The 12 Colonies

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The 12 Colonies
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Isoldor Storm
2IC Bossive Ketwol
Owner Isoldor Storm
Historical Information
Founded Circa Year 6
Political Information
Affiliation Imperial Union
Industry Government

The 12 Colonies was a government which briefly existed circa Year 6. After several months, the 12 Colonies became the Chiss Ascendancy.


Founded by Sith Master Isoldor Storm, the 12 Colonies was based in the Sumitra Sector and included the planets of Kashyyyk, Yavin, Woostri, and Roche II. The leadership of the 12 Colonies was decided by democratic elections. The Quorum of 12 (one minister for each of the twelve colonies of Sumitra) voted on any issue that affected the colonies as a whole. The 12 Colonies was one of the largest territorial governments and controlled the sectors of Sumitra, Meridian, Dolomar, Thrax, Brak, Taroon, Mayagil and Calaron. The 12 Colonies also owned Telegron Rothani Shipworks (ship production), Storm One Mining Corp. (mining), and were allied with Colonial Recycling. Among their accomplishments, the 12 Colonies claimed to have destroyed the Invisible Army and the conquered the Brak sector, home to Elom and nearly one billion inhabitants.


The New Sith Order eventually was reorganized into a Government. The Twelve Colonies. Its stated mandate was to establish a pro-Imperial domain from the Mid-Rim into the Northern Outer Rim.

It is notable for its defeat of the Invisible Army(Year 8), which resulted in their conquest of what was then designated the Brak Sector.

They eventually reorganized into the Chiss Ascendancy


The leadership of the government was known as "the Quorum of 12." This quorum included:

  • Chancellor Isoldor Storm - Minister of Yavin
  • Acended Minister Bossive Kewtol - Minister of Kashyyyk
  • Acended Minister Amon Kos - Minister of Woostri
  • Acended Minister Jevix Corvin - Minister of Roche Asteroids
  • Minister Bar Cochba - Minister of Tepasi
  • Minister Jager Bane - Minister of Ptera
  • Minister Izzy Marduk - Minister of Linuri
  • Minister Tybolt Oberon - Minister of Geedon
  • Minister Samus Augill - Minister of Taanab

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