531st Ranger Battalion

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531st Ranger Battalion
Unit Information
Unit Type Irregular Combat Tactics Unit
Affiliation Ternion Corps
Dates Active Y-25 to Y-18, reformed Y23
Part of
Commanding Officer Commander Greg Sabber
Garrison Austan
Battles or Conflicts

General Overview

The 531st Ranger Battalion was originally organized to counter long drawn out battles by creating a unit that was trained, and directly equipped for going behind enemy lines and sabotaging enemy logistics, destroying supply lines, ambushing enemy squads caught out of position, assisting in training local resistance cells, and many other forms of irregular warfare. They were present on many of the main battles during the Clone Wars, but due to the nature of their mission they were rarely in the spotlight, and that is the way they liked it.

Originally attached to another larger Legion, the unit's primary mission type often contrasted with this main force. They were therefore separated into their own operational platoon with only 48 soldiers assigned. Again a change was needed however, as they would go on to quickly prove that their tactics were far more effective than anyone had predicted. They were increased to a battalion in order to engage on more than one location of a conflict zone, and even to be able to respond to multiple battlefronts if needed.

The battalion was forgotten to time after the end of the war, or so its members had thought. The 531st was returned with attention brought to them once again from Altisian Jedi Jakk Emernet. His Jedi grandfather had fought in the original 531st even before it was made a battalion. It seemed only right to him that he help return this unique unit of clones to the active list of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Retaining their original unit colors, the 531st commonly wear a purposefully bold goldenrod yellow and grey markings on top of their white armor. Sometimes just stripes or abstract shapes, yet more often whole sections of their armor are painted. By unit tradition, new clone brothers brought into the Battalion are not permitted to paint their armor until they have “Proven their metal” in combat, something determined by direct vote by all painted members of their squad. At which point the trooper is required to hand over their body armor which is painted by his assigned squad mates. His helmet is his own to paint however. This is meant to create a sense of acceptance for the newer troopers, while still allowing individual identity to surface.

Notable Events

  • Y23 D246: The 531st Battalion, 344th Platoon, and 421st Platoon are officially organized by funding from Jedi Knight Major Jakk Emernet. Greg Sabber is assigned as Commanding Officer of the Battalion.
  • Y23 D320: Jakk Emernet's assignment to Commanding Officer of the 62nd Legion has put the 531st on active status. The 62nd and 531st have begun cooperative drills together to insure all members are up to same mission standards.

Attached Platoons

--344th Ranger “Prime” Platoon: Considered the first platoon from the units history. Consisting of two ARC trooper squads, two Close Quarter Battle squads, and two Commando squads, Prime Platoon is often the more unseen of the two Platoons. Ambushing supply convoys, educating resistance movements, tracking down suspected enemy leadership locations and eliminating them, and many other mission types. Their involvement in conflicts, and even their arrival, is often unnoticed before their mission is already finished.

--421st Ranger “Idiots Array” Platoon: An oddity in many regards, even their name shows this units propensity towards gambling. Usually keeping their betting reserved to within the platoon, they often paint Sabacc symbols on their armor as well. Pathfinders and sharpshooters almost exclusively, this platoon is the one to call if you need big and destructive explosions behind enemy lines quickly, or even a landing zone cleared behind enemy lines for strategic insertions or Medical Evac. “You can bet on it!!!”