Zoya Alekea

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Zoya Alekea
Zoya alekea holocron image.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Voss
Mother Bria Tatiov-Alekea
Father Quinlan Alekea
Born Year -9 - Day 25
Died Year 19 - Day 151
Languages Galactic Basic, Tionese, Olys Corellisi (Old Corellian)
Religion Voss Mystics
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8 (175cm or 9.6 Bananas)
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Vargheim Enterprises
Rank Nemandir (Ship Captain)
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Signature Zoya alekea signature.png

Zoya Alekea (pronounced: [/zoʊɪɑː ælɛkɪɑ/]; born Year -9 - Day 25) was a twenty-eight years old female Tionese born on planet Voss. She was a former mercenary and freelance pilot, a former Guardman enlisted in the Tion Hegemony, and a Nemandir in the Veilhal Nomads at the time of her passing on Y19 - Day 151. An unknown incident occurred as she was traveling towards Kiffex aboard the Lictor Kara's Star, which was found adrift in deep space days after its last transmission. The medical authorities established blood loss as the cause of death.



Zoya was born in Meeshae, the capital and center of culture of the Tion Hegemony, on planet Voss, in the namesake system of the Allied Tion sector. She is the sole daughter of Quinlan Alekea, a deceased bounty hunter, and Bria Tatiov, a currently retired military pilot and navigator. Her parents were Hapan who had emigrated to the Tion Hegemony when they were children, along with their respective families.

Zoya’s father died when his Crescent X9 heavy courrier inexplicably crashed into the outer hull of trading post in the Spinax system. It is rumored that Quinlan covertly dubbed as a small-time smuggler, and that the bizarre accident that had tragically resulted in his death might have been the consequence of a failed business deal with a Hutt crime lord. Zoya learned of such rumors later in her life, when she became a mercenary. She was never able to confirm nor deny the stories surrounding her father.

Robbed of her father before she had a chance to even meet him, Zoya grew up following her mother from posting to posting. Deprived of her husband, the widow had joined the Tionese military in order to provide for herself and her child. In truth, the woman was a thrill seeker and an alcoholic who had never wanted to be a mother. Bria’s choice of career gave her the perfect excuse to experience the adrenaline rushes she sought, and in unison, be away from a daughter she had never wanted nor loved.

Zoya was left in the care of the civilian personnel assisting Tionese military families. As her mother moved from starship to starship all over the Hegemony’s controlled space, so did Zoya. She lived on Voss until six years of age, and on Gadon until she was ten. Later in her life, she experienced life on Desargorr, and finally on Belderone, where she turned eighteen and decided to leave her mother behind without hesitation.

Her teachers described Zoya as a bright and calm child, with a notable passion for astronomy and physics. Unbeknown to them, the little girl was tormented by a mother who mentally and physically assaulted her daughter whenever she was on leave. The woman would often imbibe dangerous amounts of alcohol for hours, which always resulted in physical violence at Zoya’s expenses. Considering the frequency of such episodes and their severity, the fact that Zoya is still alive could be seen as a considerable achievement. Terrified by her abusive mother, little Zoya often lied whenever she was asked about the bruises on her body.

Unfortunately, nobody truly understood the gravity of the situation and all that the child was going through at the hands of her heartless mother.


Bria's grievous behavior continued throughout Zoya's girlhood. During her studies, the young woman had already developed a deep fascination for space and space travel, which only grew exponentially as she continued to mature. She intensely desired to flee her mother and live among the stars, where no hard slap on her mouth and no kicks in her stomach, or lash on her back, would have haunted the meanders of her psyche.

Without proper and dedicated parent figures to teach her right from wrong, and with an increasing hatred for the wrongdoings of her mother, Zoya's own behavior became more and more erratic as she traversed the always delicate time of pubescence. Influenced by her mother’s violent actions, Zoya often resorted to extreme violence herself whenever she felt threatened by one of her classmates, even when the offense affecting her was nothing more than a juvenile joke meant in good fun. She had become so fearful of getting hurt that she was unable to properly assess a situation; even a prank was often considered a threat dangerous enough to justify violence.

