Abraari To

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Abraari To is a Togruta and helds the title of Lord Hegemon of the Tion Hegemony since Y21 D201.

Abraari To
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Shili
Born Year -8 Day 26
Languages Galactic Basic, Togruti, Huttese
Physical Description
Gender Males
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Title Lord Hegemon
Rank Leader


Abraari To grew up as the majority of the young Togruta do. He was raised in his tribe on Shili and was soon granted the duty to represent it among the regular councils held up there.

As he reached his 20th birthday, a settlers convoy reached the orbit of Shili and some delegates were sent to the surface to make contact with the sentients. The delegates offered the opportunity to some Togruta to join their convoy, looking for a part of the galaxy to call their own. Abraari was then elected as the representative of his tribe on this convoy. This was the opportunity for him to broaden his knowledge of the galaxy. He embarked with a dozen of other Togrutas and the settlers left the orbit of Shili. Abraari had just began his journey.

A few weeks later, as he had got used to live in a great ships convoy, a new group joined the settlers. A first, they looked like any other sentient and Abraari, as well as all the others settlers, welcomed them heartfully. But soon after their arrival, troubles began. Things were stolen, common goods were plundered... Abraari made his own enquiry and quickly found proof of the new group implication in these crimes. Even confronted to the evidences, the smugglers (that's what they were) negated the facts, so Abraari took the thing to the Council: a group of representatives of each community who joined the convoy. There, Abraari was aware of the felony of the smugglers. With their skills in fighting, they already protected the convoy several times against other pirates and various threats. Thus they gained the trust of many weak, but influent, members of the Council. Fearing that their "protection" would go away, the Council then rejected Abraari's accusations.

Shortly after that, Abraari woke up in the middle of the night, his senses detecting heavy vibrations in the hull of the ship affected to him and his tribe. Then, he heard the screams of his own people. Hurling in the corridor, he witnessed the smugglers group decimating the Togruta one after the other. It seemed that they won't let anything, or anyone, threaten the grasp they had on the Council. Abraari's instincts reacted promptly: he was no soldier, so he fled. He hurried in the corridors to an escape pod, the sound of his people's death resonating in his head.

He then spent a long time alone before reaching a civilized town. Resoluted to take a new start, he looked for a job and was contacted by the Tion Hegemony. He landed on Voss, their capital planet. From this moment, he looked towards improving his diplomatic and negociation skills, as it may have helped him avoid the terrible tragedy he witnessed.


Abraari joined the Tion Hegemony on Y15 D82 as a member of the Tion Engineering and Construction department, led at the time by Stephanie Barefoot.

He rose the the highest position, Lord Hegemon, on Y21 D201.