Moffs again. I will assure the galaxy that our cities are at Thyferra. Not only have they not been destroyed, but we have doubled the refugee's occupancy in our camps. We will ask for as much assistance as possible, as the camps seem to be filling faster than imagined.

Now on to the facts...

1. AT-ATs?

Yes, reports have been confirmed, that they are planet side.

2. Do we still work within the borders of Thyferra?

Yes, Zaltin has seen no issues in continuing their growth on Thyferra... Our cities remain intact with no issues.

3. Have our cities been damaged or even all of them found yet?

No, not one casualty has been reported from any city of ours on Thyferra.

4. Does the almighty Galactic Empire have full control of Thyferra?

Well... take a look for yourself....

pressing a button on his datapad an image appears

(Bigger Map)

So citizens of the galaxy, I ask you... Who has been removed from Thyferra by this great all knowing Empire? ... Not Zaltin... Maybe their new Imperial Intelligence has confused some other unfortunate group with us.

Because we all hate to think this elder Moff has become so senile that he can no longer tell fact from fiction with in his own mind. But the fact remains that there are possible medical repercussions in those types of situations... and we at Zaltin extent a free full medical exam to assist Moff Ismay in his time of need... if this is such the case...

Also... I'm not sure if the Empire know, but while they where enslaving the Vratix, their heavy hands took the life of their leader. My offer of help was heard and in response their new leader asked for a meeting with myself. During this meeting we struck a bargain where the Vratix would work for free in return for use of Zaltin's refugee camps. This will of course help keep the price of our production down to a minimum and help us pass on low priced bacta products to our customers. We our proud to have allied with such a race as the Vratix.

The screen fades out into the Zaltin logo...