Despite the patience and benevolence exhibited by various teachers who tried to assist her, Zoya was expelled from three different schools due to her unacceptable conduct. Her failures conjured her mother’s wrath upon her, who inevitably took advantage of her superior physical prowess to assail Zoya relentlessly. The more it happened, the more Zoya felt the need to escape to the stars and seek her own destiny, away from a troubled woman who was making her young life a never ending, painful nightmare.

Luck, as it happened, came to her aid.

Into the stars

When she was seventeen years of age, she met the first true friend, as well as the first love her life: Kymber Mirax, a female Corellian who had come to live next door, in the same apartment complex where Zoya resided on Belderone. The two girls immediately felt physically attracted to each other. Their budding friendship quickly evolved into a romantic relationship that eventually led Zoya to disclose all of her grievances.

Upon learning of Zoya's desperation and all that she had been forced to endure, Kymber wasted no time and dragged her girlfriend straight to her father, the Corellian Ezra Mirax, who was the owner, CEO, as well as the primary agent of Mirax Solutions, a small mercenary company that operated within the Tion Hegemony and its surrounding nations. After hearing the young woman’s story, Ezra proposed to take Zoya away from her cruel mother. The plan was to employ her in his company, as a junior mercenary, but only when she would have reached eighteen years of age. Zoya felt jubilant, as her birthday wasn't far away.

With the love of Kymber and the prospect of an exciting future, the last months before her departure were bearable and more serene than she was accustomed to. When Zoya communicated to her mother that she had the intention of leaving Belderone, the woman expressed approval and relief to finally be separated from her own flesh and blood. Bria’s reaction to the news was even more hurtful than all the beatings that Zoya had suffered throughout the years; even though the woman should have been locked up forever, Zoya still felt a modicum of affection for her. A mother is always a mother, she believed.

The day in which Zoya flew into the void of space for the very first time, aboard the Daring Kiros, Ezra’s Class 720 light freighter, marked the beginning of her adulthood and a new life that saw her becoming first a mercenary, and then a freelance pilot. With the worst now behind her, she dedicated all her time to her training and to her relationship with Kymber.

Soldier of fortune

Whenever he wasn't busy on a contract, Ezra Mirax personally trained Zoya to become the next mercenary in his company. From operating a blaster to negotiating with clients and piloting a starship, Zoya learned everything there was to learn about the business. It was evident from the beginning that Zoya possessed a natural inclination for the job, and for space operations in particular. In only a couple of years, when she was twenty years of age, she went on to become the company’s primary combat pilot.

Notable were Zoya's actions during a contract that had turned out to be an elaborate set-up by Rodian criminals looking to steal the Daring Kiros. While Ezra and two other mercenaries were pinned down in a frantic firefight at an isolated starport on planet Hermos, Zoya rushed out of cover to advance toward the company's freighter, exposing herself to considerable dangers. The ship was parked on its landing pad, which Zoya managed to reach after fatally shooting two Rodians who attempted to thwart her plans. Upon reaching the Daring Kiros, Zoya fired the ship's heavy lasers to discourage and disperse the rest of the criminal gang, creating an escape route for Ezra and his companions.

The incident confirmed that Zoya had the necessary skills, instincts and tactical acumen to survive and thrive as a mercenary, but it also initiated a rift between her and Kymber, who grew increasingly worried about her girlfriend’s health and safety. Afraid that harm might have come to her, Ezra had always refused to train his daughter. While the rest of the sentients who Ezra employed, including Zoya, set out on existing contracts, Kymber was perennialy relegated to office duties. Not only Kymber was frustrated by her father’s decisions, she also couldn't cope with Zoya’s newfound passion for heroics and daring actions.

The rift was eventually healed when Zoya helped saving Kymber's life.

Ghosts of the past

Ezra mirax.png
Ezra Mirax.

