Zee Torian

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Zee Torian
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Born Year -8, Day 244
Languages Galactic Basic, Twi'leki
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Signature ZeeTorianSignature.png

Zee Torian, commonly referred to as Z, is a Twi'lek fighter from Ryloth with a keen intellect. While her initial years in the galaxy were spent in the pursuit of knowledge of the mystic ways, as she grew older her desire for pain and destruction grew. Spending a large amount of time travelling the galaxy, using her body to earn credits on the exotic circuit, she used her talents of manipulation to make ends meet. Attracted to all those talented within the domain of the dark arts, she also is openly attracted to both men and women of all walks of life. Her more recent activities have had her occupying the Tion Cluster, aligning herself with a close friend, Lara Navos.

Start from the Top

Bring All the Knowledge to Me

Zee was born in unknown circumstances. her first memory was being an occupant of the Ryloth Orphanage within the city of Kala'uun. Unable to ascertain her beginnings or parentage from the staff at the facility, Zee was branded an orphan and immediately began to struggle with her circumstances. Unable to make friends with other occupants, Zee kept to herself, learning to read and write at an early age, showing a fascination towards criminal reports and historical artefacts. When the facility was closed and moved to the adjacent city of R'lyek by orders of the governing Tenloss Syndicate, Zee was informed the political outreach programs were unable to maintain her living, and cast her out into the city as a vagrant. As her distaste for the local government grew, Zee focused on building her finances with the intent of leaving the planet and heading for the enriching knowledge that could be found on Alderaan.

Moving between halfway houses outside the city in the criminal underbelly, Zee learnt the skill of slight of hand quickly. Secreting books, datapads and credits throughout her clothes became second nature, allowing her to grow her finances while enriching her knowledge on business, finance and the basics of military combat scenarios. Around the time of her seventh birthday, the Twi'lek had accumulated enough to purchase a transport offworld, bribing her way past a city official onto a Sprint-class Rescue Craft bound for Alderaan.

Ignoring the immigration processes of the Tenloss government, Zee slipped through processing by immersing herself into the luggage of an unknowing Advoze, before moving into a local Library. Using her previous knowledge she had obtained through her reading, she identified a small room in the Library where she was able to sleep and live throughout the evenings, avoiding patrols of security droids and cameras. She spent most nights reading whatever she could get her hands on, rarely venturing outside as she was focused on learning new and exciting talents. As the years went by and she passed the age of ten, Zee eventually found access into the various locked rooms of the Library, many of which contained books on the more mystic ways of the galaxy. Spending great amounts of time, she meticulously began reading about the force and its various walks of life throughout the galaxy.

Intent of understanding the ways of the force firsthand, Zee began to investigate ways of travel towards Dagobah. Quickly understanding that such transportation across the galaxy would be rather expensive, she need to find additional sources of funding. Just over the age of fourteen, she secured a position serving alcohol at a tavern, manipulating the owner into hiring her. She worked for a number of years at the tavern, quickly embracing the various vices of the galaxy, including alcohol, deathsticks and ryll. As her affinity for drugs increased, she began to develop a lust for sex and violence, almost begging patrons to be violent so she could watch and occasionally join in on the action. Upon turning eighteen, she left the establishment with enough credits to travel, setting her sights on Dagobah and the Jedi Academy that awaited her.

Zee desperate to understand the dark ways.

Upon arriving, she travelled immediately towards a known temple that various Jedi frequented. Sensing no affinity to the force inside her, the Jedi cast her aside, not giving her a moment to explain her situation and her desires. Angry and frustrated, Zee moved into a nearby town to assess her next move. Spending several days in a drunken haze, trading one sexual partner for another as her mental state began to fill with depression, she eventually came across someone who appeared different that the others. While she spent the night with the woman, she felt a tantalising aroma while with her, but also felt a force taking hold of her senses, one outside the physicality of the woman. When raising questions with the woman, Zee was swiftly met with a mystical choke around her throat. Instead of struggling, Zee simply smiled, moaning as she welcomed the mystical embrace. Instead of continuing, Zee's companion released her grasp, instead taking her to a private facility. Hidden among the caves, Zee was imparted knowledge of the Sith Order, opening her knowledge of the force and its various ways. Instead of shying away from the brutality, Zee began to embrace it, lusting for more knowledge. After numerous requests, she was granted access to a holocron, something Zee failed to comprehend as she was overwhelmed with information. Collapsing, the Twi'lek passed out, waking a number of days later, alone.

Use the Knowledge, Embrace It

Unable to locate the woman again, Zee accepted the knowledge she had, purchasing transport off the planet in search of more. Taking an unorthodox route, she found herself on the criminal planet of Cadinth, in the realm of the Tion Hegemony government. Keeping a low profile among the various bars the city had to offer, the Twi'lek snorted, smoked and drank her way to unconsciousness on a number of occasions. While the lust for knowledge had gripped her for so many years, she was now obsessed with learned more about the dark arts, despite her lack of affinity to the force. Without a clear direction on how to proceed, she spent her time assessing various options, while working from time-to-time on small hauling projects as a freelancer to make ends meet.

As she continued to drink throughout the days and nights, she eventually met a Kuati, Kiffar hybrid named Lara Navos. As the woman was looking for criminals and mercenaries for a small assignment for the Hegemony government, Zee immediately took a liking to the woman. Sitting at the bar, she watched the woman take on eight fighters by herself, standing tall as each fighter fell before her. Purchasing the official a drink at the conclusion of the battle, Zee explained her current predicament and advised her interest in working on the assignment to keep the credits rolling in. Instead of offering the assignment, Lara instead decided to offer a more private assignment. Lara promised to help in whatever way she could, as long as Zee would work with her on a day-to-day basis, both on Hegemony assignments, and those of a more 'personal' nature. Biting her lip, Zee welcomed the arrangement, taking a liking to the woman's attitudes and looks. The various mannerisms aroused her, and could sense the two of them would be a formidable duo.

Working with Lara, they continued to move through Hegemony space on various assignments. Both quenched with a lust for violence, they maintained an allegiance to the government, however both continued to obtain citations and warning from officials as their attitudes were frowned upon publicly.