Zenith Transportation

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Zenith Transportation
Zenith Transportation Logo Year 2.jpg
General Information
Motto "Consider yourself there!"
Status Defunct
Leader Tritian Malia
Historical Information
Founder Jake Kiltar[1]
Founded Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Blazing Pulsar Exploration
Industry Transportation Provider
Holosite Zenith Transportation

Zenith Transportation was an interstellar shipping corporation that was founded by Jake Kiltar existed circa Year 2. The entity was a corporate partner of Blazing Pulsar Exploration. On Year 2 Day 11, Tritian Malia was appointed Vice President of the company. He would later become the president and owner of Zenith Transportation. Notable personnel of this company included Max Steele, Treize, and Garett the Noghri.



"Zenith Transportation is the premiere way to send cargo or to travel throughout the galaxy. There is no cargo we cannot deliver, no destination we can not reach, and no private company that can claim to rival the comfort we provide on our passenger trips. We are constantly tailoring our services to give our customer the safety and comfort they demand. Request Zenith Transportation for your next trip, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We also understand that no cargo is as important as the cargo that you trust us to deliver. On time, fast and reliable service and our commitment to quality is what make Zenith Transportation the leading choice of citizens throughout the galaxy."


Personal Transfer: Ships with Max Hyperspeed of 3

  • 120 Credits per day per person.

Ships with Max Hyperspeed of 4

  • 150 Credits per day per person.

Ships with Max Hyperspeed of 5+

  • 200 Credits per day per person.

Business Personel Transfer:

  • 1000 Credits per day per 10 employees.
  • 550 Credits per day per 5 employees.
  • 120 Credits per day per single employee.

Short Term Storage Services:

  • 250 Credits per unit of volume per week.
  • 950 Credits per unit of volume per month.

General Cargo Transportation:

  • 250 Credits per unit of volume with weight of .5 or below per unit per day
  • 500 Credits per unit of volume with weight of above .5 per unit per day


  • Zenith Transportation Banner Year 2.gif

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