Five years had passed and Zoya (now a beautiful twenty-three years old young woman) wasn't expecting to hear from her mother again, but when she received a communication from Meeshae, she knew that she would have dealt with Bria one more time. The message urged Zoya to travel back to her homeworld, as a matter of great importance had unexpectedly presented itself. Despite the years of violence she had withstood and the lack of love from her mother, Zoya decided to travel home to ascertain the nature of the issue mentioned in Bria’s alarming message.

Initially she was planning to set on her journey by herself, but Ezra graciously offered to take her aboard the Daring Kiros. When they arrived at Bria’s residence, who had retired and moved back to Meeshae, they were ambushed at gunpoint by human criminals who had been waiting for them. What appeared to be yet another set up by lowlifes looking to earn a quick payday, in truth had nothing to do with Ezra and his company or personal assets. The criminals were there for Zoya alone, who had been elected to pay the consequences of her mother’s irresponsible actions.

While Zoya was busy traveling the galaxy as a mercenary, Bria’s alcoholic problems had led her to a series of poor decisions. Ultimately, her lack of good judgment resulted in Bria accepting a considerable loan to compensate for the excesses of her decadent lifestyle. The funds in question had been bestowed by a Tionese loan shark she had came in contact with. Upon learning that Bria couldn't repay the debt, the criminal had his goons torture the woman, who quickly admitted to have a daughter who could have settled the debt on her behalf. All that the loan shark had to do, at that point, was set up the ambush.

Zoya had no intention of wasting money on a mother who had never took care of her. The incident with the criminals was the proverbial last straw, and she was prepared to watch her mother die rather than hand over the Credits. Credits that Zoya didn't possess at any rate, as the loan shark was being particularly greedy with his demands. Sensing the bad blood between Zoya and her mother, the loan shark took Kymber away to his hideout, and threatened to have her killed if Zoya would have continued to refuse paying what her mother owed him.

Three days were given to her to come up with the necessary Credits. Contacting the Tionese authorities wasn't an option, as Ezra was deeply worried about his daughter's fate, and didn't want to take any unnecessary risks that could have resulted in his daughter's demise. It was a matter that had to be resolved internally, swiftly and decisively, and for this reason Ezra called in all manner of favors to gather information on the loan shark and his lackeys. A plan was eventually formulated to rescue Kymber: Ezra and Zoya would have infiltrated the crime boss’ base of operations, hoping to reach Kymber before harm could come to her.

The hideout was nothing more than a small building located at the edge of Meeshae, away from prying eyes and the attention of the local law enforcement officers. Thanks to the favors that Ezra had collected, they discovered that the loan shark had a bitter rival who wanted nothing more than to see him taken down. After a generous donation from Ezra, the rival agreed to gather his goons and mount an assault on the building, which would have given Ezra and Zoya a chance to slip in unnoticed during the chaos that would have surely ensued.

The plan worked as intended. While the two criminal factions engaged in an intense firefight, Ezra and Zoya gained access to the building through an unguarded secondary entrance. Undetected, they made their way to the last floor, where Kymber was being held captive in the loan shark’s personal quarters. The crime boss, surprised to see the two mercenaries, offered to void Bria’s debt and to compensate Ezra for what had been done to his daughter. However, before anybody had a chance to negotiate, Zoya discharged her blaster pistol, killing the loan shark on the spot. An execution that left Ezra speechless, as he was an honorable man even when he had to deal with scum such as the loan shark who had threatened his beloved daughter.

Kymber was successfully rescued and taken back to the Daring Kiros at once. The group left the planet without further delays. The episode strengthened the relationship between Zoya and Kymber; both women understood that they needed each other, and that their love transcended any personal beliefs and divergence of opinion. Ezra, on the other hand, grew worried about Zoya and the influence she was having on his daughter. While he appreciated the hard work that Zoya had put in for his company, and while he recognized that his daughter was deeply in love with her, he was concerned by the fact that Zoya had killed a man in cold blood. No matter what the loan shark had done, Ezra realized that Zoya’s skewed morals had the potential to lead the young woman down a dangerous path. A path that her daughter Kymber shouldn't have also followed for any reason.

