Zibbi Hizk

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Zibbi Hizk
Biographical Information
Race Born Kubaz Now Human
Homeworld Kubindi
Mother Data Corrupt
Father Data Corrupt
Spouse Data Corrupt
Siblings Data Corrupt
Children Data Corrupt
Born Year -16 Day 121
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.4m
Coloring Standard
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Alliance Special Operations
Title None
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Positions Classified
Prior Affiliation None
""Zizz zzinni zinz zzizz""
— Zibbi, speaking in his native tongue


Early Life

Escaping Kubindi

As a youth Zibbi had not much to look forward to upon his home world of Kubindi. The local clans were warring with one another over food and land, as was the usual. He was born in a village known in the common tongue as Fresh Food Here, or Zzzni zinzziz Izzz in the Kubaz tongue. The young child was often forced to seek and hunt his own food, which came natural enough for him the boy was always beyond his age in athletics and cunning. As he grew in age however, the locals were less and less forgiving about a Zizziziz Zinzzzi, No-Clanner in common, hunting their grounds and taking from them. After several warnings Zibbi was finally apprehended for his crimes, and was sentenced to be executed for theft, charging him with every count for any mistake he had ever made growing up. Many in his home village were outraged because Zibbi fed many poor off of what little he could bring back and saved many lives with the food he could ration - yet the elders of the clans were deciding him unfit to live among them. What they did not know is that the young man was a natural escape artist, and was beyond adept in using stealth to his advantage. He broke out of jail, and blended within the same city for four days before finding an escape. A shuttle taking medical supplies to and from Kubindi was left unattended and it was there he stowed himself away in a wiring compartment for the duration of the hyper journey.

A Fated Meeting

At some point during the journey the ship was ambushed by the infamous Dark Star Hellions. Unable to defend themselves, the ship gave up almost immediately. A boarding party lead by, at that point in time, Vice President Seth Haze. Feeling that he was safe if he just stayed hidden, Zibbi did not know that the man leading the assault was also a Dark Jedi. Seth knew something was wrong on the ship, he sensed seven lives but only six were accounted for - as a result the Hellions began to execute crew members, believing they were hiding a possible enemy or VIP worth money. Zibbi could not see the murders, but he could hear them quite well and they were not fast at all. The sounds of torture were unique to him, and it brought back the horrid memories of his people being enslaved and tortured by the Empire. Enraged by this Zibbi burst from the compartment and was able to grab one of the hellions DL-44s and kill two of Seth's boarding party. The Dark Jedi was amazed at first, but quickly reacted using the force to choke the young Kubaz out. The remaining Hellions wanted to kill him for what he had just done, but Seth would not have it. He ordered that the Zibbi be taken to their ship, given full medical treatment, and was to not be harmed at all.

Upon waking Zibbi felt nourished and healthier than he had in quite some time. The medical droid informed him that he had been out for three days, and was near death from starvation and dehydration when brought aboard - but that his health was back to normal. He was also told that he was not to leave the medical bay that a Hellions Officer would be meeting him there. Zibbi had never heard of DSH, nor had he ever had a reason to - but the fact they brought him back to health meant a lot to him, and he grasped he was at least worth something alive to them. It did not take long for Seth to retrieve Zibbi from the medical bay and take him to private location on an unknown world to talk. The Vice President told the Kubaz that for someone that was not attuned to the force, he had remarkable abilities and skill with an unlimited amount of untapped potential. He told him that he had looked into the boys future and saw great success and victory. He also saw that Zibbi was to become his protege, but he also warned him that death, sadness, and pain would go hand in hand with this future. Despite the risks, Zibbi gladly accepted his place at Seth's side, ready and willing to become a Hellion. Little did he know that Seth did not have the hellions in mind at all - Zibbi was to be trained for the next ten years to become a future special operative for the Alliance Special Operations...

The Training

Life under Warlord Haze was nothing easy, and harsh was an understatement. Zibbi faced dangers that most Sith Apprentice's would tremble at, and each time he managed to overcome and succeed - which astonished his mentor. It was no huge secret that for the first year of his training Zibbi hated Seth, and Seth merely used Zibbi as a source of amusement to see how much the young man could take. However after some time the two become close. Seth did not believe in love, nor did he believe in friendship - but he did believe in brotherhood, and over the period of time it took to train Zibbi he came to see the kubaz as a brother more than a disciple. The Kaleesh taught the young man much about the ways of the galaxy, both the underworld and the ways of gentlemen. He taught him the way of the blaster, and the way of the pen. Many believed Seth to be an uneducated brute but the truth was he was just as much a diplomat as he was a killer, and he proved this when he passed the knowledge on to Zibbi.

After nearly four years of training on remote and populated worlds alike it came time for what Seth always referred to as "The Test". One of many to come, but this one meant more than anything to the two. An Imperial ambassador by the name of Zedrick Maltrif was to arrive at the world of Coruscant. It was Zibbi's job to track down, assess, and assassinate the diplomat all without the help of his mentor. It was a very daunting task because the young assassin would be working in the heart of the enemy. His mentor had told him, if he succeeded at this he could succeed in everything else, and to keep belief in his abilities but to never allow false confidence to cloud his judgement.

Adult Life

Awards and Ribbons

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Award Name

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Combat Arrest Ribbon

Xakic Jix

Y15 D300