Zhadum Dharun

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Race: Falleen

Zhadum Dharun was a high ranking member of the SoroSuub Conglomerate prior to the merger with the New Republic. He was a member of Riviera Ship Shop (RSS), where he quickly rose up the ranks. He was second in command of RSS when Maradin Sandwalker led the company. Zhadum helped oversee SoroSuub's early tax planet projects and helped in the creation of the SoroSuub Academy. Shortly before the NR merger, he was appointed Chief Executive of RSS. After the NR merger, Zhadum was made Associate Minister of Shipbuilding under the NR's first MoT&I Alph Virphen. When Alph become High Marshal of the SFC, Dharun was made Minister of Trade and Industry. He served as MoT&I for several months, before leaving the NR to pursue personal goals.

Awards and Ribbons

  • Sorosuub Letter of Commendation