Ultimately, he decided to take Kymber away from Zoya.

Finding purpose again

Depression captured the depths of Zoya’s soul as soon as she realized that she had been left behind at the end of a solo contract on Murkhana. She immediately understood that the closest person to a father she had ever had was gone, and with him, the woman who Zoya loved with every fiber of her being. Only in those moments, as she felt alone like never before, she understood that being unable to control her emotions and her darkest instincts had costed her the most important sentients of her life.

For a long time she traveled the Galaxy far and wide in search of Ezra and Kymber Mirax. Working as a mercenary had allowed her to develop a small network of contacts, but none of such sentients knew anything about the Mirax whereabouts. Zoya understood that Ezra didn't wish to be found; continuing the search would have been a mere exercise in futility, as the man who had taught her everything she knew was as skilled as any famous bounty hunter roaming the galaxy. She gave up, tormented by the emptiness she felt, and wondering if Kymber had also condemned her for what she had done.

Zoya coped with the situation by focusing on the only thing still capable of giving sense to her life: space. Rather than seek employment as a mercenary, she opted to rely on her piloting and navigation skills as a freelancer, working for whoever was willing to pay her. She even considered smuggling, but in the end she concluded that she needed to be on the straight and narrow, as she had already damaged herself greatly. Determined to become a better sentient, she leased a Dynamic-class freighter owned by a wealthy Core trader she had met during her mercenary days. She transported goods and passenger across the galaxy, hoping to meet Kymber Mirax again, if only by sheer luck.

Traveling the stars gave her the time she needed to ponder on her life and decide what it was that she really wanted to do moving forward. She had always been proud to be Tionese, and despite the dark years at the mercy of her mother, she was starting to miss her home greatly, especially after finding herself alone. Wandering the stars as she accepted job after job gave her purpose and a sense of fulfillment. At the same time, she knew that she wouldn't have been happy by just being a drifter without a cause. She needed more. She needed something to believe in; something greater than her.

Enlisting in the Tion Hegemony Defense Division seemed the logical step to take. She concluded that there was nothing more honorable and prestigious than serving her Nation. Her experience as a mercenary and as a pilot would have helped her budding military career. All she needed to do was leave her attitude at the door, stay humble, control herself and focus on the job, just as she had done (for the most part) while working for Ezra’s company. All she wanted was to belong. She needed a direction that would have hopefully allowed her to become a productive sentient and a better woman.

Her request to join the armed forces of the Tion Hegemony was accepted on Year 19 - Day 29.

Personal Details


Zoya alekea appearance.png
Zoya Alekea.

Zoya personifies the renowned Hapan physical beauty, and like every Hapan, she is affected by genetic night blindness that she counteracts thanks to a pair of slick night goggles. Years of rigorous training and life as a mercenary have toned her 5’8’’ (1.73 meters) body almost to absolute perfection. She has fair and sensuous skin, smooth as warm silk. Her visage is radiant with freshness and vigor, with alluring plump lips and a pair of bright blue eyes that are near impossible to overlook. Her flowing hair is brown in color, although she is fond of bleaching it or dying it jet-black or red when the mood strikes her.

Her mannerism showcases elegance and confidence in equal measure. Her gait, in particular, speaks of a woman who is well aware of her looks, her skills and her surroundings. Her voice is gritty and yet mellifluous in unison. When not in uniform, she likes to don black and tight clothes that enhance the natural curves of her body. Boots of any kind, but particularly stylish combat or combat-like boots, are her preferred type of footwear; it’s rare to see anything else at her feet.


Strenuous years of physical and mental abuse from her mother have turned Zoya into a complex individual who can be accurately labeled as a sentient who is not evil, but not wholly good either. The lack of guidance from both of her parents has ultimately led her to develop her own set of morals and belief system, which sometimes have led her to take actions that are generally considered wrong by polite society. From attacking schoolmates to executing a crime boss without remorse, Zoya is a woman who struggles to subside her anger. While far from being someone who would do harm just for the sake of it, she is the kind of unpredictable sentient that could respond with extreme violence when pushed far enough. A good example would be when a loved one is threatened, for whatever reason; chances are high that Zoya would meet the threat with matching threats of her own. She would believe her actions justified by the need to protect a loved one, disregarding any principles of law and order, no matter the consequences.

