Zoe di Vigne

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Zoe di Vigne
Zoe Holocron.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Marital Status Married
Spouse Avelyn ca Vella & Mercedes Morgan
Age 18 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year 3 Day 127
Languages Galactic Basic, Droidspeak
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 184cm / 6'
Weight 71kg / 156.5lb
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate
Title Chief Operations Officer

Zoe di Vigne (born Year 3, 127) is an accomplished mechanic and the current COO of Cantrell Conglomerate.

Early Life

Zoe di Vigne was born on Coruscant in year 3, her parents made a living as junk mechanics in one of the many slum districts in the Coruscant Under-city. Although never having any formal training Zoe showed an aptitude for electromechanics and started repairing and refitting broken devices including complicated droid units at an early age. Spending a substantial amount of time with the droids she was repairing it wasn't long before Zoe started to understand their Droidspeak (Binary) which she has said has been an invaluable skill in her life. Her talent for mechanics was noticed early on and was often sort out by other companies for difficult or complicated work even finding herself with contracts at some of the various shipyards on the surface levels of the planet to repair some of the damaged starships that would come in.


Fath Industries

Zoe left Coruscant as a stow away on a trade freighter heading to Ord Cantrell arriving on Year 20, 310, it's not known why Zoe left Coruscant but rumours persist that her parents fell into a drug problem and lost their shop, Zoe has never publicly commented on the rumour. After arriving on Ord Cantrell Zoe went looking for work eventually approaching Avelyn ca Vella Guildmistress of Cantrell Consulting, during the interview Zoe displayed her skill by repairing an R4 droid in her office and was hired on the spot to maintain and repair equipment for Fath Industries one of the companies that operated as part of Cantrell Conglomerate. On Year 20, 342 Due to a company shake-up, Fath Industries CEO Mercedes Morgan was required to move into a larger role within the conglomerate, not wanting to leave a void in leadership at Fath it was decided that Zoe would temporarily take on the duties of running the company until further notice, it was announced on year 21 day 42 that the position had been made permanent. Zoe's term as CEO was marked by company stability and efficiency one example of this is the construction of a new company headquarters located closer to their Ord Cantrell operation's.

Cantrell Conglomerate COO

On Year 21 Day 86 Zoe was replaced as Fath Industries CEO by Sadie de Chatillon and took up the role of Chief Operations Officer for the wider conglomerate in order to manage some of the various ongoing company projects. Her appointment to the position was met with surprise and some concern from the wider public as she was very young and seemingly too inexperienced to be taking on such a senior role in an intergalactic conglomerate.

Personal Life

While it has not been confirmed it's speculated that Zoe is the live in paramour for Guildmistress Avelyn ca Vella and her partner Dr. Mercedes Morgan and has been spotted spending vast amounts of time at the couples estate as well as accompanying them to various events. When confronted on the topic Zoe made no comment but was noted as being visibly flustered.


Zoe has been a model for several low profile print campaigns since arriving on Ord Cantrell, most notably being a reoccurring model in the popular Wenches of Cantrell pin-up poster series where she was featured on the first poster released in the first, second and third series and was also one of the models featured in the Wenches Emotion series.