Zee Wolf the Younger

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Zee Wolf the Younger
Zee Wolf the Younger Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Father Zee Wolf the Elder
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Zee Wolf the Younger was the Pro Consul of Emperor Vodo Bonias' Galactic Empire, and the Director of Imperial Intelligence circa Year 8. His father, Zee Wolf the Elder, was a former Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance. Thus there have been two Zee Wolfs in the galaxy: Zee Wolf the Elder, who led the Rebel Alliance during its golden age circa Year -1 and his son, Zee Wolf the Younger.


The younger Zee Wolf began his career in the Galactic Empire as the Minister of Truth with responsibility for running the Empire's public relations from the Ministry of Truth on Coruscant. Wolf was widely credited with improving the Empire's public image in a series of broadcasts over the GNS which were noted for being apparently benign and warm but with sinister undercurrents.

Towards the end of Year 6, Wolf also took over Imperial Intelligence, reforming the ailing organization into the larger more slick Directorate of Imperial Intelligence. Within a few days of the beginning of Year 7, Wolf was appointed Pro Consul and became the Emperor's right hand and general troubleshooter. On a practical level he tends to take responsibility for intelligence, security and the Armed Forces in the Galactic Empire.

Zee Wolf's personal propaganda portrays him as a grandfatherly, warm individual with a dry sense of humor. This does however rather betray the facts that Wolf has ordered the execution of a range of individuals, including a bank clerk who he felt 'insulted him'; approved large-scale operations against the XXX Miners and New Imperial Order ("counter-terrorism operations") and whose own training scheme for DII Intelligence Officers suggests that Imperial spies should 'identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in individuals, and exploit them'. Wolf's father would not exactly be proud.

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