When nothing preoccupies her psyche, Zoya is a reserved woman with a wide variety of interests, even though nothing sparks her interest more than space, starships and anything else related to the subject. She’s sharp, confident and sociable, but not always outgoing. She prefers to be approached rather than be the one who has to initiate a conversation. While not shy per se, she is the kind of woman who needs a drink or two (or several) before she would dance at a club, or freely engage in fun activities at other social gatherings. In fact, she prefers to focus on her job and her duties. She is a driven, serious woman who would be happy to stay at home and spend the evening servicing her blaster, or learning about star systems and their features. She wouldn't refuse a friend’s invite, however, even though she might be reluctant at first. And she definitely wouldn't refuse going out on a date with a woman she fancies. Zoya is attracted to sentients of her own gender and she does nothing to hide her preferences, especially when males attempt to seduce her.

In a relationship, Zoya automatically seeks to assume the dominant role. She prefers partners that would allow her to be in control of the relationship. However, she’s fully aware that her preferences should have limits, and that she shouldn't enforce anything on anybody. She can be very romantic and passionate, especially when she feels that her efforts to please her partner are being equally matched. She is the kind of woman who would dedicate every second of her existence to a partner who she has deemed worthy of such an endeavor.

Family and relationships

Zoya Aleke's beloved partners.

The only relative Zoya is aware of is her mother, who she hasn't seen nor spoken to in a long time. Considering how her mother had always treated her, Zoya has no intention of cultivating any kind of relationship with the sole parent still alive. While she is convinced that there must be other relatives alive somewhere in the galaxy, she has never felt the need to seek them out, as doing so would entail asking information to her mother.

After years of casual flings and one-night stands, Zoya has finally found stability in the form of an open relationship with Rear Admiral Castiel Angelos and Lieutenant Colonel Kara DuMonte of the Galactic Empire. Zoya has met Castiel during a vacation on Naboo, in which the two women forged a relationship after a daring bet. Kara entered the scene a month later, when she met Zoya during the Tresario Founding Banquet. The three women would have later agreed to share a common relationship based on mutual trust and genuine affection for each other.

Studies and abilities

Zoya is first and foremost a naturally skilled combat pilot specialized in capital ships. She possess ample theoretical knowledge of space operations, space warfare, as well as a notable tactical acumen. She has enough charisma and the required strategic mind to lead others in battle, which she has occasionally done during her stint as a mercenary. With more direct experience, which she hopes to gain while serving in the Tion Hegemony, she believes able to become a good officer ready to supervise or personally lead any kind of space operation.

On the ground, Zoya can hold her own in a firefight. While far from being the most dexterous sentient in the Galaxy, she possesses sufficient hand-eye coordination to allow her to use projectile weapons without fear of making herself look like a fool. Her reaction time is also notable, which can help her avoid harm when engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

As a mercenary and a freelancer, she often negotiated with clients seeking her assistance, which has helped her develop a good sense of business, as well as notable diplomatic skills. Life as a mercenary also gave her the opportunity to learn in-depth computer operations and ground vehicle driving. Her school days, on the other hand, taught Zoya management notions that might come in handy if she’ll ever have the opportunity to run a business.

Zoya can fluently speak Galactic Basic, Tionese and Olys Corellisi (Basic: [Old Corellian]).

Current and past occupations

Zoya is a Nemandir (Basic: [Ship Captain]) in the Veilhal Nomads.

  • Year 19, Day 29 - Joined the Tion Defense Division as a Recruit.
  • Year 19, Day 98 - Promoted to the rank of Guardsman.
  • Year 19, Day 132 - Left the Tion Hegemony.
  • Year 19, Day 133 - Accepted in Veilhal as a Nemandir.